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  1. I know he does caricatures to order I dont know about visits you will have to get in touch with him...he's good http://www.blist.co.uk/
  2. Redbull is actually banned in France
  3. Think your all missing the vital element..Traffic wardens bring in money to keep the idle rich in the luxury they deserve..councillors expense claims etc..Soldiers are cannon fodder and expendable in the time of war...again keeping the rich in luxury,arms contracts,oil fiddles etc,It takes years of practice to be a complete arsehole,there is one or two on here who would certainly pass such criteria..your yellow band is waiting
  4. Err and then theres Rotherham United or will that be Attercliffe United.. Think I had better shut up Mind you theres one thing about Rotherham..we know we are crap..Leeds havent realised that they are yet
  5. Your right there ..sometimes the law is an ass..Tony Martin should still be locked up..it was pre-meditated murder,nothing else.
  6. Fethiye market...versace and armani shirts 3 for a tenner:D
  7. £100 to see a makeshift England team,considering the low income in T & T was daylight robbery
  8. Switzerland 0 Czech 2 Portugal 2 Turkey 0 Austria 0 Croatia 2 Germany 0 Poland 0 Romania 0 France 1 Holland 2 Italy 1 Spain 1 Russia 1 Greece 3 Sweden 1 Note the draw for Germany..usually slow starters
  9. If the same product is being sold on Ebay ,trust me it will be 100% legal to purchase it and carry it...Now using it that may be a different kettle of fish entirely,the way the laws are the recipitant of the spray,innocent or guilty ,will probably have legal means of obtaining an assault charge,the "use of reasonable force" laws are very complicated
  10. they refund the original postage charge but do they refund the return postage charge,that is the question being asked here
  11. Obviously in some strange way the answer they require is some indication of your psychology,so asking for ideas on here is probably the wrong idea,they are judging you as a person not SF as a group.
  12. Said all along these two have been playing into Mcains hands..America is not ready for a Black ppresident as yet and they wont want a Woman,they saw what happened when we elected one as leader!!
  13. Translated...He talks a load of crap
  14. Last year I had a spate of..."item not arrived"and was refunding..items were not all that expensive so I didnt bother with all the rigmarole of claiming from royal mail then it started to get serious so now I add on the bottom of my listings that if an item is lost the buyer will be forwarded the post slip,funnily enough Royal Mails service suddenly improved and items stopped going "missing"
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