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  1. my dad sparred with Jackie Hudson at St Phillips gym, and Ronnie was the ref ! I have a newspaper cutting with both Albert Greatorex leaning against the ropes, and Ronnie in the back ground.
  2. Very saddened to hear of Gerald`s passing, he was an associate of my fathers, and growing up he was a character, I will never forget. Fodly remembered.
  3. I am still trying to trace my father, does anyone have any information ?
  4. Does anyone know Maxine Hyde or her son Dean ? I am trying to trace lost relatives !
  5. Does anyone live on Abbey Brook Drive, Apparently my father Lived in this road 2 years ago. Don`t know the number, I have been trying to trace him for a couple of years.
  6. my father used to take me, when I visited him, alex the names you mentioned I recognise a few ! another character I rember was "potty john" No, not much luck finding or new info with regards my old man, i hope he`s alive and well. will keep trying. have heard on the forum he has suffered ill health of late. I have had no contact since the early 90`s. someone mentioned my brothers name and thought he was doing time !
  7. does anyone have any memories of the montgomery hotel
  8. not that i know of, her sisters name was julie !
  9. anyone know this character, and if he`s still alive,
  10. my first bike was a Suzuki TS 250, 2 stroke, single carb, that engine sounded brilliant.
  11. does anyone know of a nicholas green, looking for my half brother. approx age early twenties
  12. does anyone know her. Think she had a sister julie, and lived in parsons cross.
  13. he`s my father. trying to find out if he`s alive and well.
  14. am trying to find out any information or the whereabouts of bob/robin, not seen for over fifeen years
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