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  1. Wait for the top banana gang tonight around the Rude shipyard.
  2. Spot on! Pressman is a parody of himself (1980s DJ), reminiscent of Smashie and Nicie, but without the irony. The boring, formulaic structure and content of his shows now extend to an interminable three hours on Sunday ... well, I think so, because I turn to Radio 5 as soon as he intones childishly in his unfunny stupid voice about the Evil Cluemaster. Tedious, infantile and very, very annoying. I agree that clueless is rubbish. There are plenty of local activities that could be reported onat that time on a Sunday, festivals, markets, Abbeydale cultural corridor. Thats without local sports that are taking place.Health clubs, football teams, outdoor pursuits. We live on the edge of the Peak district, so why not explore that?
  3. Beats me how can the driver can cause this damage as there are traffic caming measures all around and a bus gate.
  4. The constant tirade of criticism directed at Toby Foster is disproportionate, I really don't understand it.
  5. Any improvement of this park is good news, as the last time I was there wasn't a pleasant experience.
  6. He then went on to have a fantastic career in the rock band Queen.
  7. Do you think that Sheffield Star's main headline may supply the answer? http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-drug-dealers-who-made-2-6m-ordered-to-pay-back-just-20-000-1-8101427
  8. Sorry, correction. Its a modern custom for lunatics to drive like cretins and that everyone has to put up with it.
  9. Nice try but the kids probably don't know who their dads are.
  10. I was going to ask that question. Bearing in mind all the delays and pauses in work, does any think Amey will be around to finish the job?
  11. I do apologise, just linked on to this thread.
  12. If that does happen, it makes a mockery of democracy and the parliamentary system?
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