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  1. I know there was a company in Sheffield that dealt just *with* Sheffield, called something Angels (I can't remember what the "something" was though). Some people may find these links to FREE patterns helpful: http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/stoke/hi/people_and_places/newsid_8674000/8674298.stm http://www.knittingwomen.com/35-free-knitting-patterns-for-preemie-babies/
  2. Does anyone on here know if the lad in the RTA outside the Co-Op on Mansfield Road yesterday evening made it? I passed the accident on the bus when I was going to work. He looked in a bad way - prone on the road, bloodied face and shirt open. My guess was that the paramedics had been working on him. I don't know the circumstances but hope he is OK.
  3. Has anyone heard of this happening? A relative has cats registered with the PDSA on Newhall Road. They were meant to be going to be neutered last Thursday. Apparently, they phoned and cancelled the appointment and rescheduled for today (at 11.45? Seems a weird time to be taking in for neutering IMO, seeing as they need to be settled, sedated and prepped before surgery). Said relative is now saying it's not today now, but next week. I'm calling BS but without calling the PDSA myself and asking (which they may not tell me due to confidentiality) I'm unsure. Has anyone had this happen to them?
  4. There's another CATS session coming up this Thursday(March 9th) if anyone wants to come. It's between 11 and 2.30 again and the link is below to register http://www.fono-productions.co.uk/workshops/sheffield-cats/
  5. Does anyone know if Mr Pretzels in Meadowhall have vanished or just moved? It was one of the very few things I actually liked about the place and now they appear to have gone. I can't find any updates on their website and the place where their shop was, near The Oasis and The Lanes was boarded over when I went a few weeks ago.
  6. How about this link: http://www.steelcitycutlery.com/pocketknife.html
  7. I think as long as the passenger has proof of purchase (eg, a receipt) the driver should let them on. I always make sure I have my receipt in my card wallet. I've had these card errors a few times too but the drivers have always let me on and not even asked to see evidence of purchase. I hope the poor man complained. Not guaranteed anything will happen if he did but the bus companies have to know when their staff are behaving like this.
  8. A friend that lives near here asked me if I know what happened. They were coming home from Owlerton Stadium on Friday night and there were lots of police about. Yesterday morning she says it was full of forensics people in the white suits. Does anyone know what's going on?
  9. One of my favourite childhood memories was going to Wentworth as a school trip. We got to see some of the rooms in Wentworth Woodhouse too. Not many though, as there weren't many open to the public. I think it was still Lady Mabel then. I know a ghost hunt company, Simply Ghost Nights (based in Doncaster) have a vigil planned there in the New Year.
  10. I noticed that the shop that used to be USC at the bottom of Fargate near the entrance to Chapel Walk is going to become a branch of Paperchase. Now the thing is, I'm trying to find out about jobs for a friend that doesn't have internet access, but when you go to the job links on the Paperchase website there is nothing listed for this location (even though they say to apply through the website). When you go to their FAQs, clicking on the jobs link there takes you to the page with no listings for that shop - you don't even seem able to send them a query email about it as it says that any sales team recruitment is done through their stores (even though the shop isn't open yet nor has an opening date advertised)! Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance...
  11. Andy, personally I commute between Hackenthorpe and the top of Woodhouse Road/Manor Top-Catcliffe during the week and Saturdays but on Sundays it's Hackenthorpe-city centre-Catcliffe. Someone at Travel Line a while ago had said that there had been a public consultation meeting about the service for Sheffield last November but I didn't see anything anywhere about it and I don't know anyone else that did either. The thing is, with the way they're working the buses now it's as though they're trying to get rid of the services entirely by making them as awkward as possible for people that work late (staff in Morrison's next door to us don't finish until 11pm so have it even worse), almost as though they're trying to make out that they're "underused" and so not worth the cost of running. I mean, why make the services run at such daft times and make it so difficult for people that use them on a daily basis? The number 70 doesn't even go anywhere near Rotherham now - it runs a Dore-Poplar Way (Catcliffe) circular route.
  12. I thought I'd start this thread just to get an idea of how many other people are having problems with these services. Background: For ages there were fairly OK bus services between these areas (when they ran to time, or at all!) until the 32 and X14 services were taken off in July and swapped for the 70, 72, 72A and 74. Before the changes I was able to just leave an hour and a half to get to work and it took me approximately an hour to get home, whatever shift I worked. Now, if I work a Sunday shift I have to leave at least 2 hours to get to work and, unless I walk to Asda at Handsworth I have no choice but to go right into Sheffield and dog-leg back to where we live after the end of my shift. It's as bad at night too. There's only one bus that serves the area (unless I walk to Handsworth along a narrow, rough path through the woods along the side of the Parkway) and it runs at three minutes to the hour, which is totally no good when your shift finishes at 8pm or later - and it goes all the way into Sheffield - so there's that dog-leg again, taking nearly two hours for me to get home. It's worse for some of my colleagues - there's no buses at night that run to Swallownest, so they either have to rely on friends, colleagues or driving family members, or walk home, which is not a safe option at this time of year. Yes I've complained. I was told that it's being reviewed "in the Autumn" (no idea when in the Autumn, though!), another colleague was told in October, and another was told that they wouldn't be looking at it until at least next January! How many others reading this have complained? What were you told? Were you given a resolution or fed a total crock? Let us all know. We might be able to get something sorted if we all band together...
  13. If you know which the sting is it can be treated easily at home. Bee stings are usually left in as the action of stinging pulls the sting from the bee's abdomen as it pulls away - it has a barb on it. A bee sting can be neutralised by a solution of bicarbonate of soda and water with cotton wool, but you also have to make sure the sting has been removed as it will still pump venom into the sting site. If you can get your pet to sit still enough, and if you can see the sting attached to its sac, use some tweezers to gently grasp the sting below the sac and pull it out carefully, then dab with bicarb solution to start neutralising it. Wasps don't tend to leave a sting in the sting site but it can be treated with some diluted-down vinegar (even vinegar on its own won't hurt if it's external) with cotton wool. Easiest way to remember it is bees - bicarb. Handy idea to have a few vinegar sachets and twists of bicarb in cling-film stored in your first aid boxes as the above also applies to humans for sting neutralisation. The thing you have to watch most for is where the sting is and how it swells. If it's around the face or neck the swelling can close off airways and cause suffocation if not treated quickly. It's also possible for the animal to have an anaphylactic reaction, which can happen really quickly. The following link might be useful to some of you: http://www.hillspet.com/dog-care/what-to-do-when-wasp-bee-sting-dog-adult.html
  14. Yes, I came past on the bus about half an hour ago and it was all police taped off.
  15. It'll have wandered a fair way if it came form Graves Park!
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