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  1. thanks for the replies so hard to find a job when you work full time
  2. I hate my job. I've been there 2 years and I just can't stand it. I almost walked out today but managed to restrain myself. There's nothing wrong with the staff/people there I just hate the job itself. If I walk out can I claim JSA? I will be actively looking for a new job because I'd find being on JSA embarrassing.. but I would need the money while I hunt for work. Anyone have any experience with this?
  3. How's the reception around S11/Ecclesall area? Thinking of an iphone and Orange have the best deal for what I want but if I drop a ton of cash on a contract only to get it home and see I get terrible reception I will not be happy.
  4. cheers mate. i wish the bloody DSA would explain it as clearly as that.
  5. Hey Got my theory test tomorrow afternoon and the hazard perception part is confusing me a little. So anyone who has done it can you quickly answer this question; Are you are supposed to click every time you see something that could potentially be a hazard or only click if that potential hazard causes you to react e.g. slow down?
  6. thanks for those links. My situation is I took my theroy test 2 years ago without taking any lessons at all and managed to pass it first time. But I was a broke student who lived close to uni so I never started with my actual lessons. Theory tests exprie after 2 years if you dont complete you practical test and as mine expires on August the 8th i've only had 12 driving lessons with 2 more in the next 2 weeks so 14 lessons in total before my actual test, and no, I haven't driven around the parkway test centre at all Is it going to take a miracle?
  7. handsworth test centre closed down and is now called the parkway test centre, not sure if its the same location or not
  8. 'Cos i got mine there in 3 days Experiences? What route did you go on and do they always take you on the parkway?
  9. cheers mate. how does the xbox work online? do you connect it via your existing connection or do they force you to use a certain ISP?
  10. Hello I want to buy an xbox with a few games and a new TV. I havent really played any games since the days of the snes/mega drive so i'm totally out of the loop, and I don't know anything about TV's. There are a number of different xbox packagaes but i dont understand the difference between them all, id like to play games online but how would that all connect up? TV's do they need to be HDTV (what is that?) and whats best to use with an xbox or ps3? Do TV's still need ariels these days or is it all digital (im really this stupid, it's not an act). My budget is about 2 grand. Just looking for a bit of advice from someone who knows what they are talking about thanks
  11. Need a handheld for downtime at work. I don't really know much about handhelds and was wondering which you guys think I should go for. I'm not interested in using it to go online etc I just want it purely for gameplay.
  12. I'm in S11, starting a new job soon which requires me to bus, tram, bus again - I'll die if i have to do that every day so I'm looking for a good driving instructer for around 18-19 quid an hour. I'm also interested in those 'intensive' driving schools so I can learn very fast. Recommendations?
  13. Ah that's good. I did an online benefits WTC calculator and it said I wasn't entitled because I had no kids. I'll give 'em a ring.
  14. Well, after a painful 6 month job search I finally landed a job(do NOT quit your job if you are thinking of doing so, It's hell trying to find employment in the current climate). The downside is it's only 20 hours a week at minimum wage. I'm claiming JSA and Council Tax benefit. My job doesnt start for 2 weeks from today. Am I entitled to anything from the government or will I be required to pay full council tax? Or is it based on your income? Working Tax credits.. I am single, live alone and have no kids.. any entitlement? Should I tell the job centre right away that I have found work? As I will be absolutely flat broke for the month-5 weeks before I get my first pay cheque. Any help or advice would be appreciated, I have had a look around the DWP websites but not found them very useful/clear. One last question.. I promise. I have to catch a bus and tram every day (headed towards Meadowhall..ish) what would be the best current 'day saver' type pass to use?
  15. Should I get off the tram at Valley Centertainment?
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