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  1. why would i have, or need that? You just need to walk past the station to know there is an issue there, if people are happy with that then fine. You admit something needs to be done but accept that nothing ever is, why not try something different? if it works great, if it doesnt then at least its a topic for discussion.
  2. All this 'i dont have a choice bleating makes me smile' you chose where you live you and where you work, you are choosing how dependent you are on car. Protests which disturb the very people who are causing the problem seems sensible to me.
  3. Well you are talking about it. Protests like this arent designed to win support there are designed to cause disruption. Like the lorry drivers on the M1 the idea is to get the politicians talking about the issues.
  4. The turnover on ecclesall road has always been high, possibly because the high rents mean new business can start to struggle very quickly. There are several places which have been on eccy road for a long while and it always seems busy. High turnover isnt an issue as long as the vacant premises get filled quickly.
  5. About half of all cars on the motorways exceed the speed limit at some point but approx 90% keep it below 80mph. So just to clarify you think the law should be adjusted to how good people think they are at driving?
  6. Until anything actually comes from that potential its a white elephant. Lots of money and resource has been used to create this strategies which arent really worth anything without the funding.
  7. My personal view is that other cities havent suffered as much as Sheffield from out of town shopping. When Meadowhall opened it was the second biggest out of town shopping centre in the uk, when you combine that with the transport links the draw was massive, Shops located there rather than the city centre so the football increased at the detriment of the city centre.
  8. Or more likely that you dont want to pay very much for parking. Which is completely up to you. Parking is not the issue so why spend so much time talking about it. All high streets are suffering due to increases in online sales, Sheffield is suffering more that most because of the pull of Meadowhall.
  9. The FFP rules are designed to protect clubs in the long term. No one has an endless pit of money, how has spending millions worked out so far? If you take the risk and it pays off no one moans, if it doesn't you just have to take the consequences.
  10. Baby and toddler clothes are clothes irrespective of who wears them, is it wrong to label them as boys and girls clothes?
  11. Is everyone racist? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-40124781
  12. Ha ha its so worth the massive queues and traffic congestion it causes. Just to clarify i am being (very) sarcastic. Out of interested when it is so i know to work from home that day.
  13. Google is your friend, no one ever dies from air pollution........ How does air pollution affect our health? Our physical and psychological wellbeing is affected differently by the kind of air pollution we are exposed to. There are many organs and bodily functions that can be harmed, the consequences including: Respiratory diseases Cardiovascular damage Fatigue, headaches and anxiety Irritation of the eyes, nose and throat Damage to reproductive organs Harm to the liver, spleen and blood Nervous system damage. Urban populations are more exposed to suffer the effects of air pollution and, in this context, people who are already ill are particularly vulnerable, as are children and the elderly. https://www.activesustainability.com/environment/effects-air-pollution-human-health/ and someone who hopefully knows what they are talking about, the World Health Organisation, say "Evidence shows that air pollution at current levels in European cities is responsible for a significant burden of deaths, hospital admissions and exacerbation of symptoms. WHO/Europe works to make sure that the available evidence on the health risks of air pollution is used in public debate and in policy-making. The air we breathe contains emissions from motor vehicles, industry, heating and commercial sources, as well as tobacco smoke and household fuels. Air pollution harms human health, particularly in those already vulnerable because of their age or existing health problems". http://www.euro.who.int/en/health-topics/environment-and-health/air-quality/air-quality
  14. https://geopunk.co.uk/council/Rotherham-District-(B) for anyone who is confused about the boundary
  15. ok you are correct, you dont step directly onto the pavement but not far off. Do you seriously think Psalter Lane is more suitable for HGVs? I agree the pollution is bad, but its an existing issue. If you are worried about pollution dont live near one the main routes into the city.
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