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  1. shes asked me a few times, i dont give money, however i think you have to consider her position, to be reduced to 'limping' about begging you gotta feel sorry for her, afterall none of you know her previous life experiences, your all very quick to judge , its not shes living the life of royalty and its very easy to just tell her to get a '******* job' with what qualifications? Haz
  2. I think bus lanes can be made to work, but research shows that for this to happen 1 million needs to be spent on them every mile. Perhaps car drivers, if they are so annoyed about congestion, for example along Ecclesall rd should not blame the bus lanes, but look at how many people are in their car. The answer is 99% of the time 1. Haza x p.s fill ma bus lane questionnaire in so i can take yor opinions into account in my coursework! Cheers, haza
  3. hey, thanks everyone for all the replies so far appriciate it! Haza x
  4. Hey, I am currently studying for my A-Levels at High Storrs, and am doing a piece of coursework about the current situation with the (troublesome!) bus lanes, along Ecclesall Road. I need to collate lots of people’s views so if you have a few minutes could you please fill out this questionnaire and help me out. Cheers. Haz x 1. How do you travel along Ecclesall road? a) Car only b) Bus only c) By car mostly, sometimes bus d) By bus mostly, sometimes car e) Bicycle f) on foot 2. How often do you travel along the road? a) Everyday b) 3-6 times a week c) 1 or 2 times a week d) Less frequently 3. What time do you travel along Ecclesall Road into town? a) Before 8am b) From 8 – 10am c) 10am – 12pm d) 12pm – 3pm e) later 4. What time do you travel back home along the road? a) 12pm – 3pm b) 3pm – 4.30pm c) 4.30pm – 6.30pm d) 6.30pm – 9pm e) later 5. Would you like to see the current Bus lane system in place along Ecclesall Road changed? a) Yes b) No If no got to question 7 6. In what way should they be changed, please state-  Increased in duration  Increased in length  Decrease in duration  Decrease in length  Greater penalties  Remove all the bus lanes  Allow more on street parking 7. In your opinion do you think the bus lanes help to relieve congestion along Ecclesall Road? a) Yes b) No 8. And finally how old are you, be honest please! End of Questionnaire Thanks
  5. Hey i just bought a new dishwasher and need to know how hard the water is in sheffield so as to determine which setting i need and whether to add salt or something? Ive tryed the yorkshire water site but on the water hardness section it says the site is to busy! Please help!
  6. Theres always going to be a few 'dodgy' places to avoid especially at night alone in an area. Personally i think Eccelsaw Rd/Hunters Bar is a very safe area and i have never really felt threatened or scared walking around at night alone in this area, theres been a few isolated incidents but you are going to get them in most residential areas. Haz
  7. Hey, i live in Nethergreen which is in close proximity to the proposed mast site, personally as an avid user of mobile phones i welcome the mast and all its benifits. There is practically no eveidance to sujest that the masts are harmful, they are only an eyesore and one which i think is easily rivaled by the rich occupants of this area's 4X4's. The mast protesters only concern is the price's of their houses and they have crudley disquised this by saying they what they are worried about is their childrens health, which is both immoral and selfish.
  8. its because every reply on this site is either extremly mundane and boring, and makes for c*** reading
  9. Why dont we just blow Meadowhall up with all the chavs inside of it un every1s problems would be solved, crime would go down, the centre would get better, .....
  10. I would have to say Tom lane it is so boring its weird un its kinda long
  12. Im doing work ex at the mo in the centre of town and was wondering where a good place to get a sandwich was i dont want to go 2 Macy D's but im not loaded. thanx
  13. I have the game its fun, i personally like 2 take control of Africa as it allows for you to move in2 Europe and America aswell as being able to defend fairly easily, However i suppose it depends on what mission card you get to which continent or continents you place ur men in. Can i take this oportunity to apoligise for my last thread i was very bored and i didnt mean 2 offend anybody, however im sure i would kick all ur asses at Risk! or maybe not lol
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