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  1. as of this week they carboots i know of that are on are oldcoats carboot at blyth chesterfield carboot at the football ground doncaster carboot at the football ground but please check that they are on as due to weather some times they are cancelled hope this helps every one
  2. any one know if Thorpe Hesley & High Green CC - Car Boot is on tomorrow sep 9th
  3. any one that has not been in years should come down theys lots to see and buy loads of records as well
  4. just hope they finds a new out let the area needs a place like this
  5. down stairs at the nicholas building 3 very good traders selling some fantastic records
  6. have you been back to the old house thats where mine went to it took him 2 days to get there but that was only 3 miles away keep looking
  7. was told BOWSHAW CAR BOOT SALE was back on this week who is running it now any one know
  8. yes lee is down stairs i will pm you his number
  9. yes he is still there go in and give him a call a real nice man
  10. if any one has his phone number could you please pm me it would love to buy some stuff from him
  11. you can get a copy of the mojo book at the nicholas building down stairs in the vintage center they is a person that sells all sheffield type books and he has the mojo one and hes cheep
  12. dont know if i can put this i sell rock music on lps and singles and all under £10 well most lol i bought a fantastic collection of rock yes i kept about 150 for my self so if any one wants a look i am in the nicholas building at shalesmore on the ground level look for back to vintage i only put them in last week so they is about 300 albums and 500 singles and yes they all very good condition just go in and ask for pauls records and i will be in most weekends
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