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  1. cant believe people are still paying these, mine went in the bin got letters eventually gave up in the end!
  2. Hi Can anyone please tell me the collection dates for the green bins I can not find my calendar and the council or veoila will not tell me over the phone as they will send me another one in the post. I just dont want to miss the date as the bin is full. Thanks Cass
  3. Hi Anyone know where I can weigh in old brass ornaments? Thanks
  4. I am wanting a ginger kitten I have looked and contacted many rescue centres to no joy. I would appreciate any help. thanks
  5. Kenny has now been found safe and well!!!! Thankyou
  6. Kenny is mostly white with brown patches and he has a cut on his left front leg he is a cross between jack russell and a patterdale. Thanks
  7. Please help my friends dog has escaped from her garden on Kennedy Road. Answers to Kenny he has a black collar on no name he is microchipped. Please contact Alison 07827016128 Thanks
  8. I have heard she is already out served her time on remand ??
  9. There were three on my street I am sure one was a yellow one the other was red and it said "don't skid on a kid" on the back. These have been there for the last 5-6 months they have now all gone
  10. Cannot believe this there was a family on my street in Woodhouse with three icecreams van not seen them for a few days.........terrifying
  11. Hi Is there anywhere in Sheffield that repair megane key cards it says card not detected, need it for tomorrow ! Live in s13 , thanks
  12. I think it may be 3 but not 100% I don't think the bank will tell me who the payees were sure it will be all data protected?? I am sure if I asked my nan she would probably say she hasn't allowed the relative to have £10000 however if I asked the relative she would say that she has allowed her to have the money. My nan is in her 90's and gets vgery confused. Thanks for all your replies
  13. Thanks everyone, they were large amounts £10000 in total in 6 weeks, she is not in a home and I can see the debits going out for her carers. It has nothing to do with jealously I just don't want her to be ripped off by a relative who is having home improvements etc without seeking consent from my nan.
  14. Hi Everyone I really need some advice! One of my relatives has power of attorney over my nannans accounts, the relative has the cheque book in her possession. After noticing one of my nans bank statements it has been noted that 2 large amounts of cash has been withdrawn from the account via cheques I am unsure what these are for. My nan is very old and not compus mentus (sp) . If I asked her I know she would not have a clue. My question is if you have POA can you write cheques for yourself and use them for your own gain e.g home improvements or can you only sign cheques when it is beneficial to my nan. I have read somewhere and correct me if I am wrong that even if my nan gave the relative permission to write herself a cheque for her own gain that this would still constitute stealing as cheques can only be written for things that my nan needs?? I really hope this makes sense. Thanks
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