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  1. My daughter is looking for a registered childminder in the Bradway area to look after her twins from Jan 2016 who will be just over 9 months old. It will be for two days a week (days negotiable). Approximately 9-3pm term time only. The childminder will need to accept childcare vouchers.please pm me if you need more information
  2. Nick will go but at least he saved Hallam from Labour.
  3. I was one that took early retirement package. Many of my ex colleagues returned to do the job they left. I personally thought it immoral. If the council need to fill jobs they have a golden opportunity to help the unemployed especially young people. The majority of council jobs are not specialised so training new staff would not be a big issue.
  4. Terrible. So young. Her poor family must be totally devastated.
  5. I think the poster was asking for a notice in the advertising thread to inform advertisers to delete sold items, a reasonable request to avoid wasting people's time chasing sold good etc. Admin don't need to do anything other than bring the request to the attention of advertisers.
  6. Having bought some treats I was mildly disappointed not to get any trick or treaters. Wish I'd have bought chocolate now instead of gummy sweets then I would have enjoyed the treat myself:
  7. That's it I'm never moving after reading this thread. I'm lucky that my surrounding neighbours are great. I only see them when they knock on the door to inform me of something, or we have occasional get togethers. it's a lovely street of houses that don't overlook each-overs gardens. I've know people who have suffered with selfish arrogant neighbours, it must be hell.
  8. Sometimes kids don't have the confidence to eat in the dining hall when starting a new school. If she hasn't got a particular friend to sit next to she might be feeling uncomfortable in deciding where to sit. If she has made a friend maybe you could invite her round so your daughter can get to know her better. If this isn't the problem maybe it's just the sheer boisterousness of the dining hall that intimidates her but will get easier has she becomes more confident.
  9. Eating cake doesn't mean you can't be fit. I workout and enjoy healthy meals and still enjoy coffee and cakes with friends. It's all about moderation.
  10. I've had mine nearly a year. I downloaded loads of recipes from internet. It's great, I mainly use it for breakfast so I start the day off with a healthy smoothly. I use loads of spinach, beetroot seeds and pears mixed with almond or coconut milk. It's brilliant for making soups with too. ---------- Post added 09-10-2014 at 22:42 ---------- It's a blender that breaks down the fibre so you drink everything.
  11. I don't need to google anything thank you, my memories are very clear. Anyone with a private funded pension knows what Gordon Brown did to their funds? Public sector workers pensions are still excellent regardless of having to pay more into their own pots. Of course things got worse, The conservatives had an empty purse and debt from labours spend spend spend years. It's a simple logic labour struggle with, don't spend money you haven't got. So blame labour for all the suffering you mention
  12. Totally agree. Some people have very short memories. The conservatives are still digging us out of the mess Brown got us into. Plus he robbed the private pension funds of millions like myself.
  13. I wish. But then I thought the planning office only employed numpties not people with brains and common sense.
  14. http://www.constructionenquirer.com/2014/09/17/interserve-wins-43m-job-for-worlds-most-advanced-factory/ We are on the up
  15. Hallelujah, at last the scandal is in the open. I worked for many years with vulnerable school girls. Our service reported several cases of suspected abuse which were swept under the carpet. Race relations was definitely the reason a blind eye was turned.
  16. I listen to Radio Sheffield between 7-8am to catch up on local news. I agree with you though about narrow subject matters. I'm sick of hearing about the freedom riders etc. I like Toby Foster and think he would be a brilliant presenter if Radio Sheffield followed the LBC formula of phone-ins on current topics that impact on society as a whole and not just regional. I love really good debates.
  17. What people find attractive is personal to them. A small odd tattoo I can cope with but full on body tattoo's look awful IMO. But everyone to their own.
  18. Maybe now the 'Freedom Riders' have to pay on Northern Rail they will shop in a Sheffield Market instead of Leeds and Barnsley
  19. Retiring at 55 unless medically unfit is far too young. No one should be expected to do a job they are unfit for therefore other work should be taken to fill in the years to the pensionable time. The pension accumulated Is still there when you retire but expecting to take it at 55 is unreasonable, it's possible you would have more years as a pensioner than in employment. Most people with private pensions work way beyond 65 now. In many cases including mine because we are still fit and like the stimulation of being employed. PS my 2 son-in-laws are firefighters so I am well briefed about their jobs.
  20. Don't you think having an attitude that we can do whatever we like regardless of rules is not really setting children a good idea. Families can have holidays and bonding time in the school holidays it doesn't have to be 2 weeks in the med which is IMO ishardly educational anyway. Be imaginative. The kids will be happy to just have your attention they don't need expensive hols to enjoy themselves.
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