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  1. I currently work full time and am sick of being on the treadmill and never getting to spend any time with my child. I've been thinking about either working part time in my current job, plus doing a few hours in a second job from home to make up the money I'd lose, or jacking in the full time job and starting up my own business. Having had a good think about what I'm good at and also what I could do either at home or based from home with little start up costs, I've come up with ironing and/or cleaning. I quite like ironing and I'm good at cleaning, plus I've cleaned before (for money I mean, as opposed to just at home!). Does anyone do this for a living, or employ anyone to do this? If so, would you mind answering the following: If you do this, how did you get started? Do you work for an agency or for yourself? Are you insured? What materials do you provide? How much do you charge, and how did you work out how much to charge? What hours do you work? How/where do you advertise? Is there a lot of competition in Sheffield or do you have plenty of work? Are you glad you do it? If you employ someone to do this, how did you find your cleaner or ironer? What did you look for in the person you employed? Are they with an agency or independent? How many hours do they work and how much do they charge? What do you like/dislike about having them? Thank you so much if you've managed to read this far, and even more if you reply! A x
  2. The one I've just used was non charging previously and I've used them twice before. They got their commission from the mortgage provider once it completed. Also, they have recently done a mortgage for my friends daughter and they didn't charge her a fee, so it seems they charge as and when they feel like it.
  3. No I'm not too lazy to search myself. I don't fully understand mortgages, interest rates etc. and prefer to trust a professional to help with my remortgaging. Thanks for your extremely constructive reply.
  4. I had an appointment with my independent mortgage advisor last week for a remortgage, and they are now charging a fee, which I'm not impressed with. Can anyone recommend one that covers whole of market mortgages that doesn't charge a fee? Thanks, Aqua
  5. I bought a Jane Carrera Pro pushchair and have only used it once round Meadowhall, so it's in perfect condition and comes with shopping basket and raincover. It doesn't have a footmuff but you can get them for this pram in the same colour. It's in Azulon colourway, which is a lovely dark teal, so ideal for either sex. Selling as I'm a bit of a pramaholic and I really don't need it! Bought this week for £149, looking for £135 ovno. PM me if you need any further info. Aqua x
  6. For sale: Bebe Confort Loola in So Pearly Grey with matching raincover, changing bag, parasol, footmuff (brand new in packaging) and instructions. Approx. 16 months old but only used at weekends so in good condition. Reversible seat unit so can face outwards or facing the parent. Looking for around £115 but open to offers.
  7. Thanks, Hallam FM emailed back, the address is http://www.whydontyouloveme.co.uk
  8. There was a report on the Hallam FM news on Saturday morning about a local woman who had set up a website for support of parents not having any success with the CSA, where they could share their experiences and get advice. I didn't catch the woman's name and they didn't give out the web address. Does anyone know it? Been trying to google it but without the woman's name I'm not having any success. Have also emailed Hallam FM news dept but not heard back yet. THanks, Aqua
  9. Couple more things for sale! Flutter & Chime bouncy chair for sale, this has music, vibrations and a toy bar with hanging toys and a fluttering bird. I have the original box, so will put it back in this providing I can fit it back in! This is in excellent condition so I'm looking for £12 (cost £30 new). Tiny Love Luxury baby gym, with music, kick pad, arches and hanging toys, cost £55 new from Mothercare and was only used for around 5 months so in great condition. In original packaging. I'm looking for £18 as it's in such great condition and is as new. I can email pics so please pm me if interested. Aqua
  10. Forgot to say I've dropped the price of the Aria now as need to get rid - no space left in house!
  11. For sale: Mamas & Papas Aria pram with footmuff/pram liner, raincover, changing bag and instructions, approx. 4 months old so in very good condition. Very light and easy to steer so ideal for going round shops. Pram is black and pale mint green (think this is called Java colourway), accessories are black, so ideal for either sex. Would like £35 ovno. PM me if any questions. Aqua
  12. For sale - 2006 Quinny Buzz in Navy Reflection complete with raincover, footmuff, buzz box, shopping basket, pump and instructions, all in excellent condition. Would like £160 ovno but open to sensible offers. Mamas & Papas Aria with raincover, footmuff and changing bag, all in good condition. Ideally looking for £45 for lot but again am open to sensible offers. In case you're wondering, I'm a bit of a pramaholic but need the space in the house! Feel free to pm me if any queries. Aqua
  13. My tumble drier just stopped working the other week - it makes a noise but isn't turning, not sure what the problem is. I've got a toddler so really need it when the weather's like this. Anyone know of someone who could come and give me a quote? I'm in Richmond. A x
  14. Thanks everyone, it was Mercury I was thinking of so will call them tomorrow. A x
  15. What's the name/number of the taxi company that rings you back when they pull up outside the house to pick you up? Haven't had to use a taxi for ages as I usually drive but going out tomorrow so want to book one to take us into town. Thanks, Aqua
  16. I need to get an outside tap fitted so I can hose my garden easier. Does anyone have any recommendations of people (plumbers, I presume?) who do this and roughly how much will it cost? Thanks, Aqua x
  17. Thanks, I'll give them a ring and see if they can fit him in on Saturday. A x
  18. My DS is 14 months old and desperately needs a haircut. It's curly and getting wilder by the day! I've never taken him before so have no idea where to go. I live in Richmond but have a car so can travel although I work FT so it will have to be open on a Saturday - I sometimes shop at Woodseats, Crystal Peaks, Meadowhell and town, so any of those areas would be fine. Ideally I don't want to pay too much, and definitely no more than £10. Thanks, Aqua x
  19. Just want to say I send my DS to Kidz@work on the Sheffield Airport Business Park and he loves it there. Great facilities, friendly staff and DS is very happy which is the main thing. They also have a webcam if you want to check on your child during the day. Website is http://www.kidzatwork.co.uk. Hope this helps someone. Aqua x
  20. After the last of many rainy weekends, I'm looking for suggestions of where to take my 14 month old when the weather's bad. He crawls and is cruising but not walking yet. I work full time so we only have the weekend together and I like to make the most of it, rather than just stay in. Any ideas? A x
  21. Thanks everyone, think I might leave it for now as I work full time so it would be difficult to take him to jobs (that's if he got any, of course!). A x
  22. A few people have told me that my son (14 months) would make a great child model, so I'm thinking of looking into it. Can anyone recommend some decent (i.e. not rip off merchants) agencies in the Sheffield or Yorkshire area. Also, has anyone's kids done this and if so, any advice? Thanks, Aqua x
  23. Errr, no, why? Not sure why you thought that. I'm just looking for stylist recommendations.
  24. I'm thinking of trying this salon and am looking for recommendations of stylists there. I've got awkward hair and need someone quite experienced. Any ideas? Thanks, Aqua
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