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  1. I currently have Talk Talk landline, phone calls and broadband and pay £19.99 per month. Been with them almost 3 years. For TV I currently have a freeview box with hard disc drive which means I can record onto it (bit like Sky+ but with fewer channels). I'm about to move house and the street where I'm going to live has access to Virgin cable. There's also a Sky dish on the house and a sky box, but the box won't read the sky card so I'd need a new box. So, when I move in and need to sort out broadband, phone etc, do I: 1. Keep the Freeview box and transfer Talk Talk to that address? 2. Cancel TT and get a Virgin bundle including TV & getting rid of my Freeview box? 3. Cancel TT and get a Sky bundle inc. TV etc, as option 2 - bearing in mind that for this option I'd need a BT landline so would have to factor the cost of that in? WWYD? If anyone has Sky/Virgin packages, would you recommend them? Also would you recommend having Sky+ box or Virgin+ box, rather than a normal one? Trying to decide what to do now, so that I can look into sorting it out before I move and I can have BB, phone etc set up as quickly as poss once I'm in. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Aqua x
  2. I joined Fitness Unlimited in May on a 12 month contract. Part of the reason I joined was I was told they have a creche which they do - but it's only open during the day on weekdays, which they failed to tell me. I work full time so need a creche in the evenings and at weekends. I've tried to make it work but getting a babysitter to watch my child while I go to the gym is a pain plus it's costing me more than a creche would! I'm a single parent so don't have a partner to look after him while I work out. As such, I've only managed to get to the gym about 3 times in the past month which means it isn't worth it money-wise. Is there any way they would allow me to end the contract now based on being given false info re the creche facility? Thanks, Aqua
  3. Thanks, will pop in to register when I've moved.
  4. Thank you everyone for your replies. I've managed to scrape the money together for a private rent (no agency fees, thank god!), so hoping to move in the next month or so. There are some terrible situations on here, and I actually think I'm in a pretty good position compared to some, so I'll leave the council properties for people who need them more than I do. Good luck everyone. A x
  5. Glad you posted this Kitkatmoo, as I'm looking for the same thing! Whereabouts is Woodseats medical centre - which road is it on? Thanks, A x
  6. Thanks everyone. I checked their website prior to posting here and the page wasn't coming up, so I rang them but all their operators were busy and it's a 24 hour callback turnaround, hence posting here. I've sorted it now anyway, thanks. A x
  7. I have a single persons discount so can't work it out from my direct debit, and I've lost my statement. I need it for the solicitors paperwork for the sale of my house, so would really appreciate it if someone could let me know. Thanks, A x
  8. I've just accepted an offer on my house but I won't be making any profit on it, in fact I'll be making a slight loss. I've sold it as I'm struggling to pay the mortgage on my own (ex who I bought it with left 3 1/2 years ago), plus I need to move to be closer to family for personal reasons. However I don't have the money to rent privately - I can just about afford the monthly rent but don't have any money to pay a months' rent upfront or the agency fees. Would I be eligible for a council property? If so, how long would I have to wait? I wouldn't want to live in it for good - just until I pay off my debts and save enough to be able to rent privately. My parents have said me and my son could move in with them in the meantime but they wouldn't want it to be for more than a few months - they are pensioners and having a toddler around would be quite hard for them. Have I got any chance at all of getting a property with the council? A x
  9. Try Letwise, the letting agents on Woodseats nr the bottom of Scarsdale Road - they have loads of properties in S8. Good luck! Kathryn
  10. I'm pretty sure that where my son goes - kidz @ work - can open as early as 7am but you have to let them know in advance if you need that time. They open until 6pm. No idea about sibling discounts though - give them a call to discuss it. http://www.kidzatwork.co.uk/
  11. I need a solicitor for the sale of my property (I'm selling only, not buying). Any recommendations? I'd like someone decent and reasonably priced as I'm on a very tight budget. Thanks, A x
  12. I took my 2 year old to a place at Crystal Peaks, I think it was Klick, or one of those other photo places - it's almost opposite New Look, anyway. They sat him in front of a screen and she was so good with him that it was done in 20 seconds, and he got a lolly! It's one of the best photos he's ever had taken. It cost £5.99 but I got 6 photos, so as I only had to send two off I gave one each to my parents, one in my purse and one on the wall next to me at work. A x
  13. Bonjon, I have to say that's a really honest thing for you to do. I was only in there the other day thinking how easy it must be to leave without your notes at those self service tills. Bet most people would have taken it for themselves, good karma will certainly come your way! x
  14. That's a really good idea, thanks Vinceb. x
  15. Thanks, I've looked on gumtree and there's mainly flats on there, which I don't really want as I've got a toddler and would like a garden for him to play in. Will keep looking though. A x
  16. Thanks everyone, I'm still not sure I'd be able to find a suitable property in my preferred area run by a private landlord rather than an agency, but when the time comes I'll definitely look. x
  17. I would but I expect that's easier said than done, especially as I want to live in a specific area. A
  18. Crikey, it sounds really expensive - I didn't realise! Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely enquire about fees prior to viewing anything. A x
  19. God that's awful, thanks for the warning. Hope you found somewhere else to rent. A x
  20. I'm currently selling my house so I can move to Woodseats, and will most likely rent. Can anyone let me know what kind of fees I can expect to pay to letting agents - is there anything to pay on top of the deposit and months rent in advance? If there's a fee, is it a one-off fee, so for example if you apply for a property and pay a fee then don't get it, if you later apply for another place with the same agent would you have to pay the fee again? Any advice about renting welcomed :-) A x
  21. Try feelunique.com, they have them for £95.95: http://www.feelunique.com/p/GHD-New-IV-Styler.html I've bought stuff from them before, very reliable and it arrives quickly. It's free delivery too! Don't forget to get cashback (7.5%, so will get around £7 back) by buying through http://www.topcashback.co.uk. Hope that helps! A x
  22. Thanks everyone, think I'll give both Ponds Forge and Hillsborough a try. It has to be one of those as I'm a fitness unlimited member so it seems pointless paying to swim anywhere else when I've already paid to go there! I work FT so it will have to be a weekend, so will try and get there quite early so it's not overly full. Thanks, A x
  23. I want to take my son swimming, he'll be 3 next month. Out of Ponds Forge, Hillsborough and Concord, which has the best facilities for taking a toddler swimming e.g which has a baby pool, warm water, family changing rooms etc? Ponds Forge is nearest to me but I'm not sure it has a baby pool. Thanks, A x
  24. I've had these three agents round and can't decide who to go with. I wanted someone who had presence at Crystal Peaks and/or Gleadless as I'm at Richmond. I also had Halifax round but wasn't keen on them, so they are definitely a no-no. Initially I thought to go with Blundells but have read some awful things about them on here which has made me think twice, plus they want some of their fees upfront which has put me off. Haybrooks seem ok but I don't like their website - do you think this is a major issue seeing as most people look at rightmove first? All their fees are payable upon completion. WH Brown were ok but she vastly overvalued my house and when I said I knew I'd never get that she said 'Oh, we can put it on lower if you prefer', so I'm not sure I trust them and feel worried that I know the local market better than they do! They also want some of their fees upfront, although not as much as Blundells. All three are no sale no fee, apart from the upfront fees for Blundells and WH Browns, and they all work on a fixed fee rather than a percentage. Any advice on the above agents? A x
  25. I moved my son from a cot to a bed about 6 weeks ago and he's been fine. He was almost 33 months and I'm glad I waited until he was a bit older as he understood more about moving into his big boys bed. I was lucky enough to get a fantastic junior bed off Freecycle and just bought a new mattress for it. I bought him a single duvet from Argos value range (about £4), I think it's either 4tog or 4.5tog. I had a spare pillow so he uses that. His bedding was just normal single duvet and pillow case set from Asda, set of 2 for £12 - one has cars on and one stripes, so really nice for toddlers. As the duvet is lots bigger than his bed, I tuck quite a chunk of it under his mattress at one end, then tuck the sides in once he's in, as that helps to stop him falling out during the night. Oh, and I put a safety gate on his bedroom door, so that if he gets up before me he can't get out and cause havoc! Hope that helps, I'm sure he'll be fine. A x
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