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  1. I had my HIP report done independently at the start of July and my house went on sale at the end of the same month. I'm thinking of taking it off the market for a while then putting it back on with a different agent. Would I be able to use the same HIP report? I understood they lasted for a year from the day you have them done, but my agent says that if the property is off the market for so many days, then the HIP is rendered invalid and you have to have another one done (although she couldn't tell me the exact details of how long it has to be off the market for this to take effect). Is this true? If so, what's the longest it can stay off the market that will allow me to use the HIP I've already had done? Thanks, Aqua
  2. I was in labour 49 hours with my son, was stuck at 6cms for around 15 of those, until they broke my waters - that soon got him moving! It can often take hours and hours, try not to despair. A x
  3. Sheffy2008 - I don't mean I'll rent my house out - I don't want to do that - I meant I want to sell my house and then rent one in the area I want to move to, rather than buying one there. Hope that makes sense. CC x
  4. My house has been on the market since the end of July, and I’ve had two viewings but no offers. I know it’s early days so I’m trying not to panic but I’m aware that prices keep dropping and it concerns me that my house is constantly dropping in value. The reason I want to move is to be closer to family as I’m a single parent and they help out a lot, plus I want to be in the catchment area for a good school for my son. It will be further away from work but I can live with that! I’ve been wondering lately if I should sell my house and rent for a while in my preferred area. That way I'll be able to pay off the small credit card debt I have with some of the equity and put the remainder into an account as a deposit for when I buy, putting me in a good position as a buyer. It would also give me time to save a bit more towards a deposit. As house prices are still dropping, I thought it might be a good idea to do this because I could hopefully get a decent-ish price for my house before prices drop more, then if they keep dropping I'll be able to buy one for a cheaper price than they are at now. Also, if I were to rent, I would be able to drop the asking price on mine to get it sold, as I wouldn’t have to worry about having enough money to buy another property straight away. I have a 2 year fixed rate mortgage where the fixed rate doesn’t end until Jun 2010, so I know I’ll have to pay a penalty if I pay it off early, but this would probably be offset by the fact that if I leave my house on the market for months on end, the eventual drop in price would probably account to more than the fee. My only worry about renting is I don’t want to have to keep moving every 6 or 12 months as I don’t want to keep uprooting my toddler, plus it would have to unfurnished as I have a house full of stuff! Also, what would I do if I sold my house but couldn’t find a place to rent in my preferred area prior to completion? Plus, I have a cat and a lot of landlords don’t allow pets. Apart from those concerns, I’m not overly fussed about whether I own my own home or rent – the area is more important to me than the ownership! Just in case it helps, my mortgage currently stands at around 89k, and places for rent in the area I want to live in are rented out for roughly the same as my monthly mortgage payment, dependent on type of property. This is the link to my current house: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-22479005.rsp?pa_n=1&tr_t=buy What are your thoughts on doing this? Is it a good idea? Pros/cons? Has anyone done this and got any advice? Thanks, Aqua x
  5. Try doing a search, there was a thread on this very subject only a week or two ago, with quite a lot of responses. HTH. Aqua
  6. I used Simon Edis at East Midlands Properties, don't be fooled by the name as he covers Sheffield. It only cost £225 inclusive, and that's for a leasehold property. All details on his site: http://www.emidlandsproperties.co.uk HTH Aqua
  7. My EA didn't ask to check my HIP - I almost feel left out now, lol! Ax
  8. Thanks guys, you've all been really helpful. Just need to sell mine now! Aqua x
  9. Hi Stacey, Here is the link: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-22479005.rsp?pa_n=1&tr_t=buy I also have a property profile which I give to viewers, so if you're interested please pm me your email address and I'll email you a copy of that (it has info on the property, local area etc.). My house is on a quiet side road and features include off street parking, huge rear South facing garden with big metal shed and patio area, large kitchen dining room, recently plastered living room, stairs and landing, and gorgeous fully tiled bathroom in white with white suite and dark grey tiled flooring. The property has GCH, double glazing and a burglar alarm, plus it's in the lowest council tax band and is close to local facilities including shops and schools. I'm only moving as I'm a single parent and need to move area to be closer to family. It's on with Baldersons. PM me if you would like further details or would like a copy of the property profile or contact Baldersons on 258 2561. Aqua x
  10. My house has been on the market for 3 or 4 weeks, had 2 viewings and but no offers as yet. I've viewed a house today which is a repossession. The agent who showed me round said that if you offer on a repossession and it's accepted, you have to complete within 28 days. Is this correct? If it is, my main issue is obviously that my house hasn't yet sold. The only option I can think of is to put an offer in on the repossession, then if it's accepted work out the least amount I could accept on mine then drop it to that, get my agent to market it like mad and pray for a buyer in time. Do you think there's any way this could work? Has anyone bought a repossession and how did it go? Were there any problems? Aqua
  11. What about taking her to the theatre, then a drink afterwards? Not sure what's on though...
  12. My colleague actually rang the council the other day to ask this, especially in the light of the fact Sheffield has the EIS and other world class facilities that British athletes train at. She was told that it's too expensive to bring one in just for the Olympics - apparently it costs £20,000 to have a temporary screen. As for a permanent screen, she was just told that Rotherham have one so and people can go and watch that as it's only down the road. Hope that answers your query. A x
  13. I recently used Simon Edis, his website is http://www.emidlandsproperties.co.uk. It only cost £225 fully inclusive of the EPC, and that was for a leasehold property. Very efficient and quick - the EPC was available on his site the same night he came to the house and the HIP was ready a couple of weeks later, once the searches were returned. Would definitely recommend him. HTH. A x
  14. LOL! I'm currently selling my house on Lathkill Road and I can clarify that it's most definitely in Richmond, lol! A x
  15. Ok, stupid title but I didn't know how to phrase it! I've seen a house I like that's on the market but it needs a *lot* of work. The work includes new boiler (and potentially new radiators), new kitchen, re-plastering, new bathroom (including knocking a wall down as the toilet is separate to the bathroom with sink and bath & I'd want to make them into one room), plus at a glance I'd say it may need re-wiring as the sockets and light switches are those really old ones (although I'm no expert so would need to get this checked). I need to know the cost of doing all the work before I can calculate if it's a viable option for me to buy it and do it up, so my question is, how would I go about getting quotes to get the work done without showing tradesmen round the house? Or would I have to book a viewing and take the tradesman/men with me? The house is currently unoccupied so I couldn't ask the vendor to let them in. Thanks, Aqua
  16. I'm getting both the above agents to value my house in the next few weeks. Has anyone used either for selling and if so, what's your opinion? Whitehornes state their fees (fixed fee) on their website but what are the fees for Baldersons? Obviously they will tell me when they come out but it's good to know what others paid, for negotiation if needed. Also, can anyone recommend any other estate agents that are good to sell with? Thanks, Aqua
  17. I used someone I found on here, think his forum name is slinkyminky - try doing a search. He was really good and very reasonably priced, although I can't remember exactly how much it was as it was about a year ago. I would never be able to do a DIY job, so wanted a professional to do it and it was worth the money. HTH. A x
  18. I always use Arthurs Skips, can't remember the number but they'll be in the book or just google them. Very reasonable and reliable, I recommended them to my parents and they have one of their skips at the moment. Just tell them what you want to put in it and they'll recommend the right size too - very handy. Aqua
  19. I had a plasterer recommended on here come and give me a quote, I booked him and he rang the week before to say he was delayed on a job and could he come the week after. I thought, fair enough, but the day he was due to come and do the work he never turned up and wouldn't answer the phone to me. Probably the same bloke... Had to get someone else in who did a great job, so probably a good thing the first bloke didn't turn up in the end. A x
  20. I would buy No1, in fact I saw it around 6 months ago and it was 1.3million then so it's been reduced by 100k - bargain! Just don't like the look of No2 and No3 looks like it would be haunted - plus I can't stand beams on the ceiling! Absolutely love, love, love the house Lothario posted a link to! Here's hoping I win the lottery this weekend... Aqua
  21. I’m reluctantly selling my lovely Maclaren XLR - only selling as it’s just too tall for me even with the handles on the lowest setting, as I’m only 5’1”. This pushchair is suitable from birth, has a child-proof 5 point harness and is the most luxurious Maclaren they make. It’s the brand new 2008 model in the choc/blue colourway, it’s only been used 3 or 4 times and then only at Meadowhall. I bought it about 6 weeks ago and the footmuff, seat liner and raincover have never been used (raincover has been kept in the basket just in case). I have the original box and full instructions. There is slight scuffing to the handles where it’s been in the car boot but apart from that it’s immaculate. It cost £170 new so I’m looking for £135ovno. Aqua x
  22. I'm looking to put my house on the market and want to arrange some valuations. I've never sold before so not sure what to expect regarding fees, what to expect, how long it takes to go on market, etc. I have Blundells coming round next week and want to get a few others round - who would you recommend in terms of service, good marketing, pushing to get you a sale, reasonable fees etc? My house is in Richmond so ideally need an agent in City Centre, Crystal Peaks or Woodseats. Thanks, A x
  23. Hi, I'm a bit of a pramaholic although now DS is coming up to 2, I've settled down and now only have one pushchair. Some of the ones I've had (can't remember them all!) include: Bebe Confort Loola - bought this when DS was 2 moths old as I wanted a rear facing pram, it was great for that. Didn't get the carry cot as he was fine with it laid as flat as it would go. I liked the way the bag hung on the handles and I found it a really sturdy pram, plus it was easy to fold and fitted easily into the boot of my Clio. It was a little heavy, especially as DS grew, but it was the one I kept longest and I only sold it a couple of months back. I kind of miss it - when I see one I can't help but look longingly at it! M&P Aria - cheap, flimsy and not very sturdy, plus I didn't like the harness at it wasn't fixed at the shoulders so DS used to lean forwards a lot in this and it didn't feel very safe. Nasty. Quinny Buzz - used it twice then sold it. Absolutely hated it, not only were DS's feet right at the bottom of the footmuff but it was unsteady to the point that it nearly tipped over on a hill on it's second outing, which scared the poo out of me and I immediately put it back onto Ebay (and sold it for a profit!). It put me off 3 wheelers for life. Maclaren Techno XT - great strollers, I got mine off a friend 2nd hand and my parents have it now for when they have DS so it's still going strong and it's about 4 years old! Maclaren XLR - this is what I have now. It takes kids up to 65lbs so I'll be keeping it until DS doesn't need a pram anymore (sob!). It's lightweight, roomy and comes with a gorgeous, warm footmuff and raincover, so you don't need to buy any extras. Plus the colours are nice. I hear Bugaboos are great but you have to take the pushchair seat off the chassis to put it in the car, which would right royally annoy me - that's why I've never bothered trying one. I refuse to spend £500 only to have to take the thing apart to put it in the car! Hauck Infinity are supposed to be really good and similar to Bugs, but they are much cheaper and they fold as one unit. I also love ICandy Cherry and Apple and if I ever have another baby I think I'd go for an ICandy or Infinity. HTH and let us know what you decide on. Aqua xxx
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