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  1. Has to be https://www.elliottuk.com/ I'd have thought.
  2. I used to use the one at townend next to the Sainsbury's. Not sure if it's still called Allied these days.
  3. Quick help needed. Wheres a decent place to get a jumper from this morning from town. Heading there now.
  4. Anyone seen or maybe know what's occurred at the bottom of London Road this morning. Was unable to get though the bus gate due to a police blockage. Not much activity so I assume it happened in the early hours of the morning.
  5. 18 doesn't go Norton church side. Best bet is the number 1. Could get the 20 to the golf club and walk up matthews lane. 7 min walk if that
  6. Not sure really, I was wondering if any else had come across this type of thing like Snaily mentioned. She seemed rather adamant there was something going on in the atmosphere
  7. Thanks for the support guys/girl. I had no intention of being chatted up during any of this and no nothing was stolen. My only questions from this experience are weather anyone has come across this character like ya get round town, such as tony the scouser or Stephen the Costa Coffee window kisser.
  8. I went to Subway yesterday for my dinner about 3pm. This alone was something I have never done. Which makes this a little stranger. I was sat in there near the back of the shop on my own eating my dinner when a woman comes along side and starts asking if I was ok.. i didn't mind that part but she continued to challenge me on my mental health state and she advised she can pick up on signals people give out when something is not right. I tried to reassure her I was feeling absolutely fine but she was having none of it. She referred to various Neuro conditions. 2 of which she mentioned I wouldn't have a clue what she said or how to spell them. She was also t3lling me she had just come out of a 6 year relationship with someone of the same condition. Not sure if this was a crazy Valentine's chat up line. I'm just wondering if anyone else has come one across this lady before or if there is any truth in what she was saying. She didn't seem drunk or on spice.
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