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  1. Tell me what the difference what PR uve got Tell me how to have big PR in one month and one PR update
  2. Sorry Timpy if my answer for your post sounds in this way. Yor advice was fundamental. Good for site owners to read your post greets Timpy. Ive got some tricks - for example - when U put Backlinks to your site anywhere with anchor text which is ur keyword, remember to put another anchor from time to time - this will protect u from gettin ban... every site is individual so want to post individual advices for every single siter owner
  3. If u try some tricks' without knowledge it's sure u'll get banned, that's why I've started this thread It's fundamental knowledge - every single site owner should know that. These days? these days SEO&SEM are on good way to be the most expensive and most effective ADVERTISEMENT form
  4. as I said: I can help only sry, not this time
  5. so don't - as I said: I won't show my company info so I won't earn - I have knowledge and can help .... My english is.. as u can see
  6. I know it's good place, why not help ppl here?
  7. Please... Please... spam is almost everything which lead ur www to first positions I wont show my company infos, just if uve gtot some questions - ask here - it's free for this topic I'll answer for this kind of questions: "my www is about: blablabla, I have low SERPS - here is address:www. blabla .co.uk , I was doin this and that and nothing happend, how can I get more uniq good targeted traffic to my site"
  8. Try to remember 14-07-07, We were talkin about this forum, u where so drunk ! ;*
  9. before reinstall: clear ur startup (start->run...->msconfig-->autostart->unsign all!) get adaware and clear ur work place ...
  10. how to help our companys sites get high in SERPS (search engine resault pages) ? How to ean money with site Ask for it here Easy - SEO&SEM Specialist
  11. hello nibs, do u recognise me ??? :*
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