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  1. Cheers for all the replys guys manor boxing club il message you
  2. boxing is a sport as said above just like karate or judo , what a lot of people fail to realise is boxing also teaches you discipline and respect , it also gives them an hobby , but thanks for the failed parenting advice
  3. where is a good place to take my 5 year old to learn boxing? , must be in the Sheffield area any info appreciated
  4. I'm after some black Venetian blinds made to measure in Sheffield , any ideas where's decent with decent prices . Cheers
  5. I'd watch the undercard if I was you , it's Anthony Joshua , he's a world champ in the making , very good boxer who will dominate it in the very near future
  6. Anyone know where in Sheffield that sells desperado red?
  7. Anyone know someone or somewhere I can take my xbox 360 to have the laser repaired please?
  8. As title says where in Sheffield can I purchase a new belt for a flymo lawn mower Cheers
  9. I'm at Gleadless so I'm quite away from you but I can try and get a lift I'd get bus but I wouldn't be back in time for the school run
  10. How much and where is collection from please
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