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  1. Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser/barber in the S8 area, please? My son is 10 and we've been to the same barber for years, which we drive to, but he hated the last cut and wants to go somewhere else. Think he wants something more modern with a bit more style - typical pre-teen! I know there are loads of salons on Woodseats but I'd love some recommendations please, as I've no idea which ones are good. Within walking distance of Woodseats/Abbey Lane would be ideal. Thanks all.

  2. Thanks for the garage recommendation, I'll give them a ring. No idea where they are but I have a trusty A-Z!


    The sunroof leak is definitely leaking between the car roof and sunroof frame, not where the glass is, as it's coming through the material and the front seats are getting soaked. I don't want to go messing about under the bonnet myself as I'm not mechanically minded at all - I'll leave that to the professionals!

  3. I've got an 11 year old Renault Clio which needs some repairs. The first thing is the sunroof leaks so think the seal needs replacing. The other thing is it has an intermittent stalling issue. I've done a bit of online research and it seems the most likely reason for this is the electric throttle body needs replacing, which apparently is a very common issue in that era of Clio.


    Can anyone recommend a garage that is good with Clios? Ideally in or close to S8. Thanks.

  4. They do this around S8 too. About a month ago my dad was coming to my house at around 8am, as he takes my son to school on the days I work. I live in a terrace, and as my dad was coming down the passage between the houses to get to my back door. a man was coming the other way. He saw my dad and said 'Just looking for scrap mate', then left. The passage leads to four back yards/gardens, so he was clearly casing gardens for stuff to steal. I left for work shortly after but didn't see them myself, although if I catch them in my garden or any of my neighbour's gardens nicking stuff, there'll be hell to pay.

  5. Tesco on Woodseats is open and they have bread and milk but are running out fast - it was packed full of people buying those huge bottles of milk, and they only had a few bags of breadcakes left and not much bread. With the amount some people were buying, I was wondering if we are about to experience armageddon, or a similar 'Survivors' type situation. I went in for a few essentials - bread, milk, chocolate, wine. Am now happy.


    Greggs across the road is also open, but not sure how long for as I didn't go in. Just be warned - the pavements are slippery and mushy, which will be fun tomorrow if it all freezes over tonight.

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