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  1. As i am getting hitched in July,i am looking round for a wedding car for the big day. We quite fancied a Rolls Royce,or something similar maybe,and i just wondered if anyone had any advice,or recommendations.We don't want to pay an arm & a leg for one,but do want something nice. If you own a nice car,please PM me.Thanks.
  2. I swear,i've just seen Ron Weesley at a bus stop in Woodhouse!! If it wasn't him,he has a twin living in Sheffield!
  3. A few months ago i was driving along Owlthorpe Greenway towards Moss Way.When driving round the blind bend a cop car with flashing light,was on the wrong side of the road and missed me by inches!
  4. No there's too many murders there!You would just be watching your back constantly,especially if you were having an affair with a lady in the village!
  5. Have you ever written to the problem page in a paper or a magazine such as Dear Deirdrie etc? 'I don't know how to kiss','Can you get pregnant by petting','I caught my hubby in my clothes','We haven't had sex for 3 years' etc etc. Has anyone done this,if so,what did you write? By the way,i have NEVER written a similar letter myself,except wearing my OH's undies of course!!
  6. http://youtube.com/watch?v=qaaeUuHHBHg&feature=related Reelin' and Rockin'...........
  7. What are the scores Marjorie Daws?
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