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  1. Hiya, I would def recommend SW. Yes I now work for them as a consultant, but I have been a member of both. What focusedhypno says is true of most diets, but the exact opposite is true of Slimming World. Our Food Optimising plan is not a diet that you follow and then 'come off of'. It is a healthy eating plan for life. It is a nutritionally balanced health eating plan that fits in particularly well with feeding a family as there is no need to make anything different for you and will help the whole family to make postive changes to what they eat without them even realising it. As for taking children to group. Absolutely, we are very family friendly. Kids are always welcome in any of our groups. We are actually the only organisation approved by the NHS to provide free membership for 11 - 15 year olds as well as being approved by the RCM to offer our services to pregnant and breast feeding ladies too. If you want to know anything else please dont hesitate to get in touch. Em xxx
  2. *Edit* Just realised I'm on the wifes laptop and logged in to her account.
  3. Much cheaper to just go to a group, plus you'll then get talked through them and told lots of extra bits and pieces too. Emma xxx
  4. Congratulations TastyTreats on taking your condition seriously, so many people don't. It sound like you're making some fantastic changes to both what you eat and your lifestyle in general, so good for you! I did however just want to point something out, as it is a misconception held by many about Slimming World. The Slimming World plan is NOT an extreme diet that will make you lose weight fast and potentially gain it back later. What it IS, is a healthy eating plan, for life! That results in steady, healthy weight lose. It also does not require you to cut out anything at all and nor does it require you to start weighing and measuring everything or counting calories or points etc. It is a plan devised by highly accreditted nutritionists based not only on energy intake but also on how satisfiying a food is. In addition to this, by attending a group each week, members are able to both celebrate their success and support each other along the way. All the while learning loads of new recipes, getting loads of tips and hints about navigating their way around more challenging times such as parties, nights out, Christmas etc. whilst having a bit of fun too. All weigh ins are 100% confidential, there's never any humiliation either, only warmth, care and support from a room full of people who know exactly how it feels to be unhappy with their weight and also how challenging doing something about it can be at times. Sorry to go on a bit, I'm just so passionate about what we offer as it's so different from anywhere else. Which is one of the reasons it's endorsed by the NHS. I have quite a few diabetic members all of whom are losing weight and doing so with stable blood sugars and the full support of both us in group and their diabetic nurses. Good luck Emma xxx
  5. Hi Tess. If you'd like some more info then please have a look on the slimming world website or pm me for a chat. But basically the only restriction we have is that any weight you'd like to lose must not take you below the 'lowest acceptable' weight for your height. In other words to a BMI of 20 and no lower. With a minimum of 7 lbs to lose. If you visit your local group, you can hear all about the eating plans, exactly how they work and have any questions answered, absolutely free of charge, with the opportunity of signing up at the end if you think it'd suit you. Good Luck Emma xxx
  6. Hi Ladies Keep on nipping in and having a read, just dont often post. I'm 24+4 weeks atm, expecting a little girl. I have 2 girls (8 and 12yrs old) and a little boy (10yrs old) already. Kinda feel like the first time all over again in many ways as it's been so long lol. Just have the comfort of knowing that it definately will all be alright lol. So congratulations everyone, how are you all doing and feeling? Emma xxx
  7. I could yes and am registered as a Host Surrogate (meaning that I am happy to carry a baby for a couple using their own embryo) with an organisation called Surrogacy UK or 'SUK'. May I just quickly point out that Surrogacy for money is highly illegal in this country. Only expenses are expected to be paid for by the Intended parents and these are also assessed by a court official to ensure that they are reasonable and valid etc. Surrogacy UK is an amazing organisation that is run by surrogates and Intended parents to offer information, advice and support to all those involved. If anyone is interested in finding out more start by having a look at their website http://www.surrogacyuk.org or get in touch with them and they'll send you some information. Emma x
  8. Pm me if you'd like some more details about our easy to follow, healthy eating plans and our wonderful supportive groups. Emma x
  9. Please don't forget that even if you are thinking of joining a weight watchers group, EVERY Slimming World group will offer you a sort of 'try before you buy', Where you get to hear a new member talk - explaining how to follow each of the plans, see exactly how the group works and what happens each week BEFORE you part with any money! So why not? There really is nothing to lose. Pm me or call for further info. Emma xxx Slimwalkley - Woohoo! Glad to have another Sheffield Forumer on the team lol. Hope all is going well and really looking forward to meeting you at the district meeting. Get in touch if you need anything or someone to talk things over with. Emma xxx
  10. Breakfast, lunch and dinner - again, I'm also a southerner.
  11. I have a set of White, Ikea kitchen units (including a corner unit with 2 x spinning shelves) in excellent condition that need a new home asap. They are assembled but no loger fitted and so ready to go. They really are as good as new as have hardly ever been used. If nobody wants them they are going in the skip before the end of the week. Havent got any dimensions at the minute, but you're more than welcome to come and have a look. Please pm me for more details Emma
  12. If any of you are interested in finding out more about Slimming World just come along to your nearest group. You can have a 'New Member Talk' where you will have all 3 plans explained in full as well as being told everything that SW can offer you, and there is absolutely no obligation to join at all. The new member talk takes place during the first half an hour of the group, then it's Image Therapy (the group session) and then you have the opportunity to join if you think it's going to be right for you. If not you just go home. Also, it's not just Green and Original (red) days anymore, nor is it only 10 syns. We now have the Extra Easy plan - Which is even easier! Even less weighing and measuring and it's not a restrictive diet! You will never be hungry, you will be able to cook for/eat with the rest of your family and friends without anyone noticing you are doing anything different. It is simply a heathly eating plan and one that is backed by the NHS, suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding and the only organisation to have a plan specifically for 11-15 year olds that aims to educate and support children to get active and make healthy swaps with thier food to try and maintain a healthy weight (BMI) as the grow and develop. The support you get is unmeasurable and you aren't pressurised into buying new gadgets, scales, calculators etc every week. Plus all SW consultants are or have also been members and are not necessarily at their target weight themselves, meaning the support you get really is based on true understanding and empathy. Please feel free to pm me if anyone wants anymore info. Emma x
  13. Wanting to get rid of our DVD collection (approx 400), but not sure where would be best to try and sell them. Any suggestions?
  14. iphonelover you need to insure that you are getting your 1 third superfree, with every single meal and the example you've given above doesn't seem to reflect that. The best thing you can do is to keep a food diary for a week (writing everything down as you eat/drink it) and then discuss it with your consultant. Good luck with it! Emma x
  15. there's a known fault with Zafiras, I have one. If you google it, you'll find loads with the same problem. Mine used to do the same thing, sometimes you could restart it by pumping the excelerator immediately after it stalled other times it would need a 10 min rest. Had the AA out so many times and they could never find anything wrong. In the end I took it to my local garage and he said it was something to do with a valve that helped the engine run more efficiantly (epg valve??? sorry no idea really). He disconnected it (it looked like a clyinder made of cement, about 4/5 inches long, if that might help anyone identify it?) and it's never happened since. I basically need to replace tis valve, although havent got round to it yet...woops! Hope that helps and please forgive my non mechanic terminology lol Em
  16. Some fantastic weight losses, well done to you all xxx Here to help if anyone has any questions Emma x
  17. Highly recommend Kelly of Boho Weddings, she lives in Hillsborough, Sheffield and offers a range of services. We got married on 11th June in Derbyshire and I had Kelly for "on the day" coordination costing £150 and worth every penny. She has loads of contacts, loves to be involved with wedding with a difference, does loads of weddings in Ibiza too. She just took all the stress and worry away from me on the day. Helped get everything and everyone ready in the morning, worked so hard to change the main room around twice from ceremony to sit down meal and then sit down meal to evening disco. She also cut our wedding cake up for us, and was just generally there to do anything and everything that needed doing. Worth every single penny and more. http://www.bohoweddingsandevents.com/
  18. Can anyone recommend somewhere that does wedding dress cleaning that isnt too expensive? Thanks Emma x
  19. We have the chance of winning a weekend at Hargate Hall if our blog gets the most 'likes' and 'tweets' so please click the link below and read all about our wedding at Hargate Hall beautifully written by Dave, it made me cry......again! http://hargatehall.wordpress.com/2011/06/15/emma-and-davids-
  20. Thanks for your replys, but we dont need it any more. We came home on sunday night to discover Nelly had already given birth to one puppy and went on to have another 2. Unfortunately one was still born. But the remaining 2 (one boy and one girl) are very healthy and happy lil pug pups. And Nelly is proving to be a fab mum! Thanks again Em x
  21. Morning everyone, We're still reeling from the shock of discovering that our Pug Nelly is gong to be a mummy! We also own Daddy (Stanley), so I suppose it shouldn't be as much of a shock as it feels lol, we just were trying to avoid a litter until her next season as we are due to get married on the 11th of June and Nelly is due on or around 4th June!!! woops! Thankfully we are not going on honeymoon for a couple of months, but we are away for 3 nights with the wedding. My question is, has anyone got any tips or advice when it comes to moving new mum and babies? As we will be able to take them all with us and will have a quiet, private room, away from everything else that's going on. Just want to make it as smooth and stress free for Nelly as possible. The reason we have to take them is because all of our friends and family are also staying with us for the wedding and so there is no one who could stay at home with them. Thanks Em x
  22. Hi Bertielil I did weight watchers after my second child was born, so about 10 years ago. At the time I loved it. I lost about a stone, recommended it to all my friends and family etc. But soon got bored and stopped going. Needless to say I gained that weight back, and some following the birth of my youngest who is now almost 8. In the years that followed I tried just about every diet going, lighter life, lipo trim, cambridge, cabbage soup, Ali tablets. Every diet works, but that's not the point. None of them were sustainable. I'd always known of Slimming World's existance. Had heard of "red and green days" etc. But always thought it sounded really complicated working out carbohydrate foods and protein rich foods etc. So I'd never tried it. When I moved to Sheffield I found out that there was a group running at almost the end of my road so went to have a look. Nothing to lose and all that. I can honestly say, it was the day that changed my life! I know some may think, as I now work for Slimming World, that I'm bound to say all this. But it is actually BECAUSE of all this that I now work for them. To be given back the freedom of choosing my own foods and not being restricted with portion sizes or the need to weigh, measure, point or calorie count every single thing that passes my lips. To be able to eat the same foods as the rest of my family, never feel hungry and still lose weight!!!!!! OMG it's like I found my destiny! And to be able to go to a group every week, share my experiences and listen to others. To never feel humiliated or embarressed and to be given the support of someone who knows exactly how I feel was, and still is invaluable. WW always seemed to be about the money. This new cook book, new calculator, new scales etc I never felt as though any of the leaders I had knew anything about me or even cared to find out tbh. SW is almost the complete opposite. It may sound corny but it's a bit like an extended family. \i can't wait to see how others have got on each week, even if my week has been pants. And all this is just as a member, lol I could fill a whole other thread about what an amazing, inspiring, supportive and nurturing company they are to work for. In case I haven't been clear, I prefer Slimming World hehehe Emma x If anyone wants more info please feel free to pm me or give me a call etc. xxx
  23. We have a double cellar that is slightly damp ( but not excessively so), that we'd like to convert into 2 bedrooms. I would really like to hear from anyone who has had this sort of work done themselves with recommendations for companies worth using. Also anyone who has had any problems later on (post completeion) with a cellar conversion. Thanks Em x
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