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  1. The family have announced the death of Alan Woodward.Possibly one of the best Sheffield United players of recent times.A true legenD and a childhood hero of mine.Fly high Alan and forever RIP.
  2. The Birley public house Birley Moor Road S12 closed all day Bank Holiday Monday due to unforseen incident.
  3. The fire is at Metallis scrap yard and the smoke is not a hazard at the mo as there is no wind.Passed at 0900 and now looks under control.
  4. Police out in force on land off Fox Lane S12 looking [alledgedly] for missing person backed up with the police helicopter on Monday night,most of night.Hope they find what they are looking for/
  5. Roads are closed adjacent to Direct Cars as major road accident has happened.Police helicopter out and trams all terminating at Crystal Peaks.
  6. And cookers ! ---------- Post added 25-12-2014 at 19:31 ---------- It does not close at all over Christmas and New Year including the shop !
  7. When I was in my youth I used to see him every Saturday morning for quite a few years when he worked with my ma in the returns department for W.H.Smith in the British Rail building opposite Midland Station.He came across as being a bit shy and reserved as I remembered and my ma always asking him for a song (Which he never did alas) Only last year I contacted his agent in the Colorado Hills where his farm was and asked if Joe could remember those early days.He responded saying he could well recall those times with my ma and myself which obviously made our day.Joe you are a true legend RIP.
  8. Yep,remember them all ! Jack Cave the big chief,Harold Taylor the sales manager,Ken Woodhead (RIP) his assistant,Malcolm Mcdougall (RIP) the rep. Christine and Karen on the switch / tannoy shouting "EDDIE LILLEY TO THE PETROL STATION" about 80 times a day ! Big Bob Neal the low loader driver Horace Chapman (RIP) in parts,Rod Mather service manager,Mick Gosney (RIP) top fitter,Dave Shepherd in Truck division service,truck sales Ray Walker,Ian Shepherd,Ralph Clarkson,Ian Wooton,Peter Mennell all headed up by the funny Les Skelton.Ron Jarvis up in admin,Barry Hand (RIP) as accountant.Marion Frost and Bert in admin office.I could go on....
  9. Does anyone agree that we call it the official "Jasmyn Chan Crossing" as a permanent reminder of this young and popular young girl taken away far far too soon ?
  10. Sincerely hope Sultana turns up for you ! Good luck
  11. We had the Birley cat checked out and it is def a male,12 months old,no collar and no microchip ---------- Post added 13-10-2014 at 20:47 ---------- HTurner >> Not the same cat i'm afraid.My daughter Carly has already been in contact I believe from Sheffield Online.
  12. A black and white Tom cat has been found around the Birley School Thornbridge Avenue area.Looks to be around 12 months old.PM if any information.Very good natured.Somebody somewhere is missing their pet !
  13. The Community Centre is now decked out as Dougie Ds Disco venue and lots of Goth actors walking about!
  14. Noticed the film crews are moving into Frecheville to start a themed "This is England 90" programme based at the Community Centre,Churchdale Road.
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