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  1. Hiya, I'm looking for recommendations of an impartial financial adviser and/or mortgage adviser to help with the remortgage of my house and general finance management. We live in Hillsborough. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance xxx
  2. ***UPDATE*** Sorted it! Phew! I've no idea exactly how, but I basically took apart anything that I could, working from the hose, back, into the drum and clean it out. I had to do it twice in fact to get out all the crap, as it showed the error code half way through the first cycle I tried, but it's working a treat now. Thanks again for all of your advice and suggestions everyone Now....anyone now how to fix freezers? **facepalm** lol
  3. Ooo thankyou, I'll have a look when my husbands in to hold it up for me. Thanks for your help, I'll post how I get on.
  4. Hi Snooker, no, nothing on the back and it doesn't have a lint rack thingy (technical term lol) either.
  5. Thanks for your suggestion, but no, it doesn't have a panel of any kind either, full width or otherwise. I'm at a complete loss as to where it is. I managed to look underneath it too and there's nothing on the back, of the front of the machine (if that makes sense?).
  6. I have a Candy CDB 854 D washer Dryer and can't for the life of me figure out how to access the filter. It doesn't have the little access door at the bottom on the front as all other washers I've had, have had and I can't see anything on the back either. It's blocked with fibers from a door mat that I stupidly though would be a good idea to wash (grrrrrrrr so mad at myself, so obviously a stupid idea!) and I can't afford to call out a plumber. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks Emma
  7. it's a Worcester boiler, had it less than a year. There is a plastic key thing (technical term ) and the smaller plastic screw/valve to the left of it. When I turn the screw/valve to repressurize it, water pour out over my hand, until I turn it back. I can't see where the water comes from exactly though. Hope that makes some sense?
  8. Help! The pressure on the boiler is at zero, but, When I try and turn the valve to repressurise it, water comes pouring out. I really can't afford am engineer right now, so Amy advise very welcome.
  9. We will be holding our 3rd annual 'Slimming World does Race For Life' and Family Fun Day on Saturday 30th July at Hillsborough Arena. From 2pm until 6pm. We're hoping this year will be the biggest and best yet, with a kids fancy dress fun run, a Dog show hosted by Guide Dogs for the Blind, hopefully with a celebrity guest judge, Bouncy castle, games and activities for the whole family to enjoy, of course the Race for Life itself and finally the Raffle to end all raffles with all prizes being kindly donated by local businesses and with every single penny, going straight to Cancer Research UK We're opening the event up to local businesses and organisations, to try and help us to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK. We do not have a markets licence for the event and so are only permitted to have a maximum of 4 stalls that are selling goods, but can have as many information stalls and entertainment/activity stalls as we like. It'll be a great advertising opportunity for any business as the event will be advertised, not just in the local area, but also on Social Media and within every Slimming World group in North West Sheffield. We currently have a around 1200 members in groups each week and 7500 Facebook followers between us. Hillsborough Arena and Guide Dogs for the Blind, will also be helping to spread the word about the event. So, if you'd be interested in a stall, would like to donate a raffle prize or have any other help or suggestions to offer us, then please get in touch to discuss it further.
  10. Pick up a voucher for free membership in the Daily Mirror and The Mirror on Sunday (worth £10) or in Bella magazine on sale 5th Jan 2016 Please inbox me if you have any questions and I look forward to meeting you soon. Emma xxx
  11. I now have a Fitbit Surge (the only one of the Fitbits that has GPS too I believe). I have always, up until now, used a Garmin forerunner 10 to track my running, but am really looking forward to being able to do so much more with this new baby
  12. It is possible to eat REAL FOOD and lose weight. Don't go for a quick fix this January, do something your future self will thank you for and join Slimming World. My groups are on Mondays - 5:30pm & 7:30pm, Tuesdays - 9:30am & 7:30pm and Wednesdays - 5:30pm & 7:30pm at Wesley Hall, Crookes. Pick up a voucher for free membership in the Daily Mirror and The Mirror on Sunday (worth £10) or in Bella magazine on sale 5th Jan 2016 Please inbox me if you have any questions and I look forward to meeting you soon. Emma xxx
  13. This Saturday (26th July) all of the North West Sheffield Slimming World groups, including our very own Crookes and Crosspool groups, are getting together to get active and raise some money for Cancer Research UK by holding the first ever 'Slimming World Does Race For Life' at Hillsborough Arena, The event is open to everyone to take part Men, women and children) and there is no sign up fee. Some people are gathering sponsorship from friends and family, while others will make a donation on the day. How far they go is up to them, whether opting to walk one lap with babies in pushchairs or to push themselves to do the standard 'Race For Life' distance of 5K (a total of 11 laps around the football and rugby pitches), the choice is totally up to them. It's all about us getting together as a community to get active and raise some money for Cancer Research UK, a charity which, unfortunatley, touches many of our hearts. People are encouraged to arrive from 1pm onwards, with a view to the race being offically started at 2pm by our local Councillor Geoff Smith who has himself lost over an amazing 3.5 stone with Slimming World. There will be an amazing raffle with over 30 prizes all donated from Sheffield based businesses including, tickets to see Sheffield Eagles (who are set to make an appearance on the day), day passes to Monkey Bizness, Paradise Island and Hollywood Bowl and a number meals for two at various pubs and restaurants and the donations are still coming in. So, grab your hats and suncream and make your way to Hillsborough arena for an afternoon of fun with all the family and all in the name of Cancer Research UK For more information call Emma on 07941062363 or 0114 233 5205
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