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  1. Penelopes and Style over Substance Present.... Beyond a Joke 3 Ben Q Our Charming Compere for the evening. and Joining Him...... Curtis Threadgold Curtis has performed at most clubs in Manchester including XS Malarkey, Mirth On Monday and The Comedy Store. He was a Beat The Frog World Series Finalist 2008 and appeared at the Best Of Beat The Frog Xmas Party in the same year. He now gigs throughout the country QUOTES "Curtis shows great flair and promise. He takes his ideas on a walk through the surreal and has a genuinely likeable and funny stage presence." - Ros Bell, Comedy Central Rachel Stubbings “An unusually high standard of innovation and comic writing” – The List “Rachel Stubbings delivers a master-class in deadpan, brilliantly undercutting any penile pomposity – a comic treat.” – Three Weeks “…the comic performance from Rachel Stubbings in ‘Can We Talk?’ stood out” – Jason Solomons (Film critic for The Observer, Chairman of The London Film Critics’ Circle) Matthew Highton “Inspired, ridiculous, interconnected comedy gloriousness. Go catch this fella.” * * * * Three Weeks - Edinburgh Starting back in 2008, Matthew Highton is a surreal and abstract ball of wonder. Offering a fresh and unique style of comedy unseen before he’s a sublime storyteller and stand up, as well as unbelievably agile when it comes to improvisation, guaranteeing to turn the sternest grimace or toughest look of bemusement into uncontrollable bouts of laughter, proving him to be an individual comedy maverick. There really is nothing like him on the circuit to date. His unique debut solo show ‘Incidental Combobulations’ was a hit at the Brighton and Edinburgh 2010 Fringes, gaining praise and admiration from critics, peers and audiences alike. Matthew Highton is a fast rising star and one to book now. “Shaggy-haired, maverick raconteur” * * * * Three Weeks - Edinburgh “Awesomely surreal… my favourite act so far this festival, it seems almost criminal that his show was free. Matthew Highton is definitely one to look out for in the future.” * * * * Three Weeks - Brighton “With material this solid and inventive and a genuine desire to take the comedy road less travelled, Highton is a star on the rise.” Fringe Guru “There is nothing to not love about this man.” The New Current Runner Up – You Must Be Joking 2009 Get yourself down for another night of fun ;-) Doors 7.30 for 8pm Start £5 online, via http://www.beyond-a-joke.com £6 at the door Buy 4, get one free! Get Map & Directions at http://www.penelopes.info OK. Beyond a Joke? Who the hell are we? Style Over Substance are a co-operative who were set up a couple of years ago to start promoting new, cutting edge comedy in South London. We've put on other gigs, in Oxford, in Sheffield, around the country, and now we're ready to take the next big step and go regular. We want to become the obvious place to come, where people will know what they're getting. Good comedy, edgy comedy, cutting edge, pithy, sharp... Need we go on? 'Cos we could, you know.... OK, maybe not. We want to work with performers who will push the edge a bit, and audiences who find that exciting. Satirical, honest, sharp, brave, (but particularly, funny). We'll be headlining the best in new and creative comedy, showing up and coming acts who we also admire, and headlining those who we (and you) think are the best.
  2. Hi Gladys, Not if i get to the Flamin' Hot ones first.... Again ;-) Px
  3. Beyond A Joke - Episode 2 Compere: BenQ Lineup: ... Stephanie Laing **************** Stephanie was, until recently, the singer of humorous songs with an adult twist to them; a nice diversion to lighten up a night of comedy entertainment. In a stunning turn of events however, this supremely talented young lady has now shown an undeniable aptitude for stand-up comedy too. On her very first gig Stephanie wowed the audience with her mixture of charm, cheekiness and imagination. Although she is a relative newcomer to the comedy scene, it is clear that she has a bright future onstage. Reviews: "A great stand-up and super-smart in the fun way that always works magic." (Phil Kay) "She is sweet, surreal and sometimes sickening, but always funny" (The Heckler) "There is something about Stephanie" (Martin Bearne) Mark Stephenson ***************** Mark Stephenson has been performing for over a year and just been awarded 2nd place in the Leicester Square New Act of the Year competition. This summer he completed a full run in Edinburgh , gaining a four-star review from Three Weeks for the triple header show "The Very Best of Stephenson, Brice and Larter.” With a sharp analytical style and off-beat sensibility enthused with easy on-stage charm, Mark has already carved out a reputation as an exciting and unique comic with a unique yet polished act performing regular featured spots across London and the South East. Reviews: "low-octane, big-laughter, excellent newcomer" London is Funny - Comics to watch in 2011 Watch this space" Three Weeks **** for The Very Best of Stephenson, Brice and Larter EDINBURGH 2010 Steve Bennett, Chortle "Mark Stephenson demonstrates his compelling attitude from the moment he said ‘hiya’ with an air of bored distraction, His comedy comes from misery – so often the best place – as he complains abut being bored, lonely and unemployed. His set demonstrated the value of such a well-defined comic voice, for although the material was variable, you always want to hear more of his suburban lower-class gripes. He secured the £500 silver medal on the night – let’s hope it doesn’t make him too happy." Promoter Quotes: “Connected well with the audience without really trying, had a really unique turn of phrase with unexpected twists, engaging, thought provoking with silliness – shows much promise” Mike Fox FAT JESTERS - Bromley Chuck Manslag *************** Howdy, I’m Chuck Manslag. I’ve been doing Stand up comedy since 1998. I started out in Toronto, Canada… that’s right. The same same place Jim Carrey got is start. Obviously, I’m not as famous as him. You already knew that. Thanks for rubbing it in. Anyways: I ran off to the UK when I was around 22 and earned my wings on the rough of London. Eventually, I even broke into the circuit in other countries. Now I’ve performed in Canada, the U.S, UK, Sweden, Holland, and even South America! Some people say I take my comedy too far. I disagree… I think making love to ducks on stage and shouting the phrase, “I’m gonna punch you in the Vagina” at audience members is funny. (I don’t do it really, I thought that was just a cute line for this blurb!) Doors 7.30 for 8pm Start £5 online, via http://www.beyond-a-joke.com £6 at the door Buy 4, get one free! Get Map & Directions at http://www.penelopes.info OK. Beyond a Joke? Who the hell are we? Style Over Substance are a co-operative who were set up a couple of years ago to start promoting new, cutting edge comedy in South London. We've put on other gigs, in Oxford, in Sheffield, around the country, and now we're ready to take the next big step and go regular. We want to become the obvious place to come, where people will know what they're getting. Good comedy, edgy comedy, cutting edge, pithy, sharp... Need we go on? 'Cos we could, you know.... OK, maybe not. We want to work with performers who will push the edge a bit, and audiences who find that exciting. Satirical, honest, sharp, brave, (but particularly, funny). We'll be headlining the best in new and creative comedy, showing up and coming acts who we also admire, and headlining those who we (and you) think are the best.
  4. Several people have asked about the Reduced Price Guest List for this event, So just to clear up any confusion..... Here's how it works! If you have Joined my Text Guest List (you just text YOUR NAME to me on 07845 880 677, and you're added) I will be sending you the discount code to flash at the door for £1 off Entry. If you are part of my email Guest List You will receive an email this week with your discount code for £1 off Entry. If you have clicked 'Attending' on the Facebook Event You are on the Reduced Price Guest List for this event. If you have picked up and Event Flyer. Bring it with you for £1 off Entry (some of these Flyers are still available at Golden Harvest, and other shops, in the Forum and along Division Street) Any Questions....Just Phone us ;-) Penelopes x
  5. OPENING NIGHT SHEFFIELD!!! Penelopes & Style Over Substance Proudly Present: Beyond a Joke Episode 1: Tripping into the abyss..... Compere: BenQ **************** Lineup: Anonymous the Poet ********************* A riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a kilt, the mad Scotsman Anonymous the Poet. "He's completely mad, not afraid of a good ramble, and genuinely very, very funny." Juice Comedy http://www.myspace.com/atpoet Robert Commiskey ****************** Robert Commiskey, an American stand-up based in London, began performing comedy in April 2009 and made the finals of the 2010 Laughing Horse new act of the year competition. Bethany Black ************** Black was born male and had a troubled childhood, suffering from depression. She attended Manchester Metropolitan University where she got a degree in film, television and cultural studies. Black had a nervous breakdown and attempted suicide on several occasions. Once she tried to hang herself, but she was so heavy she dragged down the ceiling. On another occasion she attempted to gas herself in a car, but the car ran out of petrol. She then came out to her family twice: first as a transwoman, and then as a lesbian. Black eventually underwent sex reassignment surgery and discusses her transition in her stand-up act. Originally, she was hesitant about entering stand-up because she felt that the best comedians were older people. However, Black changed her mind after seeing Josie Long, someone younger than her, perform successfully while using material similar to her own. At the age of 25 she started her career, first as a compere for a music club in Preston called "Club Fuzzy", where she provided comedy between the music acts. After a hostile reaction, she then began performing in actual comedy clubs. Black adopted a "Fairy Gothmother" style, performing her routines dressed in black, with black eye shadow and sometimes wearing fetish clothing. Most of her comedy is a combination of observational comedy mixed with innuendo. £5 online, at http://www.beyond-a-joke.com £6 at the door Buy 4, get one free! Doors 7.30 for 8pm Start Style Over Substance are a co-operative who were set up a couple of years ago to start promoting new, cutting edge comedy in South London. Penelopes 53-55 Arundel Gate Sheffield S1 2PN w : http://www.penelopes.info e :penelopesclub@gmail.com t : 07845 880 677
  6. Here at Penelopes HQ we are always coming up with new ways to keep you dancing and smiling. And 2011 will be no exception. We're really pulling it out of the bag for you with our New Night - Small is the New Big. We're bringing people you would likely only ever see in the largest of venues and biggest festivals around the world. The very people who's creativity has shaped the development of today's dance music. ... For our Launch Night on 11th March, we are delighted to welcome Mark Moore - S'express Ralph Razor - Razor Stiletto Joe Moskow - Reverend & the Makers & Louise Prey Mark Moore shot to fame as the driving force behind the dance/sampling pioneers S'EXPRESS with the number one hit 'The Theme from S-Express'. Today his notoriety has been reinforced not only by S'Express and his subsequent string of hit records and remixes, but by being one of clubland's most unique and eclectic DJs. He is one of the first to have embraced the aspects of stardom and success attributed to the DJ culture. Complete with his trademark, a customised red telephone/headphone, Mark can be seen at some of the world's finest clubs (as well as playing for the likes of Psychic TV, Grace Jones and Scissor Sisters). He has an original playing style and is described as an adventurous DJ who will carefully construct a set of interesting, original and lively records which guarantee an ecstatic response from any dancefloor. Jockey Slut magazine made Mark one of their "Heroes of House Music". Today, Mark still finds himself traveling the globe playing a mix of electro-disco, electro-rock, twisted house and whatever else he fancies to express himself and bring to the fore his most extraordinary DJing repertoire... Ralph Razor, needing no introduction what so ever, will be delighting us with his eclectic bag of charity shop tunes. Joe and Louise are keeping their tunes close to their chests....All Louise would say was...'expect the unexpected'. Where Penelopes 53-55 Arundel Gate Sheffield S1 2PN e : penelopesclub@gmail.com t : 07845 880 677 w: http://www.penelopes.info When 11.3.11 Doors 10pm - 3am £5 OTD Arrive early
  7. S.U.B. Events presents..... Live -WHERE'S STRUTTER + THE MAFFA KINGS + ARKHAM KARVERS + DIGGING FOR ELVIS ...Where's Strutter Back in October 2007, long time friends Paddy Neville, Lee Broadbent, Danny Green and Sean Hughes began writing and playing songs together locally in their home towns of Mossley, Uppermill and Oldham but it wasnt until a mad house party in Feb 2008 when a live snake named ''strutter'' was released causing panic and mayhem among partygoers especially when no one could find the snake, promoting cries of WHERE'S STRUTTER? and the band had its name and identity. As the band began to grow locally and more effort and time for the band required, Sean Hughes felt he couldnt commit as much time or effort to the band and new bassist (long time friend and suspected culprit of strutter's release at said party) Max Lees joined the band in Septemeber 2008. A busy time spent building up their fanbase, writing new songs and keeping their growing fanbase alive with random illegal gigs, in Feb 2009 they headlined(and sold out) Manchester Academy 3 and in July they headline Manchester academy 2 which also revealed a new direction for the band with the introduction of another new memeber, Howard Eastwood a keyboard and synth player which added a more mature sound to the band and pleased the nearly sold out Academy 2. In Septemeber 2009 the band wanted to expand signed a 5 year management deal with Crosshair Music and what followed in very quick succession were support slots with the view, Neville Staples of the specials, twisted wheel and the paddingtons. With more to come in 2010 and the release of the bands debut EP. Listen Here http://www.myspace.com/wheresstrutter Maffa Kings In late 2007, former DADDYRough guitarists Craig Johnson and Rich Wosik re-united following a phonecall which Craig revealed he had been writing material for a new project. He was keen to get Rich involved to help build the songs both musically and lyrically. Rich, yet to involve himself in another project since the dissolving of DADDYRough jumped at the chance. As ever the partnership flourished and much of The Maffa Kings early material was formed during these acoustic jam sessions, songs such as Soul Picnic, Black Or Blood and Let Go written as a duo. Inevitably the time came to move things on, and with the addition of another former DADDYRough member Matt Harris on drums and Ex Petty Thieves bassist Daz Hollingworth the original line up was complete. The Ol' session den of Abbey Lane studios in Derby now became the venue where the new material would begin to evolve. Songs such as Sirens and Kick In were developed in these early jams. The name 'The Maffa Kings' was decided upon. An idea brought to the table by Matt after recalling an old Normanton pub "The Mafekin", an early DADDYRough rehearsal venue. Just a wee tinkering of the vernacular! They began touring throughout England in 2008 and early 2009. Notable performances included sell out gigs in their hometown of Derby, a sell out show at The Rescue Rooms in Nottingham as well as shows at Glastonbudget Festival and The Cockpit in Leeds. Recordings of this period included the 'Black Or Blood' demo featuring the tracks Black Or Blood, Uzi, Soul Picnic, Let Go, Non Prescribed and It's Alright. A short time later The Maffa Kings released the 'Titanium Halo' EP, a collection of five songs, Kick In, Sirens, Youth Gone Wild and re-recorded versions of Soul Picnic and Black Or Blood... In 2009 the wind of change was whistling through The Maffa Kings camp. Their desire to expand the sound and diversify the influences within the group saw them once again look to the DADDYRough days, after discussions frontman Lee Moran was invited into the fold. Inevitably The Maffa Kings sound changed considerably. Moran, a very different vocalist brought a whole new range of styles to the table with his influences from Hip Hop, Dance, Soul and Reggae added to the mix of the more familiar Classic Rock, Southern Soul, indie sounds already within the group. The Maffa Kings sound was now given time to grow, with Wosiks raspy vocal edge contrasting well with Moran’s alternative style and Johnson and Wosik's new found freedom on the guitar becoming the roots for The Maffa's now well renowned dual guitar sound. A break in gigging allowed Moran to put his own take on the current songs as well as the renewal of the Johnson/Moran writing partnership. The ensuing Abbey Lane sessions saw the birth of Moran penned songs such as Lust To Licks, The Volunteer and Vehicle Jam. The new five piece took to the road with renewed vigour, gigging relentlessly through the rest of 2009. Supporting New Yorkers Glint and London’s Band Of Skulls amongst others. They played their first European date, the Torreveija Rock Festival in Spain and to more sell out crowds locally. The Maffa Kings visual side to their live shows grew ever more eye catching with Moran's charisma and Wosik's renewed freedom as showman on guitar. August 2009 saw the recording of the 'Every Black Cloud' EP. Haunted, The Volunteer, Lust To Licks and Vehicle Jam made up the track list, almost exclusively, lyrically penned by Moran, showing the shift in The Maffa's dynamic. The recording was testament to the dancier and reggae influenced rhythm section and mood but still showing the ballad and grungy Esq. sounds more akin to earlier Maffa work. In early 2010 the changing winds were blowing again. Matt Harris, a great friend and original member stepped aside as drummer, unable to fulfil the increasing demands placed upon him. A sell out gig at The Bell in Derby saw Matt play his last show with the band. The search for a replacement ensued. After many auditions Moran stumbled across former Luxury Stranger sticksman, at the time without a band and looking. After one session with Owen Walton the rapport was immediate and lasting. Yet again a change of member brought a change of sound. Owens new wave, post punk influences bringing a heavier increased tempo flavour to The Maffa's current music which is even more prominent in new writings. Heavier renditions of Vehicle Jam and Sirens were heard as well as up-tempo versions of The Volunteer and Lust To Licks. Again a break from gigging whilst writing commenced with Owen, numbers such as Flatline Beat, Horse To Town and Angel Sold Me A Lie were penned, all heavier, more full and more powerful moods. Daz on Bass finding far more scope with Owen coupled with Johnson and Wosik's experimentations with new sounds and setups also brought with it an effect on the writings. Again gigging took off, with the boys showing a change of tact'. Playing shows on a more concentrated and local scale, building followings in Birmingham, Sheffield, Leicester and Nottingham as well as increasing their profile already known in their hometown. A percussive slant was seen in the live shows, Moran/Walton often delivering variant percussive performances. The heavier, more aggressive ilk was demonstrated all the more often with Walton now on drums and a renewed live energy observed. The Maffa Kings have never looked and sounded more in tune together. A new EP was quickly established and released in July 2010, entitled 'Writing the Wrongs' the EP fully demonstrated the heavier, up-tempo, stratospheric sounds people had become accustomed to. Horse To Town, Flatline Beat, Descending Into Echoes and a radio edited version of Lust To Licks were the tracks laid down. A very accurate document of The Maffa's changes. More percussion was demonstrated throughout the recordings and although it’s more than often Moran delivering onstage it was a sharing of responsibilities in the studio between Walton/Moran and Wosik. Moran and Wosik also demonstrated their penchant for a contrasting harmony. More local sell outs, increased radio airplay and glowing reviews are the order of the day as the wagon keeps a rollin. At the time of this article, increased writing time is planned. Although never prolific a steady flow of songs have been emerging, some played live some not, some acoustic some not! Songs such as I Miss You have already been unveiled live as well as acoustic numbers Ocean Brave and Ol' Eagle Eye recently being demo'd. Watch this space........... Listen Here http://www.myspace.com/themaffakings Arkham Karvers t was in Sheffield, early 2009, that after realising at work that they were both musicians, bedroom singer-songwriter Dave Gash and drummer Ash Juleff began jamming in Dave’s grimy student house cellar. Songs that Dave had up his sleeve for years were now beginning to see the light of day, and after advertising for a bassist, Thom Davison made up a 3 piece that would go by the name Arkham Karvers. After longing for a fuller sound to their reggae influenced gutsy guitar music, Dave made a call to Greg Smith, a friend and guitarist he’d made on a Spanish beach 6 years previous. The now 4 piece quickly began to get a name for themselves on the Sheffield scene, playing high profile venues such as The Boardwalk, O2 Academy and Plug. With more exciting gigs lined up in 2010, Arkham Karvers are itching to wow crowds elsewhere. With influence drawn from a range of artists from The Police to Bedouin Soundclash and Milburn, Arkham Karvers’ endless offbeat energy never fails to get the crowd moving. Listen Here http://www.myspace.com/arkhamkarvers Digging For Elvis Hailing from the glorious town of Retford Nottinghamshire Digging For Elvis have come to rock your pop-tastic little socks off! In no particular order we are... James Henshaw - Vocals/Guitar Matt Hunter - Guitar/ Backing Vocals Matt Snowden - Bass/ Backing Vocals (when we let him) Adam Clark - Drums and muscle Taking influence from some of the greatest Pop Rock bands around such as Weezer, Foo Fighters, Feeder, Stereophonics and of course Bernie Clark. We try to keep our gigs fun and full of energy so every single person can have a bit of a sing along and a dance! Enjoy yourself, we certainly do! Be sure to check out our Myspace page Listen Here http://www.myspace.com/diggingforelvis Penelopes 53-55 Arundel Gate Sheffield S1 2PN t 07845 880 677 e info@penelopes.info w http://www.penelopes.info Doors 7pm £4 OTD/£3 Guest List. Add yourself to Penelopes guest list. Text YOUR NAME to 07845 880 677
  8. S.U.B. Events presents.... LATERAL VISION + STEEL TREES + KIWI Lateral Vision ...Lateral Vision are a passionate, creative, four piece rock band from Sheffield. Formed in Summer 09, they have performed many gigs, including the Rother Valley Festival, The Cremone, The Boardwalk, and the Peace Gardens. They are well on the way to recording their debut album! Listen Here http://www.myspace.com/lateralvisionband Steel Trees Sound like... .................."Eric Clapton held at knifepoint by Black Flag on the stage of a working men's club somewhere up north. He's been funnel fed a skipfull of the local speed and is now being forced to perform "Tears in Heaven" in the style of post "N" word Grohl being roasted straight-faced by Lemmy and J. Mascis. An unholy image. Steel Trees are down at the front headbanging. Listen Here http://www.myspace.com/steeltreesofficial Kiwi Them fancy London types don't know the pleasure of eating chips with fingers....... Martin, James and Gav are at the moment Kiwi, having had drummer changes and bouts of lazyness they seem to be settled in now and can knuckle down on furthering the song catalogue and gigging of course. All band members grew up in doncaster and have history all over the UK, they know it's nurture not nature but, found each other and have grown up nothing like anything ever seen or heard, they combine music and comedy ready packaged for the masses providing a unique experience you might say. You don't say?? oh well as you were then. The music is indescribable to us because we are generally rubbish at describing genres/styles, especially about our own music but we bloody like it so you will to. Everybody bloody loves the sound, whatever it may be,punky/rocky/indie/eski-beats, wether we all perform or not. The potential is there and we will not waste it. I don't like commiting crimes against fate.It will catch up with thee in the end? yeah that'll do. Demo done so we now need a fanbase! and to relocate permanently to Manchester or Leeds or Sheffield or ANYWHERE with a Uni!!!! (With the aid of a van). We are driven mainly in the fight against the many, many bands at the moment who are absolutely ****e so we would very very much like to give people something worth talking about. Our Secondary and Tertiary goals are to not have to work a 9-5 and to meet people that are not the same gender as us! Our drummers have changed a lot after a few experimental phases but the sound has the same riotous effect whoever drums with us, we think it must be Ra the Egyptian sun god getting behind us but we're yet to confirm this because, after all, your friend Pete doesn't know everything. Listen Here http://www.myspace.com/thekiwimusic Penelopes 53-55 Arundel Gate Sheffield S1 2PN t 07845 880 677 e info@penelopes.info w http://www.penelopes.info Doors 7pm £4 OTD/£3 Guest List. Add yourself to Penelopes guest list. Text YOUR NAME to 07845 880 677
  9. S.U.B Events Presents.... THE BEEDS + LUXURY STRANGER + The HUDARES + VAGRANT KING ...The Beeds 'we formed in may 09 just as mates having a laugh,me an my twin bro ricky!!my cousin andy aka drew storm hahaha!! and our mate taz played live an we loved it!!! we want it more an more!!! we all just love making music an hope people out there will like to listen!!! Go on Treat Yourself... http://www.myspace.com/thebeedz Luxury Stranger Luxury Stranger is an English band, based in the Midlands, UK. Influenced by the sounds of post-punk / new wave from 1978 - 1984. Imagine: Bowie and Pop's Berlin years mixed with the disparate sound of Joy Division and early Cure with the melodies and power of The Chameleons - this is Luxury Stranger. Currently promoting their debut album, 'Desolation', the band is also recording material for the second album, to be titled 'Commitment and Discipline', and preparing demos of songs ready for the third album - some of which already finds its way into the live set. "....the windswept grandiosity of classic line-up Echo and the Bunnymen". (ThisCity Magazine) "...they just do the song thing so well and create the sort of record you should, depending on age, be cranking up before going out for the night. It’s one of those perfect life-affirming collections". (Mick Mercer) "...one of the UK's standout dark alternative acts". (Sphere Webzine) Drawing on the darkness of post-punk, the theatre of 70s glam (Bowie/Eno/Reed/Pop) and the commerciality of 80s new wave, Luxury Stranger is a 'Jekyl and Hyde' style of band - a methodical architect in the studio and a passionate powerful monster on the stage. Luxury Stranger played its first gig on Friday, 5th September 2008 at Junktion 7, Nottingham (see the LS Myspace blog for details). In December 2008, Luxury Stranger signed with Major Digital (an off-shoot of Germany's Major Records). Listen Here http://www.myspace.com/luxurystranger The Hudares Formed and playing gigs since summer 2008, always on the look out for good gig and (or) recording opportunities. TRACKS RECORDED @ AXIS STUDIO SHEFFIELD, 2009........what you hear is what you'll get + more, so if you like the tunes, see you soon.... & & Listen Here http://www.myspace.com/thehudares Vagrant King We're a 3 Piece something band in Sheffield. Nat and Max met some time ago and they were introduced to Drew in January 2010, we all clicked straight away and started making music within the hour they met. Drew being on pots and pans though We Just recorded, the mixing isnt great but hey its all good Listen Here http://www.myspace.com/vagrantkingmusic Penelopes 53-55 Arundel Gate Sheffield S1 2PN t 07845 880 677 e info@penelopes.info w http://www.penelopes.info Doors 7pm £4 OTD/£3 Guest List. Add yourself to Penelopes guest list. Text YOUR NAME to 07845 880 677
  10. Live - The Banditos - Death Rides a Horse - Dead Pleasures The Banditos. -Ad and Ry wrote songs on acoustic guitars -Recorded demos and gigged for 12 months -Hatched a plan that some friends should be involved -Tommy VIP (Pudge) and Dom (Decent) joined -Re-recorded 6 songs as a full band ...Listen Here http://www.myspace.com/banditospunk Death Rides a Horse A great alternative/rock trio, hailing from Sheffield and influenced by Tool, At the Drive-in, Helmet, These arms are snakes, Cave In, NIN, A Perfect Circle, Black Sabbath, Kong, Oceansize, Minus the Bear, ASIWYFA, The Mars Volta Listen Here http://www.myspace.com/88deathridesahorse Dead Pleasures Once cold autumn in 2005, D Zombie and Billeth were bound together by a mutual love of all things horror. The pair immediately set out to form a new breed of horror music; combing punk rock rhythms with horror imageary and crooning vocals. Joined in early 2006 by Daisy Spooks, the trio went on to release demos and play shows across the UK. In 2008, their CD A Chorus Of Corpses was released via Robot Monster, Inc. The debut full length CD, A Symphony Of Horror is set to crawl from the laboratory very soon... Listen Here http://www.myspace.com/deadpleasurestheband Penelopes 53-55 Arundel Gate Sheffield S1 2PN t 07845 880 677 e info@penelopes.info w http://www.penelopes.info Friday 13th August Doors @ 8pm - First Band 9pm. £3 OTD- FREE FOR EVERYONE IN MY GUEST LIST. Add yourself to my guest list. Text YOUR NAME to 07845 880 677
  11. S.U.B Events Presents.... Live... Thursday 5th August The Sea Kids + Area + MIME - Maybe I Might Explode + Platinum Blind The Sea Kids This energetic three piece hail from Rotherham, and having just signed a Single Deal with Breakout Club Records, are embarking on "a phonic assault' around the country. Listen Here http://www.myspace.com/theseakids Area Since the formation in 2005 the band has gigged relentlessly across the UK playing anywhere and everywhere. Gigs include The Camden Crawl, In The City, Liverpool Sound City, Skins Parties, RedBull Bedroom Jams, Universities, Barflys, and Academies. Area have supported bands such as Twisted Wheel, The Holloways, Glasvegas, Scouting For Girls, The Hoosiers, Ladyhawke, Just Jack, Hadouken and Bombay Bicycle Club to name just a few. The band has appeared on TV and Sky music channels, several times including channel 4 Pop World and BBC Switch Listen Here http://www.myspace.com/areaofficial Maybe I Might Explode Rising from the streets and suburbs of Leeds presents the newest hard hitting lads to hit the block. High energetic indie brit rock is on the list with a dash of the Arctics and a sprinkle of the new stuff. A highly original collision of style that will have anyone dancing, with infectious tunes such as 'Plastic Fantastic' and 'Wouldn't say no' guaranteed to please. Four incredibly talented musicians who write their own incredibly addictive music. A unique set of lads destined to please most and be loved by more. Watch this space and listen, listen, listen! Listen Here http://www.myspace.com/mimemaybeimightexplode Platinum Blind We are Platinum Blind, a three piece Rock/Punk/Pop Group from Sheffield. We formed early 2008, and all 3 of us were in bands before. We love playing shows and recording. Our first album Implosion will be out sometime this year, so keep checking! We love our fans and it means a lot when people listen to our music or comment! We have several original tracks at the moment, so come see us and give your opinions! Listen Here http://www.myspace.com/platinumblindmusic Penelopes 53-55 Arundel Gate Sheffield S1 2PN t 07845 880 677 e info@penelopes.info w http://www.penelopes.info Doors 7pm - £4 OTD /£3 Guests Join Penelopes Guest List, Text YOUR NAME to 07845 880 677 Guests Get Discounts on Tickets, and Free Gigs and Giveaways!
  12. TAINT - http://www.myspace.com/taintuk Terrorizer Magazine ( "A choppy, proggy, exploratory circle of excellency" -Noel Gardener. Rocksound Magazine (9) If last full-length ‘Secrets And Lies’ upped the ante for the Welsh trio, there should be quite a buzz surrounding Taint as ‘All Bees To The Sea’ demonstrates they’re one of the best bands in the UK right now. Featuring four new tracks plus a live recording of their blinding Roadburn 08 set, ‘All Bees…’ is a feast of honey-thick riffery, head-nodding and gutsy grooves and sharp-yet-sweet tempo lurches. There’s meaty melody with the doom-edged ‘Black Rain’, while ‘Prey The Wind Don’t Change’ holds a sting in its tail with harsh axework and biting, bile-covered vocal. Killer! - Ronnie Kerswell-O'Hara MANATEES - http://www.myspace.com/manateetheband the band, are very different: although they’re far from the first out of the blocks when it comes to making an impact, their slow-release sludge-riffs and doom-laden vocals eventually stir the soul into a bubbly frenzy; prickly hairs and dilated pupils, tingle fingers and tappedy toes. Or, rather, stomping feet, slow and incessant, like the drum beats that guide the Carlisle-based trio through their epic arrangements. And they are hard. Must be the water. Alex (bass and vocals), Greg (guitar and vocals) and Pauly (drums) have, to date, released a brace of EPs. Or mini-albums if you will. Or full-lengths, really, since they all rival supposed long-players in terms of duration. And scope, truth be told, musically. Ambitious though the trio’s music always isn’t, effective and affecting it is; the tried and tested is balanced with deviations into more creative territories excellently, and the result is a band both appealing to post-rock and metal fans as well as indie kids with an appetite for something a little meatier than their standard fare. - Drowned in Sound CORLEONE - http://www.myspace.com/corleoneuk Their set is packed with little spine tingling moments of beautiful melody, packed tight against big, hard edged soundscapes. Like the very best of bands such as Sonic Youth and Mogwai, they etch out little moments of heart-swelling beauty from tough, rapturous noise that can make you melt with joy. Just when you think that the song has run its course, the band, perfectly in tune with each other, look round and then unleash another supernova-like sound that grabs the attention of every punter in the pub, a sound surely made for bigger venues than the Howard. -Michael Brader-for SANDMAN FLATLANDS - http://www.myspace.com/flatlandstouristboard it's like abandoning the motorway and taking a scenic detour through the flatlands themselves, accompanied by a local talk radio station populated by angry locals. Spoken word sections speak of fish and chips, ominous buildings and ludicrous toll charges; often combined with mellow post-rock sections. This not only provides a welcome balance to the down-tempo lead-laden sludge that makes up most of the listening experience but it bolsters the meaning of each song and reminds the listener of often overlooked characteristics to be found in their own locality - NINE HERTZ Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Penelopes 53-55 Arundel Gate Sheffield S1 2PN t 07845 880 677 e info@penelopes.info w http://www.penelopes.info
  13. Penelopes is proud to present..... ~ THE ESQUIRE ~ http://www.myspace.com/theesquiresheffield 7 piece band from Sheffield performing songs by Ray Charles, Georgie Fame, Steve Winwood, The Zombies, Dusty Springfield, Julie Driscoll.... Featuring a who's who of a line up........ Joel White - Hammond Organ / keys, Martin Smith - Guitar, Chris Chapman - Bass, John Watterson - Drums, Emma Naylor - Vocals / percussion, Simon Peat - Alto Saxophone, Kim Mayhew - Tenor Saxophone. Penelopes 53-55 Arundel Gate Sheffield S1 2PN t 07845 880 677 e info@penelopes.info w http://www.penelopes.info Doors open at 7 FREE ENTRY BEFORE 9PM £4 OTD/£3 Guests
  14. Typical Grrrlz present THE LOVELY EGGS http://www.myspace.com/thelovelyeggs STANDARD FARE http://www.myspace.com/standardfare HOTPANTS ROMANCE http://www.myspace.com/hotpantsromance + handmade jewellery shop + FREE CAKE + ZINES +DJs plying... Le Tigre - Blondie – The Raincoats - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Bikini Kill - Au Pairs - MIA - Delta 5 - Mika Miko - Girls at Our Best! - CSS – Vivian Girls - Patti Smith - The Primitives - Camera Obscura - Bearsuit - Sleater-Kinney - Yazoo - Sonic Youth - LiLiPUT / Kleenex - Grace Jones - Bush Tetras - Bratmobile - Kate Bush - Kenickie - Ludus - Deerhoof - X-Ray Spex - Dolly Parton -- be your own PET – Pylon - Lily Allen - Fight Like Apes - Ladytron - Family Fodder - The Long Blondes - Best Coast - Essential Logic - Metric - La Roux - Young Marble Giants - Shop Assistants - GaGa – The GoGo’s - Liechtenstein - Talulah Gosh - Maximum Joy - Huggy Bear - B-52s - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Erase Errata - Yelle - Florence + The Machine - Help She Can't Swim - Marnie Stern – ESG - Santigold – The Slits – Dum Dum Girls - Magnetic Fields – Tilly and the Wall – Elastica – Ladyhawke - The Runaways - Aretha Franklin - Rilo Kiley – Helen Love – Moldy Peaches - Those Dancing Days – Mo-Dettes All for the not so princely sum of £4 on the door Doors Open 7pm Penelopes 53-55 Arundel Gate Sheffield S1 2PN t 07845 880 677 e info@penelopes.info w http://www.penelopes.info
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