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  1. Is that including R&D, machine tooling and factory setup costs too?
  2. Ask when the manager will be in, then return and speak to him.
  3. Most likely it uses hidden APIs that Apple don't allow you to access under the Apple Developer License. Such as taking a picture and accessing GPS after failing to enter a PIN.
  4. Cameron’s backed him, a cast iron guarantee of guilt.
  5. In the bible, Hebrew has no neutral gender, God is about as male as a ship is female.
  6. Doubt it has a name, but After Eight mints.
  7. Israel is a secular state. And they poke fun at the clerical side Orthodoxy.
  8. This pretty much sums up this whole fiasco. Heres the interesting thing, if a French magazine was to publish anti Jewish cartoons that ridiculed rabbi's and Moses then it would be classed as anti Semitic and the publisher forced to retract the images as well as face legal repercussions.
  9. Thats the whole point you don't. Other people do. And they can accept and abide by the fact it's a clash of two vastly different cultures. One believes that the 'freedom of expression' is a fundamental right and another believes that the mockery of their religious figurehead is unacceptable under any circumstances punishable in severest manner. And why do they have to accept our right to free speech? All thats happening is the cartoons are provoking a belligerent set of individuals - claiming it as 'free speech'. It's ridiculously unnecessary and worst of all dangerous.
  10. We? How are you fighting against them, you are not in facing the enemy. It's funny how people defend free speech, and that it's worth dying for, but never put themselves on the front line. I don't see people jumping to defend the rights of Anti-semites publishing Holocaust denial material in Canada, if you do, you'd be arrested and charged with a hate crime. This whole cartoon business is like poking a violent animal with a long pointy stick, then sitting back with satisfaction when it reacts. If you want Muslims to respect your right to publish things, then it's by dialogue, education and respect not by insulting them and constant prodding. They aren't going to change over night and insulting them and their prophet isn't going to help either.
  11. But the thing is tho, they are putting peoples lives at risk, they don't have to deal with the consequences of protests , im not saying the reaction to these articles is acceptable. But it is certainly inevitable. But this doesn't seem to concern the people that publish this rubbish
  12. Eh? Marriage has existed outside of biblical influence and Christianity for far longer than it has existed within. And even within Christian societies the role of religion within a marriage was actually something the church had to impose as its influence grew. For a long time early Christian societies saw marriage as a private affair. It wasn't until the 1600s that the Church's permission was required to get married. The Church then interfered in numerous ways in defining marriage requirements.
  13. Marriage is not owned by religion. It is a legal and social agreement. The sin argument doesn't cut it, I'm well.. it's complicated, but it's not Christian, and that is a sin... probably a bigger sin than being gay. And worshipping a non-Christian God is a huge sin as well. So if they are against gay marriage because 'it's a sin', then logically they have to be against atheist marriage and marriages in non-Christian religions.
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