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  1. No snow here, just rain and it looks to be a similar situation right across Sheffield when looking at the traffic cameras... http://www.sy-transport.co.uk/traffic/sheffield_jam_cams.htm
  2. 1. Tinsley 2. Tinsley 3. Tinsley 4. Whirlow 5. Darnall 6. None
  3. Well to say its rush hour now, traffic doesn't generally seem to be that bad around the area. Camera 20 is the one for Arena Square; which currently shows the road down to 1 lane inbound - http://www.sy-transport.co.uk/traffic/sheffield_jam_cams.htm
  4. Well look at it this way... £17.50 for travel in Sheffield (as far as Woodhouse Mill). £1 in each direction beyond here into Rotherham. That comes to £19.50 altogether, so you may as well just purchase the SY 7 Day Saver for £19.50. Better value for money that way and then you can make more than 2 trips over into Rotherham etc; should you need to of course.
  5. Forwarded for info... The full list of the Stagecoach services that will be operating on Boxing Day and New Years Day across Sheffield this year is listed below. A £1 max single fare will once again be in operation... 20 Minute Services: 52 Woodhouse to Hillsborough via City 120 Halfway to Lodge Moor via City 30 Minute Services: 22 Woodhouse to City 46 Firth Park to City 53 Lowedges to City 79 Jordanthorpe to Ecclesfield via City 87 Lowedges to High Green via City 88 Bents Green to Ecclesfield via City 60 Minute Services: 11 Stannington to City 14 Loxley to City 20A Hemsworth to Hillsborough via City 25 Bradway to City 47 Herdings to City 56 Wybourn to City 57 Stocksbridge to City 77 Chapeltown to City 97 Totley to City 98 Totley Brook to City Read more: http://www.forum.sy-transport.co.uk/index.cgi?board=buses&action=display&thread=15176#ixzz15l4cdIBL
  6. Funny you say that as one of my family members who lives at Lowedges can not receieve Yorkshire news (or even East Yorkshire/Lincolnshire news) but instead receives Tyne Tees all the way from Newcastle in the NE!!! Strange...
  7. It was an accident that had occured and closed 2 of the 3 lanes apparently, according to the BBC anyhow. Not seen anything in the local rag about any deaths or serious injuries that occured as a result; funny how quick the traffic backed up though just within a short space of 20 - 30 minutes, backed up all the way to Leeds from Sheffield. Crazy!
  8. The same site also mentions that police officers will be onboard all 3 vehicles on the new Nightbus Network in Sheffield. The only place I've seen information about the new services is actually on that site (which you have to be a member to view), so not exactly great planning to say it launches this Friday evening...
  9. Used to visit it from time to time, looks like now the only "local" based transport forum for the airport is a section on the SY Transport Forum board, available to view here - http://www.forum.sy-transport.co.uk Shame really, but something must have being done/said for the forum hosts to take such action and close the site down with no information what so ever. The main site (www.egcn.co.uk) also doesn't really go into too much detail about the closure either. What a loss!
  10. Just a quick advisory notice; the M1 around Junction 35 is closed Southbound due to a multi vehicle pileup. Congestion is currently back to Junction 40 and steadily rising at this present time. Expect roads around Rotherham and North Sheffield / South Barnsley to also be congested as people make diersions down the A61 / A629 for instance... Live Traffic Cameras: http://www.sy-transport.co.uk/traffic/motorway_jam_cams.htm Looks to be getting busier as each minute passes. Happened within the last 30 minutes or so, according to BBC Look North,
  11. Looks very wet out there!!! http://www.sy-transport.co.uk/traffic/motorway_jam_cams.htm http://www.sy-transport.co.uk/traffic/sheffield_jam_cams.htm
  12. Why not ask the people "in the know" about this... http://www.forum.sy-transport.co.uk I'm sure they'll be able to answer your question.
  13. Some people need to have a geography lesson here me thinks... According to some, I'm surprised Sheffield does not include every other area in Britain or the World!!! Laughton Common is within the borough of Rotherham, thus it is in Rotherham. FACT.
  14. The accident must be pretty bad, for them to have turned off most of the traffic cameras on the M18. Of those that are working, they show congestion back to between Armthorpe and Stainforth (M180 junction) coming south and traffic backing up on the A1(M) and also the M1. Traffic Cameras: http://www.sy-transport.co.uk/traffic/motorway_jam_cams.htm
  15. Has it now finnished, as everything looks clear on the traffic cameras? http://www.sy-transport.co.uk/traffic/motorway_jam_cams.htm
  16. Just to warn people, avoid the M1 Northbound as its currently closed around J36 due to a multi-vehicle pile up. Congestion back to J34 from looking at the Jam Cams - http://www.sy-transport.co.uk/traffic/motorway_jam_cams.htm
  17. The Sheaf looks pretty high, as does the Don. The councils traffic cameras all seem to be pointed towards the rivers too - but can't see any roads that are flooded from them. http://www.sy-transport.co.uk/traffic/sheffield_jam_cams.htm
  18. LOOK AT A MAP! Laughton Common is not and has never been apart of Sheffield!!! FACT.
  19. Its a new competing bus service against First, so no it doesn't replace the 11. The 56/57 even has its own website! http://www.tates-travel.com/56&57
  20. Cancel that. Traffic now at a standstill all the way down Netherthorpe Road from Brookhill Roundabout. Then again it is rush-hour!
  21. 94/95 or 123 into town from Walkey then get a 33, 43, 44 or 44A to Bramall Lane. 47, 48 & 51 also go closeby along Shoreham Street as do the 20, 20A, 25, 25A, 75, 76, 97 or 98 on London Road. This map may help you a little bit - http://www.sy-transport.co.uk/maps/sheffield_network_map.htm Hope this is of help.
  22. Doesn't look too bad on the cameras, in fact everything looks the same! http://www.sy-transport.co.uk/traffic/sheffield_jam_cams.htm
  23. Yes they do. Also where do you think all the electricity comes from in Sheffield. I'll give you one clue, its based at Canklow which is located in ??? town... Don't wind them up in Rotherham, as they might go and blow up Ulley Dam, just to cut the power off in Sheffield.
  24. The title should read M18. Sorry about that. Form sent off to staff members to alter it...
  25. Just a quick advisory for those who may be using the M18 around Rotherham. All 3 lanes of the soutbound carriageway of the M18 between Thurcroft and Bramley are closed. Official diversion is down the A631 through Rotherham. Live cameras show congestion back to Doncaster, both on the M18 and A1(M). Live Cameras - http://www.sy-transport.co.uk/traffic/motorway_jam_cams.htm
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