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  1. Hi Ladies If any of you are in or near S10 (Crosspool) or S11 (Nethergreen), then I'd love to invite you along to my next group so you can find out all that we have to offer. With absolutely no obligation to join and at no cost at all, you can come along to group and hear everything about the plan (diet) in a new members talk, you can stay to group to see what happens each week and then at the end you have the option to join if you want to. Even if you've already decided to join Weight Watchers then you have absolutely nothing to lose, but I just know that you will be amazed at the flexibility and freedom that we can offer you. You really can lose weight and never feel hungry. And because we are so sure we offer a 4 week money back guarantee! I was a weight Watchers member for years and used to reccommend then to every one, but I's never trie Slimming World at that point. I wish I'd known then, what I know now and I would have saved myself years of counting flaming points and having to weigh and measure everything, Weight Watchers new plan is now very similar to Slimming Worlds - Food Optimising (developed 41 years ago), but still so restrictive! We definately have no hidden costs at all and you receive everything you need to get to your goal weight on night one when you enrol. Slimming World also (in some areas) are working in conjunction with G.P's to offer a Slimming World on Referral service, which basically means that those G.P's involved in the scheme are able to prescribe patients with a 12 week course of Slimming World!!! How amazing is that? So much cheaper for the NHS than obesity drugs and sooooo much better for the patient as they get the emotional support that can be so vital in their weight loss journey, without all the nasty side effects. As I've said, there is no obligation to join at all, but it might just be what you've been looking for. Em xx
  2. Hi, we are getting married on the 11th June 2011 @ 12 noon at Hargate Hall in Derbyshire. I would love to have as stress free a morning as possible, by having a massage and/or facial early in the morning before I start to get ready. I then need someone to do hair and make-up for me and my maid of honour (there may be the possibility of other guests wanting hair/makeup done also as 90% of our guests will be staying at the venue with us the night before the wedding, but this is something that could be discussed if appropriate, at a later date). I know it's quite a lot to ask, but has anyone got any suggestions? Thanks Em xxx
  3. Hiya, sorry you're finding it all such a slog at the minute and I completely understand how confusing it can be hearing about loads of different diets. At the end of the day, all diets work, it's just a case of finding the one that suits you best, suits your family and lifestyle and doesn't make you feel restricted and miserable while you are doing it. I passionately believe that is what Slimming World can offer you. I've no idea where abouts you live, but I'm sure there'll be a group near you. You can go along and have a new members talk to learn all about the plan and stay to group to see what happens, for free, with no obligation to join, sort of a try before you buy kinda thing. So you've nothing to lose, but might just find what you're looking for. Pm me if you've got any questions, I'd be happy to have a chat Emma x
  4. Hiya Drummerrich, I completely empathise with you and I think this is a situation that many guys find themselves in. However, I promise you the "room full of women" is not what you may think. The Slimming World group that I attend in Hillsborough has quite a few male members, one of which being my fiance. He loves the group and finds it far easier to diet having the support and understanding of people (male and female) that are going through similar experiences, challenges etc. The two Slimming World Groups that I run as a Consultant (Crosspool and Nethergreen) both have male members and they are doing fantastically with their weight loss journies. One is actually at his target weight now and continues to come each week to help him maintain it. In fact I had a new member last week come for his 1st weeks weigh in and he had lost an incredible 11.5lbs!!!!!! It's great to have a male perspective in group and I gaurantee you wouldn't feel as uncomfortable as you think you would. Please feel free to inbox me if you'd like any more information, or have a look on the website http://www.slimmingworld.com who also have an online membership option. Good Luck xxx
  5. Hi everyone Just wanted to say thanks to the op, this is a fantastic thread! I'm getting married in June this year and still have another 3.5 stone to my target weight. I've lost 2 stone with Slimming World so far. I have also become a Consultant for them during the course of my weight loss journey as I am so passionate about their plan and the whole concept. I have also tried cambridge/lighter life/lipotrim/weight watchers/cabbage diets many, many times as well as just trying to eat more healthily without following anything in particular. I've had a range of success on each, but never maintained it and have felt so restricted, deprived, and miserable all round really at one time or another with each of them, some more than others. Slimming World is just so different. I'm really aware that people may think I'm just trying to plug my own groups, and dont get me wrong, I'm greatful for any extra publicity, but this is truely my experience. You are never ever hungry when Food Optimising, because there are so many "free foods" that are unlimited and dont need to be weighed or measured. I feel like I'm in control and I don't feel guilty anymore when I do feel like treating myself. This is not just something I will follow to lose weight, this is how I will eat for the rest of my life. The bonus is that by doing so, my body is recovering from the years that I have abused it with such an unhealthy diet, by sheding the excess weight along the way. And what's even better is that I have also found what is shaping up to be my dream job!! I dont post that often, but i read the posts every day. I get weighed on thursdays and will try and post each week how I get on. This week may not be a loss as it was my 30th birthday on Thursday and we are out celebrating it tonight, but tomorrow morning I will be straight to Food Optimising 100% without feeling guilty. Good luck to you all, I wish you each all the success in the world in your weight loss journeys and please feel free to inbox me if you would like to know more about Slimming World or have a look on the website for your nearest group http://www.slimmingworld.com Emma x
  6. I don't think anyone is saying it doesn't work, every diet works if you follow it properly and yes if you reintroduce food as per the plan it is possible to maintain it......BUT...... There are other ways of losing weight that are cheaper, more sociably acceptable and are not so extreme. As I have said in previous posts I have done Cambridge, Lipotrim and Lighter life and have enjoyed some success on each of them. While following them I would have reccomended them to others and justified the cost (I'm not spending it on shopping for my meals or the snack I would have eaten previously), the reasoning behind food abstinance (helps you to readdress your relationship with food), the nutritional value of the diet (as it's got added vits & minerals and I'm drinking more water than before, I'm probably healthier now than ever before) and all the other things that come with it. But I can honestly say I was not happy, it consumed my every waking thought at times, I did feel left out, I was freezing cold and had foul breath from being in ketosis and I did feel punished (I also felt that I deserved to be). As you'll see from my signature, I'm now a Slimming World Consultant and obviously Slimming World is the plan that I will promote and reccommend to anyone who will listen. But this is due to mant reasons and not just because it's one of my jobs now. By following a healthy eating plan such as Slimming World, you may not lose weight as fast as you do on vlc diets, but you Will lose it, at a rate that is safe and easily maintainable. Rather than having to reintroduce food groups, you are helped, encouraged and supported as you re-educate yourself about how to eat a well balanced diet. You can make meals for your whole family and therefore set your children a positive example (I became very aware of my two daughters watching me and wanting to try my shakes etc, I dont want them to think that not eating food is healthy). I'm not the only one, Slimming World is now recognised by the NHS and slowly more and more GPs are signing up to be able to offer Slimming World on referral, basically meaning you can obtain a prescription from your GP for a 12 week course with Slimming World which is saving the NHS a fortune on obesity drugs (I've tried them too, yuck!). We are taught as children the basics of eating a healthy diet, we just need to remind ourselves of these simple rules 1. A wide variety of foods and 2. Everything in moderation. By doing this we can lose any excess weight and achieve optimum health for life. Em xxx
  7. Hi, I'm a Slimming World Consultant and actually did my training with Tracey. She's lovely and I'm sure you're going to really enjoy her group. Don't forget to tell all your friends about the free membership offers in this months Bella and Womans Own magazines. Happy Food Optimising Emma xx
  8. Hi Everyone and Happy New year Just to let everyone know that as well as running the Crosspool group on wednesday nights, I have just taken over from Liz as the consultant for the NetherGreen group on thursday nights.....woohoo!! So you may see me around postering or delivering my leaflets, you may have seen me already, I was the rather blue looking lady struggling to shut your gates hehehe Please stop me and say hello or ask me for some info. It's a lonely world when your leafleting sometimes lol Happy New Year everyone Emma xxx
  9. Hi Linzi I have tried lipotrim (twice) and also similar diets like Lighter Life (way too expensive version of the same thing) and The Cambridge Diet. They are all the same thing really, but Cambridge probably taste the least revolting. As with all diets, they work, if you do it properly. But while you do it, you will feel like a leper, every social occasion becomes torture, you feel sooo left out and deprived. It's great to begin with and you keep telling yourself that it's only for a short while and it will be easier to maintain it than lose it bla bla bla. I gave myself and my dissapproving and friends and family (they'll all think you're mad) the same excuses and many more. The most I lost was 34 pounds and quite quickly, but in the end I put every ounce and more back on. There are so many other ways to lose weight successfully. I am a Slimming World consultant now, as it is the only diet that I have found and tried that doesnt feel in any way like punishment. You are fully supported and treated like an adult by being allowed to decide for yoursel,f what you want to eat and what you would like your target weight to be. There is no humiliation at all and the groups are such fun. But most importantly the plan itself is easy to follow, healthy and so flexible. You can make meals for all the family without having to weigh and measure everything. Slimming World is now available on prescription from many G.P.s, through our Slimming World on referral scheme as it is becoming more and more recognised as the healthiest and most successful plan around. You just need to decide what's best for you. In the end whatever you do has to be sustainable, but more importantly it shouldnt make you unhappy or take over your life and all I can say is all of the "Very Low Calorie Diets" do exactly that. Good luck with whatever you decide and feel free to contact me if you want anymore info on any of the above. Emma x
  10. Hi BLONDEBRIGHT it's great isn't it. I am a member at the Hillsborough group, but also become a consultant back in October and now run the group at Crosspool on a wed and Nethergreen on a thursday. Now I can tell everyone how great it is hehehe I'm having a full cooked breakfast this morning.....and they call this a diet, easy peasy xxx If anyone wants any more information feel free to pm me. xx
  11. Hi Nelly (my 8 month old Pug) caught her claw 3 days ago, it bled quite a bit for a short while, was obviously still very sore yesturday and today has dissappeared. Obviously it has fallen off, which is fine, just wanted to know if there is anything I should be doing. It doesnt seem as painful as it was and you can see the raw claw bed (if that's the correct term fir it), but she's walking around fina at the minute. Just looking for some reassurance really. Thanks in advance Emma xxx
  12. I am a student nurse just finished my 1st year, I have 3 children and it's not easy. You only have to do a limited number of night shifts throughout you whole training and I haven't done any yet (although I have worked for the NHS and done night shifts for a few years now). My placements have been very accomodating when it comes to the off duty. When night shifts come I will be using 3 sources of childcare: my mum (I give them dinner at home, take them to hers where they get ready for bed and go to bed shortly after I leave, then pick them up on my way home from work in the morning and drop them at school), my friend will have them on the odd occasion with the same arrangement as my mum or finally paying for a babysitter. I already have a babysitter that I use if I'm going out and if I'm going to be home very late then she stays the night on the sofa anyway. I pay her £15 to babysit and an extra £5 to stay over. This is obviously much, much cheaper than any formal childcare and at the end of the day the kids are asleep anyway. Just piece of mind knowing that someone is there for them in an emergency, I'm there for dinner and home in time for breakfast. Hope that might help. Emma xx
  13. Ooo and |I've got a few handbags, hair things etc, all never been used. They'd be lovely tombola prizes.
  14. Hiya, my daughter goes to Malin Bridge. Are you still looking for stall holders? I have boxes of unopened toiletries etc from Avon and a few other brands and was thinking of doing a tombola.
  15. in the future hopefully, but we need to continue to build this group first. Emma x
  16. No it wouldnt be free jordan. Anything over that 28g would have to be counted as syns. Emma x
  17. Tonight is the night! Brand new Slimming World Consultant Wednesday 27th October @ 7pm St. Columba Church Manchester Road Crosspool S10 There's still 8 weeks until Christmas and with our support and your commitment, there's no reason why you couldn't be half a stone or even a stone lighter in time for this years festivities. Our group is open to men and women of all ages and we also have a dedicated programme aimed at helping children aged 11-16yrs make healthier choices and improve their overall health and fitness levels. Plus tonight we are offering half price membership!!! It's going to be a fantastic night, so why not come along and find out more, with no obligation to join? Emma x Slimming World Consultant
  18. I have had many, many problems with it, and just about everyone I know who has one has experienced the same. There are actually many forums dedicated to discussing the recurring faults with this model. The main issue is the software. Be warned! Em x
  19. there is a ward for women who have had c-sections, an antenatal ward for women either in early labour or being kept in for observation and then regular post natal wards. At busy times you could be admitted to any of them, but as a general rule patients are catagorised in the above way. Congratulations and good luck Em xxx
  20. The reason that cooked, juiced and dried fruits are not free is because they are not as filling and in some cases not as nutitious as they are in their original fresh form. Hope that helps. Em xxx
  21. HI I've just bought my dress from Blushes and I couldn't recommend them highly enough. I haven't used their alteration service yet, but many, many people have recommended them to me, which is why I went there. They also have quite a good range of bridal shoes and accessories. Well worth a visit. Em x
  22. Hi Briony It sounds too good to be true doesn't it, meat and potatoes on the same plate! hehehe But it really does work. Firstly, have you got the books detailing each plan? do you go to a group/do it online/do it yourself? So, in summary; For your main meals, ensure at least a third of your plate is filled with superfree foods (fresh fruit and veg), the remaining 2 thirds can be filled with anything from your free foods (from both red and green days). Obviously some meals dont go with a pile of veg, for example chicken curry, so instead, you include the veg in your curry ie peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms etc, or have a fresh fruit salad as your pudding. for the rest of the day use your A and B choices and snack on any free or superfree foods. Any clearer? Em x
  23. Hi Everyone My name's Emma and I've recently become a Slimming World Consultant. In October, I will be taking over the fantastic group that runs at 7pm on wednesday nights, at St Columba Church on Manchester Road in Crosspool S10. I really want to promote the group as much as I possibly can in the run up to my opening night and wondered if any of you lovely people would be able to give me a hand? I need to put up as many posters as I can and find lots of great locations to pop my A-board for a day. So any suggestions would be great and even better, if you work at, or own a local business or you and/or your kids go to a regular group and would be happy to put a poster up or dont mind my A-board outside your shop/pub/church/playgroup/hairdressers etc then please let me know. If you are a memeber of a school PTA and can offer any help for example bookbag drops, stalls at an autumn fair or some space in your newsletter etc In the run up to my big night, I'll be out leafletting (hopefully the kids will help out too, with a little bribery hehehe), so if your see me, please stop and say hi and feel free to ask me anything you want to know about Slimming World. Not long until Christmas and the party season now, but still easily enough time to lose at least a stone, without starving yourself or going without. Just cant wait to get started in group now...I'm so excited!!! Thanks Emma x
  24. Hi everyone Does anyone have any details of school/church - autumn/Christmas fairs in the Crosspool area? I am taking over a Slimming World group in Crosspool on the 27th October and would like to tell everyone about it. Thanks Emma xxx
  25. Can anyone recommend a company that does chair covers with sashes, that also set up and collect please. The location is Hargate Hall in Derbyshire. Thank Em x
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