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  1. especially in economic times like these!! Any further feedback appreciated Thanks all!
  2. Hi All I've had several quotes from a few companies. I realise they are a small family business . Just wondered if anyone had used them & what the work was like.
  3. Hi All, I've got a decent quote off direct kitchens - they have a few show rooms in Sheffield & Surrounding area. (Chapletown, Hillsborough, Worsborough, Parkgate Rotherham.) Has any one had a kitchen done by them? If so could you please provide feedback?? Thanks
  4. Bought a house last Dec. Got a plumber installing a new boiler & moving it to Garage from Kitchen. So I need a fuse spur putting through direct from the board to the garage. ( the board is in the porch next to the garage so only about 2-3metre of cable needs to be used) The house is circa 30 years old so a couple of the bedrooms onluy have 2 single sockets in them. Would like them changing to doubles and an extra socket putting in each room. so 3x doubles in 2 bedrooms. The board has already been changed before I bought the house so its new with breakers etc.
  5. Regents court is ok. It might look a bit dated from the outside- but in reality its yesteryears version of the private apartment complex's that are springing up in most cities everyday.
  6. If any one can recomend a decent spark thats reasonable & reliable etc it would be really appreciated. Thank you!
  7. thumbsup::thumbsup:: good to see a blade come on & give their honest opinion. by the ways the blades have a great chairman & board the link up with Sau Paulo in Brazil is a great coup for the club if it comes off & demostrates what CAN happen if people focus on the best interests of the club rather than petty squabbles in contrast to this sort of thing happening dowwn the lane unfortunatley that can't even get the pie order right at hillsborough!
  8. Thats like being really hacked off with the governement, moaning about it loads then not bother voting at the next election because you dont want to pay for the bus ride to the polling station.!!
  9. OMG:confused: You really dont get it do you?? Wednesdayite are not the stumbling block fans like you are! Take your head out of the sand! Your view is that wednesdayite dont represent you! Well spot on they only represent their membership! So unfortunatley if your not a member you dont get a say! Do you think someone somewhere can just give the shares back or sell them to an investor just because the powers that be or even you want them to?? They cant no one individual has the power! THEY (NOT ME!!! ) are a democratic organisation who state on their website that they act according to their membership! THEY (NOT ME!!!!!!!) wont give the shares back unless their members vote to give them back! FACT!!! So whats the quickest & easiest way to get them to give the shares back? Join & vote! If you dont want them to relinquish the shares then dont bother joining! Just carry on moaning about it from afar & maybe they will just go away! Oh & by the way just carry on assuming that as soon as the word "wednesdayite" is mentioned that everyone wants them to keep the shares. Your posts sum up very well the problem that I have tried to explain!
  10. Wednesdayite are a democratic organisation therefore no one individual or even the the board can decide to give the shares back. the only way this will happen is if the members vote for it. currently there are circa 1000 members probably just over. therefore if the "proper" fans want them to give the shares back the only way to ensure it happens is to join Wednesdayite place and when the next ballot comes along vote to relinquish them. Simple as that! However most "proper" fans dont seem to understand this... simply choosing to cast judgement at a distance. If you really believe that Wednesdayite shares are the stumbing block. Then the rationale conclusion is that the real stumbling block is that the "proper" fans cant be bothered to shell out a tenner to join wednesdayite & vote to give the shares back. Because i truth unless a majority vote is cast i favour it will never happen. its ironic that in turning public opinion against wednesdayite the powers that be have probably made it even harder to get the shares back. lets face it by joining wednesdayite you are suddenly seen as somewhat of a lepper in SWFC society and everyone assumes you are a trouble causer!. Therefore less "proper" fans are likely to join leaving the hard core anti allen brigade to continually vote against relinquishing the shares. Talk about a catch 22! The best solution would be for the powers that be to persuade all season ticket holders to join wednesdayite & persuade everyone thayt the best thing would be to relinquish the shares. Then when the vote is cast the shares are released! Bingo!
  11. Sorry mate your wrong- I'm not an official representitive of wednesdayite!! I joined sheffield forum to try to get a referal on a couple of half decent plumbers to quote on a boiler change. Hence my first port of call was the property section. I stumbled accross this football bit & was gobsmacked at the general concencus of opinion that would seem to derive from ill informed judgement. The fact is that only one side of this argument ever gets put accross in the press -thats the side that has the power to call press conferences & put out a message over several mediums ie radio , tv, newspapers etc. For people to really understand the other side they must proactively take a interest and take the time to seak out the other more restricted communication on fans forums & internet sites etc I fall into the latter category a lifelong commited season ticket holder who does silly things like checking out several internet sites everyday to see if weve signed someone, buys 2-3 sunday papers to read different versions / views regarding owls performances/match reports. Because of my enthusiasm I have read & taken time to increase my knowledge of the situation. This doesnt mean I follow wednesdayites views or even DA's. I have my own views! Thats all I would encourage anyone to do. Learn & make fully informed judgements! I actually think DA has in fairness done a good job, I never wanted Bates & thank God Allen stood up to him & he never took control. For this every fan of SWFC in my view should be eternally gratefull! However in terms of going forward things have run their course & new investment is needed. However I cant stomach the way the man treats & refers to supporters who might not agree with him. I feel personally insulted by his comments ! I feel I must be one of the cretins, yobs & scum that buy season tickets each year that have now had to have photo ID and que up religiously at half time on match days for pies only to find there arent any left. Like I've said before the clubs strapline for season ticket sales this close season was "ignite the passion" well for me its been "deflate the passion" Followed by "ignite the Despair" Because I've taken time to learn the facts my own personal conclusion is that wednesdayite arent actually the problem! Most people think they are just because someone says they are! (PS Carson Yeung bought a 29% stake in Birmingham city (he could have bought 30% of SWFC) even though there were two other majority shareholders left ( Gold & Sullivan) who both had more than 10% stake. Therefore why would one stakeholder with 10% be the reason to not invest in SWFC? Especially if that 10% was held in a trust which had an open door policy for any fan of SWFC to Join, who also werent in it as investors to make a profit but purely to be a representitive of fans views to the club. ( What would any genuine investor have to fear if they had the best intentions for the club?) maybe an investors perception of that group would be that they were trouble causes?? not quite sure where that would come from? And if a 10% stakeholder were a problem surely any investor would try to talk to them or buy them out directly?? I again urge anyone who really cares about SWFC to take time increase their knowledge & simply make their own informed judgements.
  12. there isnt much of one these days however wednesdayite are trying to do their best with coaching in several local schools & smile tickets for less priveldged kids ( Tickets paid for by wednesdayite donated to kids for Free!)
  13. I went for a pie 10 mins -15mis into the game on Sunday & Theyd only got Steak & kidney left ( NO BALTI IS A CRIME!!!!!!!!) and theyd only got about 20 steak & kidney left anyway!! Run out of loads of other things every supporter moaning lets face it on just about every level its a perfect lesson in how to hack off your loyal customers!
  14. I've got a season ticket wish i hadnt bothered not due to recet results or even summer signings simply due to having my enthusiasm drained from me!! by one individual.. The clubs summer season ticket campaign= IGNITE THE PASSION more like = DEFLATE THE PASSION or IGNITE THE DESPAIR
  15. strange thing is you sound like you want him to leave!?? but have decided that the only way this is possible is for wednesdayite to give him back the shares? no offence mate but thats exactly what i believe he wants you to think! Talk about a bit a mud slung sticking!! our society is built upon morals such as "inncocent until proven guilty" etc the masses that dont take the time to really dig deap into this are giving wednesdayite a stoning just because someone somewhere with a vested interest is carefully drip feeding their message via the media (sometimes its a avalanche!)
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