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  1. Hi, we can supply any size/colour greenhouse. Also have a few second hand ones available. Call 07852243522 Simon
  2. Same happened to me, massive 4x4 parked over white line, i parked next to it in the gap left and got a ticket, it was a while ago now, i took photos and appealed but no joy
  3. I saw him other day too, much bigger than before and his hair was brown?? im sure he was blonde before?
  4. Opened sat nite, as far as i know going to be cafe in day and karaoke bar in evenings, still called The Oak
  5. Hi, if you want to send me a mobile number i'll get my husband to call you, think he may be able to help
  6. Did anyone else see the helicopters near rother valley/beighton this afternoon or now what happened, they seemed to be there ages
  7. Hi Im looking for somewhere in Sheffield or Rotherham that do makeovers and pictures, its for mother and child, any suggestions??
  8. It was in a garden about 10ft from me, when i got out off the car it flew very low to the ground just a short distance and made a very unusual sound?
  9. Hi Ive seen a really unusual bird tonight in a garden at Woodhouse Got home and looked in bird book and im sure it was a Quail??? My husband laughed and won't believe me (( Has anyone else seen it? Thanks
  10. Our solicitor offered supervised access at a contact centre until the police investigate and bail ends early april. He accepted this, but the contact centre got waiting list so im taking child to play6 area to meet him once a week for the next 5 weeks and i get to supervise, so wont be much fun but at least i get to keep an eye on contact. Back in court april to arrange the longer term contact so still need advice???
  11. Yes the solicitor will request a mental health assessment on friday at court but he said this will take upto 3 months, in the mean time the judge will decide on friday on the short term order for contact and im worried he might give unsupervised access???
  12. Hi Thanks for all your advice, we have a solicitor but im trying to look into the medical side of things more and gather some evidence for friday.
  13. Hi, looking for some advice please and apologies if posted to wrong section?? After trawling the internet i am still looking for answers to my questions. Do you think or can anyone show me evidence as to whether a young adult ( aged 21) be responsible enough to look after 1 year old unsupervised. The adult has ADHD, autism and dyspraxia. The person has shown, physical violence, emotional and mental abuse to his partner, he is very erratic and recently wrote of a car due to speeding. I am looking for evidence to suggest that this person be not granted access to child unsupervised and have genuine for the childs saftey. Any help or advice would be much appriciated asap as decision to be made friday by judge in court. Many thanks
  14. Hi Can anyone recommend a good solicitor in Sheffield to help us out with a CSA issue?? Many thanks
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