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  1. She spends most of her time sleeping in my room, so I've put a box with some newspaper in it by the radiator (she often sleeps under it) but she hasn't paid any attention to it yet. I think she may opt for under my bed, but we'll see!
  2. My cat is due her first litter any day now and I can't wait. I have so much sympathy for her, waddling around in her own catty way. I've read a fair bit on the net about what to expect, but was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice for me about both the labour and births and also care of mum and kitties. Any help greatly received Thanks
  3. your milk supply wont dry up as such, but would start to lessen. As you may have heard before, our bodies make what is needed. (the more you breast feed - the more milk you will produce, the less you breast feed - the less milk you will produce). If you really want to continue breastfeeding, then I would suggest stop giving any formula at all. If you are able to express then this could be given by someone else to give you a break and would still be a familiar bottle teat for your son to recognise. He may well cry and turn away from the breast, but he wont starve. When he is hungry enough, he will take whatever is offered. It may feel like you are being really harsh or cruel, but it wont last long at all, honestly. Don't give up and good luck! Emma x
  4. Eccie road, by far the best chocy shop around!!!
  5. I've had 3 children and it all sound very familiar, however the scan machine actually records the rate of the heart. Likewise when you have your midwife appointments during the pregnancy, the midwife is checking the same thing in as much as the heart beat is roughly twice the speed of mums. If it was any different they would refer you for further investigation
  6. I offer childrens pamper parties (as well as Grown up ones) and they work really well. I started doing them after my daughter had one for her 7th birthday. There are lots of different options to try and best suit the age of the children but as a general idea you can usually have things like; age appropiate make up or face paint or the younger ones, bubbley foot spas for them to feel pampered and a bit grown up, dance mats and karioke, chocolate fountain, hair styling (curling/crimping/straightening/braiding/plaiting/spay glitter etc), finger and toe nail painting, dressing up clothes i.e. princess,fairies, pop stars. You can choose to have the party bags provided, birthday cake, even food if you really want to go for it. Parties of about 10 girls usually last 2 - 2.5 hrs and prices start from £10 per child. The birthday girl always receives a little gift also. If you would like more specific information then please email me and we can have a chat. Emma x
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