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  1. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I am willing to spend up to £900 but would be pleased if I can get something on sale for less. Where is TJ Huges? Sorry I am in Kiveton and don't know Sheffield city much. MissyB
  2. Hi, I desperately need a new bed. Can anyone recommend a good bed shop in Sheffield with lots of beds on show and also recommend a bed brand, pref with a pocket sprung mattress. Any specials would be good to. TIA MissyB
  3. Hi, We had 2 loud explosion type sounds at about 7.30pm this evening. I am in Kiveton Park so am surprised to hear these. At first I was a bit concerned but recalled reading about these last week on here. Has anyone else heard them this evening? Cheers, MissyB
  4. Will call Halfords tomorrow, Yes have done the pumping with the engine running. Yes know we can use the car, not too happy to as have a 3yr old but appears its been like this for awhile and have been safe using it to date. Thanks MissyB
  5. Yes 3 of us here have had the pleasure of pumping brakes today. Hubby even had a air pump going back the other way. We had to replace one on the front not long back, apparently the inside of the hose perishes and thats what causes the blockage. Any parts places open that are any good? Cheers, MissyB
  6. No not twisted just very old, hubby thinks it's the original. Cheers, MissyB
  7. Hi, Hubby put a new cylinder on that side today and whist he had the hose off he tested to see if fluid was coming through and it wasn't. Then he traced the line back to the junction between flex & solid and could not undo this so then traced the solid line back to the T piece and fluid is moving through the T-piece. He checked the flow first as he was going to bleed the brakes. Does this help anymore? Cheers, MissyB
  8. Not sure what you mean by other one but both flex are on the car but the pass side one is not allowing fluid through so needs replacing. the Drivers side is ok. Hubby said he feels the solid pipe & flex are together and can't be separated hence its 2 pieces but sold as 1 part. Any suggestions? Cheers, MissyB
  9. Hi, Need 1 rear flex brake hose (passenger side), hubby thinks this includes the solid pipe as well as the flex. It's for a 92 Escort Ghia 1.8L petrol with ABS, hope that helps. Cheers, Belinda
  10. Hi All, Not sure where to put this but I need to know of a car spare parts shop open tomorrow (Sunday) that carries more than Halfords. We need a part for the rear brakes (Ford Escort) that Halfords at Drake Retail park does not stock. Anyone know of one that's open on Sunday? Happy to travel out of Sheffield. TIA MissyB
  11. Yes, we had one during the week then another 3 yesterday. Not half as bad as what we see back in Australia but still too big for me. Any ideas why the onset of them?? Cheers, MissyB
  12. I live at the other end of Kiveton thankfully away from the town but we back onto the railway line. It's nice enough and fairly quite except for the trains but I don't feel as safe as I would like to (have a 3 year old) and I don't think much of the environment/community/shops, it's just lacking something. Not wanting to offend anyone who does live here...sorry. Todwick & Harthill are much nicer but you get what you pay for do you. Wales feels much better than Kiveton but most of the properties there seem to get snapped up really fast.
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions. Looks like we will be spending the weekend looking at Stocksbridge/Penistone & Deepcar areas. Lindsey we already live in Kiveton Park and it really does not do it for us, the new builds are nice but the area is not worth paying the money for IMHO. Todwick is really nice but quite expensive and not much appears to come on the market there. Have also been looking at the smaller villages near us like Throapham & Laughton-en-le-Morthen which are nice. I am sure we will find something! Thanks again to everyone. Cheers, Belinda
  14. Thanks Will, we have had a look at Carlton-in-Lindrick north or Worksop and quite like this, far enough out but still ok to commute to Sheffield. Anyone have any comments on Carlton? Will be out this weekend looking and whilst many have said Ecclesfield is nice some have said it's a bit close to the S5 areas which I am concerned about. Any recs for areas north but away from problems areas? Thanks Belinda
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