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  1. Hi I need the turbine housing of my turbo charger machining to accommodate a larger turbine wheel. Does anyone know of anywhere that could help? Thanks
  2. Try Hype Dance - 01142 758 503. http://hypedance.org.uk
  3. So today we get the leaflet about the collection scheme and it says we can use our own bags... Finally a sensible decision but too late, as mine have gone in the black bin now.
  4. I would only get it resprayed if you are planning on keeping the car for at least 5 years otherwise you would be better off selling it and spending the extra on finding the same car with lower miles and in better condition. Just my two penneth!
  5. The email I received said that they are planning this service in the "near future". "A new garden waste collection service is to be introduced across the City following approval at a full Council meeting on 4th March, although the exact details of this new service have yet to be agreed, the new service will mean that households across the City will receive a scheduled collection of garden waste throughout eight months of the year."
  6. Which totally counters the information I received today from Veolia "customer services". So much for working "closely with the council".
  7. Of course I have a black bin. The point is to try to recycle the waste into compost and not take up valuable space in the already over stretched land fill sites...
  8. Because the service is supposed to be available to have the waste collected. Not everyone has a car or other means of transport to get items to the tip either. You need to leave out at least 3 bags before they will collect them.
  9. Not according to the email I received. It states that it is "Veolia Environmental Services and Sheffield City Council working closely together". Regardless of whose idea it is, it is just plain stupid. Trying to saving money by making people use Veolias, free bags which they have to produce and distribute themselves... A five year old could work out that it is more economical for them to allow people to use their own bags. Bureaucracy gone mad again... When I filled out the form online there was no mention that they wouldn't collect the bags if they weren't specific Veolia ones. The form asked if they had the logo, I checked the no box, then it stated that the bags would be collected within 20 days...
  10. [RANT] I am totally exasperated by this council and their completely ill thought out, illogical systems and processes for us all to adhere to. 3 weeks ago I trimmed my hedge for the first time, filled up 3 green sacks and contacted Viola to arrange collection using their web form. On the form it asks if the green sacks have the Viola logo on them. Mine didn't. Today I get an email from them saying that they won't collect the bags because they don't have the Viola logo on them. The email then goes on to say that the council was planning to introduce reusable bags but due to budget cuts won't be doing so. It continues by saying that I can collect single use bags with the Viola logo on from (blah blah blah)... How on earth does it make sense to force us to use their bags and how does it save the council, and ultimately us the tax payer, money? Answer, it doesn't. So now I either have to take the wet, filthy sacks to the tip myself, getting my car wet and filthy in the process, or transfer the material to specific Viola sacks... This council is a joke... [/RANT]
  11. Anyone off to see Leftfield this weekend? I missed their gig in June in Sheffield but going to see them in Manchester on Friday night. I remember when I saw them at the Octagon back in 2000 I think. Great night then and hoping for more of the same this time round. I have a spare ticket too for sale in the classifieds if anyone wants one...
  12. Hi all. They do adult ballet classes at Hype Dance. Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced and are based in the city centre. Have a look here. Thanks A
  13. Sure, but in the future you might choose something other than an Apple product and then you may have to re-encode all your apple lossless files into something else. To be honest you may as well encode to 256kbps aac for use on the ipod. I don't think you'll be able to tell the difference between the aac & alac when played from the ipod and will save a load of space to boot. Maybe through a higher end system at home you would notice the difference. I personally have everything in flac for at home and if I want to put things on a mobile device I just drop them into Max which converts them to aac and puts them on my phone. Best of both worlds then.
  14. Apple lossless is ok but is only really supported in Apple products. Another lossless audio format is FLAC and it is more widely supported. A great audio converter for OS X is Max. Converts to all the formats you will ever need. Much more flexible for encoding than iTunes.
  15. Did you get my pm? I have one for sale if you still need it...
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