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  1. Should be free to start with anyway. Look how well the Leeds Park & Ride schemes have done in just a short few years, not to mention the system in York. Nunnery Square is the most pointless of all. Needs one out near Catcliffe, not on the edge of town!
  2. Shush you can’t question that in our more “classy” areas The Wicker, Burngreave, Pitsmoor, Page Hall, Firth Park, Attercliffe, Darnall, London Road and Abbeydale Road all the same… Hell even the bottom of Fargate is like a car park now with all the delivery drivers for McDonalds. Nothing has been done in the last 18 months…
  3. But that’s the point, it’s not just for SY. It’s the wider Yorkshire and also Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire areas. With the recent trend of Southerners moving up to places such as the Derbyshire Dales, Sheffield and Leeds etc, it also attracts the same clientele. Can see Meadowhall becoming like the Trafford Centre, particularly at this end of the shopping centre. John Lewis could be a strong contender as larger stores like that would always do better in out of town areas. There’s also quite a few in shopping centres across the country now. Doubt they would be bothered about the issue with the Sheffied city centre store either.
  4. Meadowhall gets visitors from all over Yorkshire. It’s a destination in its own right and rightly so, has everything you could want under one roof. Also helps that they have their own security team etc. Sheffield City Centre is on its knees and has been for many years now. Even the state of the former Debenhams and John Lewis stores showed there was a clear lack of investment. We will never catch up with the likes of Leeds or Manchester. Too far gone. It needs a complete overhaul. As for the 2 shops that are about to be let, considering the amount of shops that are opening their 1st stores out of London in Meadowhall, shows there is some scope. My money would personally be on Selfridges or Harvey Nichols. Guess we will have to wait and see…
  5. You’re very welcome. Kimberworth was one of our main areas to look at, but we found it increasingly expensive with property prices rising sharply over the last 2yrs. Certainly an in demand area so if you can find a house there within your criteria, I’m sure you’ll be on to a winner! Have you thought about looking at S5, areas that have been transformed over the years (although still have their reputations from the 80s/90s) such as Sheffield Lane Top, Parson Cross or Shiregreen? Get a lot more house for your money, than in South Sheffield. Example - https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/119748437 Generally you’ll be better looking at Rotherham/Barnsley and North East Sheffield for larger houses within your budget. Good luck with the search and remember to also go and have a drive around the estates/area the houses you’ve seen at night, especially at weekends.
  6. Depends on what you’re really after in an area and looking for? Someone has told a little fib to you if they’re passing off Cranworth Road as East Dene however. It’s Eastwood, not a very pleasant area and one that is in the midst of ongoing drug issues in the area. Made national news last week for the power cuts in the area Of all the areas you’ve mentioned, Kimberworth is by far the best option. Close to the M1, good schools and local amenities and close for both Rotherham and Sheffield. House prices tended to be above average too, in this area. Whitley View Road - have a survey done and ask neighbours as there is a lot of subsidence at the bottom of West Hill. We viewed a house there on Droppingwell Road. Apart from the 49 steps to get to the front door, the entire house and land was slowly sinking down the hill. Even all the doors wouldn’t shut! Better to be prepared than sorry
  7. Road junction is fine, it's some of the idiot drivers on the roads, that don't know how to drive properly. You see it daily, not just in Sheffield but across the country. Since lockdown ended, there seems to be even more idiots on the roads!
  8. South Yorkshire Enhanced Partnership consultation South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) recently approved plans to develop an Enhanced Partnership with bus operators in response to the government’s National Bus Strategy (Bus Back Better). An Enhanced Partnership for South Yorkshire will allow local leaders to work together with operators to improve ticketing, routes, and frequency of services across the region. It will also allow us to bid for a fair share of £3 billion of national funding pledged by government to encourage local bus use. We want to ensure the public’s views continue to inform our journey to transform bus services in South Yorkshire. We are seeking feedback on the proposed improvements that the Enhanced Partnership is aiming to make – the Enhanced Partnership Plan, and the actions to achieve them – the Enhanced Partnership Scheme, in a public consultation. We want to know if you think the proposals within the Enhanced Partnership Plan and Scheme are ambitious and extensive enough to deliver the change we all want to see on our bus network. https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/en-GB/LandingPage/Enhanced-Partnerships
  9. Indefinite strike action notified, from 1st January in Barnsley/Rotherham and 2nd January in Sheffield. Info available on Unite the Union, Yorkshire and Humber Facebook.
  10. Just checked the info posted on TSY: https://travelsouthyorkshire.com/en-gb/journeyplanning/christmas First and Stagecoach Yorkshire will run a Saturday service with additional journeys Stagecoach Yorkshire SL1/SL1a service will run a Monday to Friday timetable Hulleys will run a Saturday service Arriva, Globe, Isle Coaches, Powells, South Pennine, Stagecoach East Midlands, TM Travel, Watersons and Sheffield Community Transport (H1 service) will run a Monday to Friday service.
  11. The main issue for me personally is the cuts have continued for many years and the PTE need to step in and follow Manchester’s lead with taking buses back into public control. Interestingly something must have tipped the balance in the past week, as SY Mayor (Dan Jarvis) has announced a U-turn and is now going to be exploring a franchised system… https://cbwmagazine.com/south-yorkshire-leaders-hit-out-at-bus-provision/?fbclid=IwAR0yBs8qJXO7DTuIynL3l-fqpHhoMe6BoVDlweON-SjU_T8PZK47vt0ZZn4
  12. Not all buses are a Saturday timetable between 20th and 24th.
  13. Please do share, as this is quite entertaining. Also, I’d be less quick to make judgements on things/people you have no knowledge over. Now to grab the popcorn
  14. Stagecoach seem to be hell bent on running the service into the ground at the minute. Have their management simply given up? High staff turnover can’t be helping matters either.
  15. So in short, you have no clue either? Btw drivers on domestic hours, which local services run under - can drive for 5:30hrs per half, before requiring a 30 minute break. This can be done for 10hrs per day. The reductions to the evening services are nothing more than cost cutting and do little, if anything to save on driver resource. Like I said previously, next!
  16. Struggle to think how a 2-4hr reduction can save a full drivers duty and require less drivers. All this is doing is reducing the amount of buses on the road to save on costs - while being blamed on driver shortages. Most of the reductions take place between 7-9pm, apart from some such as the 75/76 which run right the way through. Poor excuse, next!
  17. First have today released details of the forthcoming changes, sorry cuts. Most services after 7pm will be reduced to a hourly service, with some services getting a further cut in frequency such as the 83 that has seen a 50% cut in less than a year, (started at every 10 mins, then 15 mins, now will be 20 minutes between First & Stagecoach). Only the 52A/120 will remain every 30 minutes after 7pm daily. Cuts are blamed on driver shortages, not sure how the cutbacks to the early evening services can ensure any duty/driver savings... Full details available on the First South Yorkshire website - Service changes from 2 January | Sheffield | First Bus
  18. Isn't that more of a trade centre, with the exception of Costa and Aldi?
  19. Still looks like it's fun out there! Plenty of buses diverted/suspended and even the trams can't run beyond station up towards Gleadless. https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/en-gb/newsupdates/Disruptions
  20. Its been badly designed from the outset. Same as Kilner Way retail park in North Sheffield. From what I've seen it's also how traffic signals are timed at the access road and also Dyche Lane junction.
  21. A full list of alternative services during the strike period is available: https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/en-GB/LandingPage/service-changes
  22. Parson Cross/Shiregreen are probably going to be your cheapest, yet safest bet. Close to Barnsley Road and M1 J35 for access to Barnsley, and close enough to Sheffield also. Parson Cross seems to be an upcoming area at the moment, with the large scale regeneration and new build houses that are going up.
  23. Not looking like it's going to be the best few weeks ahead, as Stagecoach buses look to be going on strike from Saturday 27th November, at the same time that Stagecoach Supertram look to be "reducing the frequency of its services by up to 50%" from Sunday 28th November. Information regarding the Stagecoach bus strike - https://www.stagecoachbus.com/service-updates/serviceupdatesarticle?SituationId=ID-23/11/2021-14:46:04:790 Information regarding the Supertram service cuts - https://www.stagecoachbus.com/news/yorkshire/2021/november-2021/supertram-service-changes-from-28-november Sheffield tram service to be reduced by 50% due to driver shortage
  24. Generally almost everywhere in S6 is pretty decent, there are a few exceptions and I make no apologies for saying it - avoid Fox Hill and lower parts of Stannington around the tower blocks (Roscoe Bank estate). Avoid S5 altogether, though parts are undergoing regeneration and becoming a lot better such as Parson Cross. New build 3-beds are going for between £200-220k which is surprising, but just shows what regeneration can do! Adjoining areas such as Grenoside and Burncross are pretty decent and great value for money - as is Oughtibridge and Wharncliffe Side. The latter two areas seeing plenty of new housing developments along the riverside. All depends what you want really, but have a drive around and see what you think. You will know when an area feels right - then you can narrow down your search. Hope this helps!
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