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  1. I've recently moved to Woodseats and my son (almost 4) is still in nursery near where we used to live which is a bit of a trek. I'd like to move him to one around Woodseats so we can walk there, ideally the one that joins to Woodseats school as he's got a place there to start in January next year. Does anyone know what the nurseries around Woodseats are like, and if there are any places for a 4 year old (as he will be soon)? He'll need a place for around 15 hours a week, until the end of December. Thanks! Aqua x
  2. Thanks everyone, so brilliant ideas there - will give them a try!
  3. I completely forgot about Heeley City Farm, he loves the animal part of Graves park so would probably like it there, thanks! How much is it to get in please?
  4. My DS is almost four and I'm wanting to expand our horizons and take him to some new places, so I'd love some suggestions please. Any parks, playcentres, day trips, museums etc. that anyone knows of would be great (the cheaper the better, lol!). Thanks, Aqua
  5. Have you tried any of the high street TAs? Just wanted to say I've been to Cuba 3 times and it's amazing, you'll have a great time!
  6. As a few others have said, the fee for Club V is £12 pm for over 3s and they can go swimming for free as well as get into Club V for free. They tend to draw, play with books/toys in the room or play on what's called the big A - a large climbing play frame like the ones in soft play centres. Re. under 3s, when my son was younger I used to buy a card for £30 which gave me 10 hours of creche use - it was more expensive to pay as you go - £3.75 per hour I think. The care was good but they won't make bottles up, so you need to do them before you go if you think they'll need a feed while you're there, and they'll put it in the fridge for when it's needed. They change kids' nappies etc. though. You'll need to book in advance to get a place in the baby room as it's a strict baby/carer ratio so they only have room for a few babies at one time. Each time you sign your child in you have to say where you;ll be - gym, pool, climbing wall, wherever - and if there are any problems with your child they'll tannoy you. I tend to go after work, so around 6-7pm, and it's busy but never so busy that you're waiting around for equipment to become free - there's always something to go on. Weekends are quieter. The car park can get really full in the evenings but there's an overspill car park round the back of the building. Hope this helps you make a decision.
  7. I used Avante Removals - http://www.avanteremovals.co.uk - when I moved from S13 to S8 last summer and can't recommend them highly enough. They were polite, quick and very reasonably priced. They even dismantled my wardrobes at the other end as they woulnd't fit up the stairs, then put them back together in the bedroom. Would definitely use them next time I move. A x
  8. Awww, some lovely stories! I'm single and looking, but like some others would be very nervous of attending a meet on my own. Maybe I'll pluck up the courage someday... A x
  9. I used Avante when I moved last August, and would highly recommend them. They moved me from 3 bed semi to a 3 bed terrace across town and the whole process took about 4 hours - much quicker than I imagined it would. They even dismantled the wardrobes and put them back together again at the other end as they wouldn't go up the stairs in the terrace! Very reasonably priced and friendly blokes too - I'll definitely use them next time I move. http://www.avanteremovals.co.uk/ x
  10. They do In the Night Garden cakes at Asda, I bought one from there a while ago. Think it was around £6 ish.
  11. I echo what the others have said - you have no chance, sorry. I'm in a similar situation as I have a 3 year old, I work full time and rent a 3 bed house privately as there's no way I'd be entitled to a council property. The good thing about renting privately is you can choose your preferred area, so can move close to decent schools etc, which I look at as a major positive in favour of renting privately (schools won't be of interest to you now, but just wait 2 or 3 years!). I'd say that you're in a pretty good position to keep renting privately if one of you works full time and you also go back part time after your maternity leave. I'm a single parent so only have one salary coming in, out of which I pay full rent, full council tax etc and don't get any maintenance so I pay everything from one salary, including my son's nursery fees. So I'd think that on 2 wages you should be fine with a little budgeting. Don't forget you'll be entitled to certain money from the government when your baby is here which will help - child benefit which everyone gets, plus you may be entitled to tax credits or working tax credits depending on your household income. You can get a 2 or 3 bed house for less than £500 rent per month. I pay £500 pcm for a 3 bed terrace but I looked at cheaper ones when I was looking for this and there are plenty on Rightmove. A x
  12. I used to live at Richmond and went to Manor Top Fish Bar, which was gorgeous but a tad expensive. Now I'm at Woodseats and I'd say that Woodseats Fisheries (think it's called that - has a blue and yellow fascia, near to Blundells) is fab and much cheaper - so I can afford mushy peas as well as cod and chips, lol!
  13. Wow, I didn't know that, thanks! Still not sure he'd get into Abbey Lane as it's not quite our catchment school (by 1 road, typical!), but will definitely go and look round.
  14. Thanks for the advice, everyone. I'm going to make appointments to see both when half term is over, although to be fair I reckon he won't get into Abbey Lane anyway as it's always so over subscribed. However the breakfast and after schools clubs at Woodseats sound really useful - I didn't realise they finish as late as 6pm (even though I don't finish work until 5.30 and it takes me more than 30 mins to get home!). Some very useful info there, thanks. x
  15. I was just wondering if primary schools have open days/evenings where you can look round, speak to teachers etc. like the comprehensives do? I'm thinking of visiting Abbey Lane, Woodseats and Greenhill primaries anyway but it would be good if they did a specific open day. Thanks, Aqua x
  16. Why not change to sky? I've just moved and have decided to go with Sky for everything - TV, broadband, phone and landline - yes, you can get your landline rental from them too and don't have to pay BT for line rental! If you get all the lot it's a really good deal - I pay about £30 a month for everything, whereas I was previously with Talk Talk and paid £21 per month just for phone and BB! I only have the basic TV package but it's plenty, and much better than Freeview which I had previously. Plus they've just given me movies and sport for free for a month, then I get them for £5 per month for the following 2 months. I was recommended by a friend and due to that I got a free sky + box and free installation - if you ever want recommending just pm me. Can't beat it, imo! A x
  17. Awww, leave the OP alone, he sounds like a really nice bloke! OP - I've got a little boy but I'm single, so you never know - just cos the kids were with her doesn't mean she's taken. Good tip next time is to check the left hand for signs of rings. Hope you find her, or someone else decent (which rules out most people who replied to you above . A x
  18. I've just moved to Woodseats and need a window cleaner. Does anyone know of a window cleaner in that area that comes around monthly or fortnightly? Thanks, A x
  19. I need to apply for my son to attend primary school at the end of this year and we live slap bang in between these two schools. If any of your children attend either one I'd love to hear your opinions. I understand Woodseats has wraparound care in the form of a breakfast club and afterschool clubs but does Abbey Lane? What time do these end? I work FT so need to ensure there'll be care for my son until I can pick him up. Any other comments? Thanks, Aqua x
  20. That's absolutely brilliant, thanks, just what I was after! A x
  21. Want to go by car but I'm no good at reading maps. I'm better if someone says 'Go down parkway, go onto M1, come off at J36' or whatever. Ta. x
  22. I'll be coming from S13 near Prince of Wales Rd/Parkway. And is it open? I read on here that parts of it are closed. Thanks, A x
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