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  1. Him has anyone for any fruit for wine/jam making please? :-)
  2. Hi, has anyone got any plums that I can have to make some wine please Thanks, Sue
  3. Hi, the dogs have got really interested in something under her decking, can't see any cats/kittens. Can anyone suggest a humanity way to catch them/leng me a trap,if possible. Thanks
  4. Hi, has anyone got an acer they want to sell please :-)
  5. Hi, Strange request but I need some basic wooded shapes cutting out, around 6/7 inches,me need around twenty Thanks for looking :-)
  6. Hi, looking for some decent sized bamboo plants, anyone have some for sale? Thanks, Sue
  7. Hi, Sorry I have only just picked up your message. If you could inbox me please with details that would be great. Thanks, Sue
  8. Hi, I am looking for some koi/goldfish for sale to restock my pond. Would prefer to buy from private owner if possible please. Thanks, Sue
  9. Hi does anyone know how much it would cost to replace a wheel bearing on a fiesta please? Thanks, Sue
  10. Hi, does anyone know why they are fencing off the dam at Redmires, are they going to fence if all the dams?
  11. Hi, I know you posted this quite a while ago but wondered if you are still looking for someone to walk with. I have just moved back to Sheffield and am looking for someone to walk my two year old dog with. Thanks, Sue
  12. Thanks for coming back to me, cost is the main problem.....he's adorable and someone at home all day wd adore having him around :-)
  13. Hi, I'm moving back to Sheffield in the next few weeks and looking for someone I could leave my dog with when I'm at work rather than him being walked. He's very well trained and extremely loving and just loves pottering about wherever you are. Money is tight so haven't got much to spare due to relocating. I live in S6. Please drop me a line if you can help, once someone meets him they will fall in love with him. :-)
  14. Hi Can anyone recommend good letting agency in Sheffield (S6) for a property I am considering letting out? Thanks
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