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  1. Cool story, major cool, I just loved "Hinde House Man" he certainly picked the wrong ex student, hope he winced.
  2. Pitsmoor had almost nowhere to get anything in the late 60's either. My GrandMother used to brave the main road to get to that funny little postoffice that was sort of perched up on a bit of high ground across from the park. My Grandad used to bus it down to the market in town. What happened to the Catholic boys college on Scott Road, was it De La Salle or something like that. I remember the motorbike dealers at the bottom of Spital Hill in 1970 trying to sell Triumphs and BSA's that nobody wanted.
  3. Luckily for me I never made it for the Sept 70 term, I do remember (does anyone else) having to make the trek from the youngsters bit of the school (Skoil) up to the main bit, was it for Friday morning assembly and that is when you would as a youngster get to see the feared Edwards, I didnt know much about him other than I didnt want to tangle with him. Anyone remember a little guy with jet black hair who loved playing pennies at lunchtime, his name was Frank Norman, and I used to skip school at lunchtime with Frank and visit this bombed out warzone that had a chip oil, and thats where my tanner (or was it 1/6d) that should have bought the lunch ticket (recall those). There were some very cool teachers amongst the ones that were close to a nervous breakdown. Does anyone recall, I think it might have been early 69 when another school, was it Burngreave, closed down and that meant that us 12/13 year olds had a load of 14/15 year olds from there descend upon us, and they were completely cracked roughnecks, I think I spent the second term learning how to fight. Studio 7 down in Attercliffe comes to mind, as does sneaking into Easy Rider which was x rated in a probably long demolished cinema not that far from Firth Park, anyone remember which one it might have been? I do remember being very proud that Joe Cocker who was on top of the pops was from Sheffield, and t'Grease Band. David Tate, Stewart Taylor (lipper) was my mate, and there were a couple of gals in the class who I was hot for!!! I lived on Abbeyfield Rd in Pitsmoor (I was born there too) dont quite now what goes on in Pitsmoor now, had a fight on the top of the double decker on the way home one day, with get this, a very tough very mean, and very strong black girl, who ended up taking her shoe off and whacking me on the skull with it, I think I got one good shot in and then jumped off the bus a bit quick :-)), who knows I probably deserved it.
  4. Hey thanks Ally68, and for the smileys. Yes I pride myself on my tardiness ;-)) Drop us a direct email at wickerman@mail.com if you like. Sheffuld rools oK!!!
  5. Well Edwards I know lived on the outskirts (then) of Sheffield in some god forsaken outpost possibly a bit like Hadfield ;-)) but it was probably more like Dronfield. But certainly far enough away to be safeish from kids hell bent on revenge. My workmate has just got hold of the I didnt know you cared dvd,s and memories of the now demolished bits of Sheffield that were down the bank from Hinde House came flooding back. Basically at the end of the 60's that bit of Sheffield was a haunting mixture of what was, and what was to come (and now I hear they have demolished the hole in the road in't City Centre). Anybody remember Sutherland Rd Baths? Also, longshot is there anybody up here who witnessed Jimi Hendrix Experience at The City Hall in November of 67?
  6. Lordy lordy, he wasnt the guy from Georgieland who I for one couldnt understand, I told him so one day in class, thought he was going to blow a fuse.
  7. Hahahahahah, nice one. I take it fair and square on the chin, perhaps I meant "taut" Great way to start Monday morning. Julian
  8. Hi, and thanks for the reply. Yes you started basically just as I had finished, and had to start at a school in Gloucestershire which was a major cultural shock (not entirely positive). I remember Miss Grigorian very well, I suppose hundreds of years ago she would have been Persian, she was quite cool. But Edwards and Turner were quite the stormtroopers I recall. Is it true that there was a riot at Hinde House early in your time there? I heard rumour that the kids threw the chairs at the teachers on the assembly hall stage and it made the Sheffield newspaper. Cheers. Julian
  9. Hi, so much time has gone by and most of the folks I knew in the dim and distant past will be nudging 50 by now. But..... I started at Hinde House Comprehensive in Sept 68 and was finished by July 70. But that short time is burned on my memory. David Tate, Stuart Lipton, Michael Humberstone. Mr Sagar was the form tutor. Anyone remember me, I was recalled by my parents to Gloucestershire after a term of particularly rowdy behaviour. Julian Sims
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