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  1. my son kyle mccall went to hartley brook at that time he was in miss friths class but left halfway through yr2 cause we moved house
  2. i only went there once cudnt get in cause i was to young but i remember little geff ,yank,rocko (andrew findlay)denno (dennis hopewell) crazy dave ,tim lemm (tiger)
  3. i know sonny mccall he is my bro mate they used to go to the broughten all time my bro still sees sonny
  4. my brother paul and sister sharron used to go to the broughton i remember a crazy dave he used to hang about with my bro.
  5. ye my brother was in there in 1980 he was only there a few yrs cause he got fostered
  6. that wernt my grandad it was my step dad. we got evicted and moved to parklands then we moved to bard street flats. then wen i wa 13 i was took in to care
  7. its free now to talk to someone on freinds reunited cause i go on it all the time
  8. how is ur dad.i ant seen him 4 yrs.the last time i saw him e wa working on buses.i used to not go out wi dad wen i wa a kid but c him.i think about him all the and wonder wot e is up to now
  9. i never had 1 cause we cudnt afford 1 but i used to play on my mates and i think there great.i`d av 1 now if i cud find 1.not the new 1 it as 2 b the old 1
  10. i think older bro did his name is paul raymond. he`s 48 now
  11. i wa there from 1979 till 1983 i started in 2nd yr cause i went to a middle school and didnt leave till i wa twelve.I wa in miss digby`s class,then mr frank in 3rd yr,Miss hamilton in 4th yr and mr taylor in 5th.hated him e used to look down all 6th form girls tops
  12. i went there in 1982/83 it was good put the pump kept breaking down so they closed it for rest of summer.It wa free wen kids wa at school and in summer hols it wa 10p.
  13. me too.i got pushed in deep end wen i wa 13 so it wa sink r swim. the person who pushed me in didnt no i cudn`t swim
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