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  1. Went passed this afternoon and looks like someone has been having a smashing time. Both windows smashed and looks like the glass in the door has been hit with something. Anyone know if its still open?
  2. Just come past and still all closed up. Looks like another pub has bit the dust
  3. It puts me off going. Both my Husband and my Mum are slow walkers due to illness and old age, so shopping can take a while. I think we will give Kilner Way a miss from now on.
  4. I moved from Sheffield to the outskirts of Barnsley. Kier also do the council house repairs here. Useless is an understatement.
  5. Just had a look at the plans and they state Southey Green Lane not Road. Has there been a name change? ---------- Post added 17-01-2017 at 17:56 ---------- They did own most of the shops on Southey Green Road/ Southey Hill. Not sure if they still do as I've not lived round there for a few years now.
  6. Is'nt the Winchester owned by the people who own the Nisa shop just past the Co-Op? I'm sure I remember Mick buying Winchester before he died.
  7. There's a few people saying its going to be a used car lot. Not sure how true this is though.
  8. My package was delivered the next day. It was posted through the letterbox. Don't know if it was the Postman or Parcel Force as I wasn't in. Why they couldn't do that the day before I don't know. Its a strange carry on
  9. Even though the e-mail has Royal Mail logo? Will have to see if anything arrives tomorrow.
  10. I have received an email from Royal Mail today saying "sorry we missed you" and they will redeliver tomorrow. No card or anything through the door. Is this how its done now? I thought it was spam mail
  11. Star online is saying it was robbed by a man with a cricket bat and a large sum of money was taken Hope everyone is ok, Not able to post link as site not working properly
  12. I think its called Poundplus or something. Not been in, Just wondered if anyone had before I bother
  13. New shop opened at the side of Fultons. Anyone been in?
  14. Dunelm on Kilner Way opens on the 3rd December
  15. My OH was feeling the same, he had a blood test and his vitamin D level was 8. The Doctor said it should be above 50 but below 100. He now takes 25000iu in a single dose every month. We have just moved house, and had to change G.P's, following his latest blood test which show vit D to be ok, the doctor wants him to carry on with his medication and seeing as he's still in pain, more tests are to be done.
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