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  1. I am a clinical support worker and also had to do those tests although it was almost 2 yrs ago now and we did them at the education building at the Northern general. if i were you I'd call the HR Dept. of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, think the number is 01142714174 or 0114 2714929 and ask them as obviously they deal with all recruitment. Good Luck xx
  2. Thanks for your replies. Which site did you use Laineyiow? What do you acctually have to do once you have the paperwork all filled in? What other costs are involved? This would also be a fairly straight forward divorce, no property, assets or children to sort out. Also would both husband and wife have to each fill out a set of forms or is it one set covers all? Thanks again x
  3. Does anyone have any experience of applying for a divorce online? I've had a quick look around and there are loads of sites offering various services, but I'm a bit reluctant to pick one over another. Not sure if any of them are genuine or just scams. I'm recently divorced myself and have a lovely £13k solicitors bill for the pleasure. A friend of mine had been seperated for over 2 years now (which I believe is enough grounds for a divorce if both parties agree) and is skint (aren't we all) and so we're really hoping there is a cheaper and hopefully easy kinda DIY divorce. All help and advice greatfully received Em x
  4. Hi can anyone recommend a cleaner? I'm in hillsborough s6 Thanks Emma x
  5. I watched in the reflection too! Hahaha. Fascinating. My second was the longest labour. Started at about 7pm on the THURSDAY evening and he wasn't born until 1:58am on the MONDAY!!!! that's almost 79 hours! That hurt! He was 9lb 4oz and mainly head. I don't think his head is too much bigger now (aged 7) than it was then. It took ages for him to "grow into it".
  6. You feel as if your entire insides have been removed when you first stand up after the birth. It's such a strange empty feeling. Sore nipples doesn't quite explain it. Cracked, bleeding and weeping nipples is a bit better. My Auntie talks of when her LO bit down on her cracked nipple (this is long before teeth, only 3/4 months old) and she ended up with a lump of flesh hanging off!!! When having a c-section - the indignity of having a student nurse shave your bikini line with a BIC razor! The bleeding and blood clots/lumps of liver I too, have had 3 though.
  7. Just wondering what the going rate for a part time cleaner is at the mo. I'm a single mum of 3, with a new job and no time. I don't smoke, I don't really get the chance to go out much, so I thought that having a cleaner for a few hours a week might be a nice treat for me. (Sad, I know! lol) Any advice gratefully received, thanks.
  8. Hi, I moved up from SE London at the beginning of August and have fallen in love with Hillsborough S6. I rent a beautiful 3 bed house, with a small garden, 1 min. walk from Hillsborough High Street and Tram stop (it takes about 15/20 mins to get into the city centre on the tram and about the same or less to drive). I pay £575 per month. I have 3 children aged 5, 7 and 8 and they all go to Malin Bridge primary school, a 5 min walk away. They have settled in so well, I can't believe it. My son (aged 7) has had a lot of trouble with a sort of seperation anxiety, where by, he would scream and scream and sometimes kick and hit anyone trying to hold him. He is usually a very well behaved little boy. I was so worried about how he would settle in and make friends and also how the staff would deal with him when he threw this kind of tantrum. I didn't need to worry. They were absolutely fantastic and we had a few different meetings to put together a plan of action, if you like and have reviewed it twice already. He hasn't had a tantrum since a week before they broke up for xmas and fingers crossed he won't. The head teacher Mrs England is really lovely and very involved. One of my younger daughters nursery friends has recently been diagnosed with autism and the school have been great with this also. As you may have guessed already, I really love this school. The people are so friendly and welcoming (a million miles away from London culture) it's made a difficult move a lot, lot easier. Good luck with your move and please pm me if you want to know anything else. Emma
  9. Hi Jo Tried to pm you regarding choc bars for my sons 7th birthday, but it says you can't receive pms so could only contact you on here. I am interested so please contact me to sort out details. Thanks Emma
  10. Michael Ward in hillsborough. Middlewood rd, above Winkworth estate agents. He seems to deal/have knowledge in most areas and is very affordable and thorough.
  11. Thanks for all the recommendations. I've had such problems in the past, I really can't afford to buy a money pit this time round. I need something suitable for a family really, I have 3 young children.
  12. Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy a 2nd hand car. Preferably somewhere where they don't rub their hands together when they see a woman walking in!
  13. I have actually posted on netmums already, but had no response yet. I too would be happy to pay the £99 yearly fee for my nanny if necessary. I also haven't mentioned before that I would be more than happy to have a nanny that has their own baby/toddler with them. Thanks Emma
  14. I've never used or known anyone who has used a nanny before either, but due to the early hours I think it's likely to be my only option really. childcare vouchers and child tax credits are different things, but you get what I mean. lol Even if I did find a childminder who was willing to start that early, I doubt I could get my kids up and dressed early enough, for me to be on time. Just don't think it would be fair on them really. At least with a nanny they would be in their own home and could still get up at 7am/7:30am as usual. I think it would be a lot easier for them to accept than being taken to someone elses house. OMG I am so stressed about this!!!
  15. Thanks for replying Rachel. I know that nannys do not need to be registered with Ofsted, but more and more are registering, as it then means that they can accept childcare vouchers, from child tax credits, as part payment. This makes them in very high demand from lots of working families as it makes childcare more affordable. Thanks again, Emma
  16. Can anyone recommend an Ofted registered, part-time Nanny. I live in Hillsborough S6 and need a Nanny for 3 hours a day, 6am - 9am, 4/5 days a week (varies due to shift patterns). Thanks Emma
  17. Can anyone recommend an Ofsted registered Nanny. We live in Hillsborough S6 I am due to start a new job in about a months time and need to find a Nanny who can start work at 6am and finish at 9am after taking my three children (ages 4,6 and to school (Malin Brigde Primary school). As there are only 3 hours work per day on offer, this position would be ideal for someone who has another job that starts a little later. Many thanks Emma
  18. I am looking for an ofsted registered, part time nanny. I live in Hillsborough S6 and needed someone to start at 6am, get me 3 kids up, ready and off to school at 8:50am. As this is only 3 hours work it would be ideal for someone who has another job starting later on in the day. Nannies with baby/toddler also welcome.
  19. Try Reflexology. I might be biast as I am a therapist, but I'd swear by it. It definatley eased the symptoms greatly (as well as being a little treat and fantastic relaxation) during all three of my pregnancies. There are some areas of the foot that would be avoided at different stages of pregnancy, but all in all it is an amazing treatment that also gives your whole body a really good boost. Emma x
  20. At 7am this morning I was woken by tiny mewwing sound coming from my daughters bedroom. There I found (on the top bunk of a set of bunkbeds) Amy (who has just turned 1yr old) had just given birth to her first kitten and was busy giving it a good clean. At 7:35am number 2 arrived. Each time I helped a little with delivering the placenta and offering it to Amy, which she was fine with. I was a little worried with number 3 as Amy broke the bag of waters before the kitten was actually out, which just left 2 tiny legs hanging out. About 15 minutes later after a few good pushes, it finally arrived at 8:15am. Finally, number 4 was delivered at 8:35am. Mum is doing really well and is busy feeding and cleaning her new family. They are absolutley gorgeous, all black with white feet and tummies. Number one also has a white tipped tail and white on its face. Number 3 has white on its face too. My two other cats, (both male) have been in for a look and a sniff and Amy hasn't batted an eyelid at them which is great. I still wont be taking any chances and wont leave them unattended. So there you have it, I'm a Granny!
  21. Some really helpful advice thankyou so much!
  22. Thanks for all of your replys. It wasn't a planned litter at all and she wont be having another. I had her booked in to be fixed a few months ago in London but I split with my husband. So me, the 3 kids and the 3 cats ended up here in Sheffield and as I'm sure you can imagine, things have all been a bit up in the air. I've only realised that she was expecting in the last week or so and have a rough idea of when there was a tom almost resident in our garden for a week or so, so I'm working the dates out from that. Her appearence, behaviour etc all seem to tally up. Now that I'm paying a bit more attention it seems obvious.
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