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  1. My friends are moving from London SE26 to Hillsborough S6 on the weekend of sat/sun 12th/13th June (in 4 weeks time) and desperatly need to find a cheap removals company or Man and a big van to help move them. They are moving with 2 sofas (3 seater and 2 seater) Large bookcase Large tv cabnet Fire surround Microwave bookcase 2 x single wardrobe Doorless computer cupboard Double matress small computer table 2 x bedside tables Large chest of drawers Single metal bed frame (dismantled) small nest of 3 tables 2 x garden table and chairs (all fold up) Garden swinging chair (dismantled) BBQ Plus obviously your normal books,clothes, kids toys, kitchen ware etc Any idea how much and/or someone who has a van? we could equally pay someone to drive a rental van (they rent van in their name to ensure insurance etc, we obviously reimburse this cost plus pay a fee for their time/help on the day. Any ideas people??? Em xxx
  2. First of all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having sex at any time at all during pregnancy, the only exception being after the waters have broken due to the high infection risk, so please do not feel in any way that you have done something wrong. You haven't! Secondly, as has already been said, some light bleeding is not uncommon at all. I have had 3 children and have also experienced a miscarriage. I have to contradict a previous post however, as many women experience miscarriages with minimal pain or pain similar to pre menstral cramps. By all means contact your midwife to ask if you would be able to have an early scan or a blood test to check your HCG levels. But in the mean time try not to worry too much (I know that's a lot easier said than done), there is absolutely nothing you or a midwife can do to stop a miscarriage, if that what it turned out to be, but fingers crossed it wont be. Let us know how you get on. Em xxx
  3. We heard it too in Hillsborough. Someone must know what it was.....anyone???
  4. Tuesdays for me too. Child benfit howeer is eery 4 weeks, therefore the day varies. xxx
  5. Woohoo!!! Told ya! hehehe Just to warn you, your docs wont want to see you at all (unless you have any medical issues or family history that would put you in a high risk catagory). The most a doctor can do is a pregnancy test. These tests are exactly the same as you have been doing already. The first contact you will have with anyone will be your "booking in" appointment with a midwife. Not sure how it works here (I'm from London) but when I had my 3 kids, this was at about 12 weeks. The best thing to do is to call your gp surgery and firstly establish who is your local midwife and where they work from (docs surgery or other) and ask them when you need to first see them. The receptionists should know all this information. CONGRATULATIONS! Em xxx
  6. The digital ones are far less sensitive to the hcg hormone though and so are better done a bit later on, too expensive to waste (and you're gonna need every penny! hehehe) Take things easy for the next week or so, it is still a very early result and it's not uncommon to have what is termed a "chemical pregnancy". In other words a very early miscarriage. I dont want to spoil the way you are feeling right now, but just take it easy. According to a lot of the fertility docs I've met along the way, we (in our lifetimes) are all likely to have at least one of these without even knowing anything about it as it often happens with little or no discomfort as it's so very early on. This has happened to me, which is the only reason I mention it. It wasn't my pregnancy, it was a surrogate pregnancy and we only made it as far as 5 weeks. Often women dont even know they are pregnant until 8/9 weeks, especially with the less sensitive tests around. Anyway, enough of the scary bit. In my humble opinion, you are most definately in the very early stages of pregnancy. It isn't uncommon at all to have some light spotting this early on either and is often referred to as a bleed caused by implantation (the embryo embedding itself in the lining of the womb). There is nothing you can do to help or hinder this process, this bit is all up to mother nature. Keep us all updated wont you? Sooo excited for you hun xxx
  7. Hi hun, I feel for you, it's so frustrating. As long as you are reading the tests within the given time and not later on in the day when there may be an evaporation line instead, then I'd be pretty confident that you're in for a very sober and uncomfortable xmas and new year hehehe As pregnancy tests are activated by the hcg pregnancy hormone, it is impossible to get a false positive result, only a false negative if the levels of hcg aren't enough to trigger the test. The best tests for early testing are the cheap, cheap 99p a test, tests like the ones you get in Home Bargains for example. The hcg levels almost double each day so the result should get stronger and other tests should also start to pick it up too. (I may sound a bit like a pregnancy obsessed woman, but I have had a LOT of experience with pregnancy tests as I have in the passed tried to be a host surrogate for some friends of mine, therefore undergone IVF treatment and the dreaded 2 week wait following embryo transfer.) Happy testing Em xx
  8. It's all a scam, I just got one through the door wanting my clothes for the africans. The thing is, I weigh 23 stone. If the clothes of a fat bloke fit them then let's be right, they don't need our charity.
  9. All companies are making money selling customers information nowadays. I've had a few calls on my Orange mobile saying that I've had my contract for X number of months and I'm eligable for a free upgrade. The first time I wass surprised and started the process, but then they started talking about trading in my current phone to buy out of my contract, all too quickly to quite grasp. I asked if this was Orange or not and they told my it was the 3 network and then started to defensively reel off reasons why this awfull(yes I've used it in the past) company was better than Orange. Obviously I ended the call, but I've had many since. My point is that the only people I gave my information to was Orange, and that info was passed on to their competetors, does this sound stupid to anyone else? But we've only got ourselves to blame, throwing our information around with no way to control it. Remember the MVC shop about 10 years back, were all movies, games and albums had about 25% off every time if you carried an MVC card? The card was free though, all you had to do was fill in a form with your details on, and everyone went "wow, that's a great idea, I can't see that there would be any catch". Now everybodys doing it.
  10. Hargate Hall in Derbyshire, near Buxton. Beautiful venue in beautiful grounds, can supply your own catering here too. We're getting married there in June next year. Have a look at their website, its http://www.hargate-hall.co.uk Good luck xxx
  11. thanks ralral, will have a look Em x
  12. thats only for the night before the wedding, gonna have a hog roast on the day!!!
  13. lol What we want is to have a van there for a couple of hours so guests can get their food as and when they're ready as they will all be arriving at different times throughout the evening, so unfortunately ordering from a local chippy just wouldn't work. But thanks for the suggestion xx
  14. thanks boyfriday, I've emailed them. Would still like some more recommendations though please Em xxx
  15. We are getting married in june of next year and have a wonderful wedding weekend planned. We would like to have a good quality, traditional fish and chip van offering, you've guessed it, fish and chips, to our guests on the friday night. Can anyone recommend anyone??? Thanks Em x
  16. We are getting married in june of next year and have a wonderful wedding weekend planned. We would like to have a good quality, traditional fish and chip van offering, you've guessed it, fish and chips, to our guests on the friday night. Can anyone recommend anyone??? Thanks Em x
  17. Can anyone reccomend a good Hog roast company and chocolate fountain company(and Baileys fountain) please? seen a few chocy fountains at wedding fayres but would like a reccomendation too. Thanks Em xxx
  18. Was just wondering if there are any fledgling wedding planners around looking for a bit of experience. I've seen posts on here before from wedding planners offering their services for free in order to gain some experience and as we now have a whole wedding weekend to plan, for June next year, I wouldn't turn down the opportunity of someone to help out a bit. Thanks Em x
  19. Yay!!! We have now booked Hargate Hall for our wedding weekend in June 2011 I am so, so happy. It's absolutely gorgeous. So many plans to make, diets to start lol and money to start saving. Just thought I'd share with a few like minded giddy girlies hehehe xxx
  20. Has anyone had any experiences with Hargate Hall in the Peak District? Looks amazing and seems very flexible, would just like to hear of anyone who has had or attended a wedding there. Thanks Em xxx
  21. trainline.com are usually the best for cheap fares, but the further in advance you book the better and its often cheaper to travel after midday. But i'd have to agree with the bus suggestion. I'd avoided them like the plague for ages, with images of people throwing up and screaming kids for 3 hours, but they are nothing like that and suprisingly fast too. The prices are unbeatable and the staff are lovely too. Damo - I understand your thinking, but it's not necessarily the case as 3rd parties/subcontractors? whatever you want to call them, such as megabus, have an allocated number of seats to sell at whatever price they choose, so you can often get tickets much cheaper by going through one of these companies. Em x
  22. Just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou to both Uksmurf and Corgigasman for coming to my rescue yesturday. Two very helpful, friendly guys. Highly reccommend them both. The boiler is working perfectly and we are all toasty warm again. Emma x
  23. Hang on a minute............... I HAVE A KEY THINGY!!!! Oh please still be online, please, please, please What exactly do i do with it?????????
  24. As far as I am aware, the general rule is, take your kids to school as normal and just wait with them until you are sure their teacher has made it into school. If they have not, you will be told wether or not your child/ren can go into another class or if you need to take them home. And as always, listen to local radio, they always seem to find out before anyone else. I'll think we'll be fine though. Emma x
  25. Evening all, my lovely boiler is throwing a strop and refusing to work. It's a Worcester - Bosch Greenstar 28i junior. It had no pressure at all and therefore we have no heating or hot water. I believe this model has an integrated filling loop, so I am unable to re-pressurise it myself, as I do not habe the annoying little gadet for undoing the stupid bolt thingys (hahaha technical term!), that hold the boiler cover on. So if there are any boiler engineers out there or if you know of any who would be able to come over and help sort it out. I and my 3 very cold children would be very, very grateful. I am not expecting free help, but as a full time student and mother of 3, post christmas, boiler repairs were not a part of my budget ( how do boilers always know to break down when it's flipping freezing???) Thanks Emma x
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