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  1. Would you advise me on the new boiler?it's for tenantsso not the hard one to manage.something reasonable and easy to maintain. I have hot water cylinder in cupboard should I go with the boiler without having the hot water cylinder. regards
  2. hi,what time does it start?
  3. exactly the same with my 5yr old son.i remember taking him to hospital after midnight and it was noticed then he really had some wheezes sound from his chest so they nebularized him and gave him inhaler for the future.its still not diagnosed as asthma but they wont until he is ?yr old. now every time he is ill ,he is end up using the inhaler but he feels better then.
  4. no i have not got wall socket. ---------- Post added 13-01-2015 at 23:15 ---------- it was my friend who collected it and she didnt feel right to returned the tab after he came to deliver.but after all that i have checked the box should have tab,cable,wall charger,i have sent this men texts and all he said the tab does not come with wall charger.which is not correct.nevermind ---------- Post added 13-01-2015 at 23:28 ---------- he has just put new tab,and copy/pasted all about tab and not mentioned any thing. ---------- Post added 13-01-2015 at 23:32 ---------- i am just not good with these thing ,some one here have offered me one .a big thank you for all of your comments ---------- Post added 13-01-2015 at 23:34 ---------- message to administrator---would you please close the thread
  5. Well it was to be given as a gift and that person don't always have laptop/pc to charge this.my friend baught same with everything so i expected the same thats why I paid full asking price . ---------- Post added 13-01-2015 at 11:04 ---------- i know but i just couldnt get to the shop and thought it saving me £39 and its new.
  6. Hi, A person here posted samsung tab 4 for £100.he said the tab was new.we arranged the time and he came to deliver as planned.my friend gave him £100.he just showed her open box with tab and cable .no charger/plug .i don't think its the complet deal.the box comes with tab,USB cable and the plug to go on the electrical socket .when I asked him he just said the box only came with the cable.i don't know much about these thing but feels that he has not played fair deal .i have lost my trust and feels angry on this man.
  7. I also went with my kids.as my dough yet was coming out from the bouncy castle i was shocked to see couple of misbehaved teenager boys running and jumping in and out from the same bouncy castle.i felt sorry for the lady working for the service as her voice were simply ignored .i felt there was more crowed of young boys just wandering .
  8. On Monday I went to net West Bank at firth park for my hubby at 1315hr.i took a fast track deposit envelope ,putted my money inside and started to write information but then have to change the envelop to write correctly.i know I wasn't well that day but anyway I posted that envelop to the acquired place and returned home.my husband waited and waited all evening and then next day morning for money to appear into his account eventually we went to the bank and enquired about it it then we were informed that I actually put empty envelope and left envelope with money (I had only written sort code on it) but someone generous and kind has handed them that envelop . So whoever you are I thank you ,thank you and thank you again.
  9. Crying right know,my heart goes to the family . I don't understand why this happening.i fear that it could be me next time and no one will ever know the motive behind it (but I will tell you now I am a mother who work hard for her two kids to feed them.) Condolence to the family.
  10. Thanks for all your advice.i am still browsing on schools and nurseries.
  11. yes bullying is happening in the ward and if you wanted a evidence.you just have t0 go and sit in the hospital ward for few minutes.especially when there is staff from other country.
  12. Thanks for your advice snowbird I will definitely search the council web tonight.
  13. hi my daughter is 3yrs old now.she is starting nursery in jan 2013.some peoples in toddler group have said i should apply in the school for her.she is my first child.i am just confused .any idea on schools arround s4 and s5? any advise or suggetion will be welcome many thanks
  14. hi.just wondering how can i step into health visiting as i am a NHS nurse already. as i am confused with the information provided. many thanks in advance for any advise.
  15. hi i am interested to know what age group are you talking about.my daughter is 2-3 yr and i have started to do it as a hobby at present.i have few example of them if you wanted i can send you via email.many thanks
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