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  1. Congratulations to our female fighter Mel on her Kickboxing (K1) debut at the AFK Superleague show this past weekend in Sheffield. Mel took a fight against a more experienced Thai fighter, who is trained and taught by former UFC vet and Strikeforce fighter Paul "Semtex" Daly. Mel fought hard for three rounds of non-stop action. Dominating her opponent from the outset, at the end of the fight the judges awarded her a UNANIMOUS decision! A great win for Team SMAC and a brilliant end to the year, thanks to everyone who came and supported us especially, Bea Marshall, Tony Rixon, Alvin Robinson and Howard Rainey also a big thanks to everyone who put the time in during classes to spar with Mel.
  2. Sheffield Kettlebells, Presents a series of "Introduction to Kettlebell training workshops" A Six week course in Kettlebell training Our Introduction to Kettlebell training is suitable for all fitness levels, no prior Kettlebell experience needed. The Workshops have been designed to give the participant a strong foundation of the basics and review the key principals of physical training with Kettlebells. Learn how to incorporate this knowledge into a dynamic workout that will jump start your fitness goals! Workshops are limted to 10 people, all details are on our web site. More dates and times to be arranged check out http://www.sheffield-kettlebells.co.uk Mark Hayes RKC
  3. I have had some questions by PM and Email so for everyone else who maybe wanting to ask the same T-shirt and Shorts, normal gym clothes. Bring some water with you. Bring a towel. Bring loads of energy. If you have your own Kettlebell, yes you can bring it with you. If you don’t have a Kettlebell, you can use the club’s Kettlebells. You don’t need to have done Kettlebell training before. You don’t to be fit to start. No need to book just turn up. If you are playing with Kettlebells after watching a video or on You Tube, you need these classes, learn how to TRAIN with Kettlebells safely. Mark Hayes RKC
  4. We have evening classes on a Wednesday and Friday 6pm till 7pm
  5. Steel City Kettlebells is introducing a new Kettlebell class on Friday’s Class starts Friday 16th July then continues every week 12 noon, till 1pm Venue: Sheffield Martial Arts Centre 1st Floor Old Norfolk Barracks Entarnce is the black door on Lancing road Sheffield S2 Investment will be £7 per class; your return will be a stronger leaner body Train with the regions only RKC instructor and Kettlebell specialist. Class is open to all levels, male and female, feel free to bring your own Kettlebell if you have one. Mark Hayes RKC
  6. Hi everyone I’m thinking of starting a Kettlebell training class during the day around lunch time, then maybe another one early morning as well, it’s going to be on a Thursday, just checking to see who may be interested, if there was enough interest I would expand day time classes on to other days as well. Come and train with Sheffield’s only RKC and BKLF certified instructor. Mark Hayes RKC
  7. Sheffield Martial Arts Centre, run classes for a mix of Martial Arts, plus Jeet Kune Do all details are on the web site.
  8. Graig is right to say look for Rick Faye’s book. Rick Faye is an awesome instructor, for Panantukan, in fact for everything he teaches, I have had the pleasure of training with Rick Faye, a number of times and hosting him in Sheffield, which we will do again. I take it as a great honor to be called a student and Instructor under Rick Faye for JKD and Filipino Martial Arts. Mark.
  9. At Sheffield Martial Arts Centre, I teach elements of Panantukan, (Filipino boxing, Dirty Boxing) as part of the Filipino martial arts at the centre, I also teach some Panantukan in my C.F.A class, training times are on the web site, Hope this helps. Mark
  10. Check the link for the results http://www.prweb.com/releases/2010/01/prweb3486484.htm Do you want to get Fit, loose weight tone up, the Kettlebell will do it, also a great work out for Martial Artists and Fighters Train with South Yorkshires only RKC and BKLF Kettlebell instructor, learn how to use the kettlebell properly. Check my web site for classes also available for one to one. Get in contact for more details. Mark Hayes RKC
  11. Hi Farhad, both Raf and Ray used to train at Pat's, way back in the day when Pat first came to Sheffield.
  12. Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Plus Kettlebells, at Sheffield Martial Arts Centre, Details are on our web site and facebook page see links below Classes start from £6 more deatils can be picked from the centre. Turn up and have a look during any of the classes for more deatils Mark
  13. Hi Mark, will you be having Eddie coming up and teaching seminars, if you are will you be posting details on here, Hope the classes go well.
  14. Hi Dave nice to talk to you yesterday. The structure for the course's is going to be good solid basics, which as we all know is the foundation for anything that we do, it’s amazing how many people want to short cut training, and get to the advanced techniques, “perfected basics “ We will be covering the Swing and Deadlift and see how we get on, if people get this it will give them the hip movement we want on the clean, the Snatch, and high pulls, on future courses we will be adding to the lifts and exercises as we go. For anyone that is interested you still have time to book, if you have any questions fire away. Train Hard, Train Safe Mark Hayes RKC
  15. Hi Guys, there are still spaces for this course, PM me or email for a booking form, Dave looking forward to seeing you again, I know you will get a lot out of this course. we also have classes every week on Wednesday and Friday from 6pm, you can just turn up for the class no need to book.
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