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  1. I accept that some may have had bad experiences and suffer from mental illness. However an awful lot choose to be 'dossers' and 'scumbags' as a lifestyle choice. Some are second/third generation wasters who know no difference and think that the world owes them a living. I did chortle at you suggesting that I'm making assumptions and then do exactly the same thin a few lines later about my good self. Ha ha.
  2. I never intended the thread to be 'Drunks and druggies versus tax avoiders'. The point I was trying to put across was that there are lots of drunks and druggies on West Street. These people often fall upon hard times but there is a while industry of people who try and fail to help them. This often fails because they will not help themselves. They contribute nothing to society and take, take, take from the state and a lot of them, when that has run out shoplift and steal from others. Tax avoiders (and no, I don't agree with dodging taxes) at least contribute something if not all they should. The thread is intended to demonstrate that there seems to be a growing number of wasters that not only drain the system, but make the streets less safe and make our great City look a mess. I agree with the sentiments of an earlier poster about the Cathederal. This is an outstandingly beautiful building but is ringed by a circle of dross and dossers, drinking, drugging, fighting and smelling. The Archer project does a great job, but should be moved away from the Cathederal or they should stop their clients from making the immediate area into an eyesore.
  3. Working round there again this week. My god it's got even worse. Druggies and alchies all over and some scumbag in the tower blocks near the roundabout spitting at passers by from 4 or 5 floors up!
  4. been trying to log on to Spotify but there's a box saying 'click to read the updated spotify end user agreement'. It's just loading and has been for ages so I can't get anywhere. Any ideas?
  5. Why do people always quote and compare 'the bankers' when discussing benefit fraud and scroungers as if to suggest that it makes it acceptable? The thread isn't about bankers or arms dealers. If you want to discuss this, start another thread and vent your spleen there. By the way , I walked down Division Street today and it was ok. Maybe the rain kept the dossers and n'er do wells off the streets today probably disrupting their poor unfortunate neighbours lives. I accept that people often fall on bad times but that is no excuse to impact on other peoples' lives.
  6. I'm told it's the well worn route from the council estate at Netherthorpe to the Cathederal where they get free food and meds. I think I'll walk to town via Division Street tomorrow and see if that's any better
  7. I've been working near the university for the last 2 weeks and walk into town after work and sometimes at dinner time. I am amazed and sickened by the amount of druggies and alcoholics between the tower blocks on the roundabout and the city centre. I've been hassled for money and cigarettes and seen two fights between groups of drunks, one of them involved a skanky woman fighting a soiled tramp over a bottle of cider. Where are they all coming from and why are they tolerated? I worked round here 8 years ago and it was never this bad. I dread to think how much these scum are costing the country
  8. Warning. Don't stay here. Druggies on her landings, alchies upstairs and druggies downstairs. She's not slept for the last 3 nights!
  9. It's the block where people stay short term.
  10. My friends sister has been given a flat at Bright More Drive by the council while they consider whether she can be given a permanent home. It should only be for a few weeks but I've heard it can be a bit dodgy there. Any one lived there recently? It's in one of the tower blocks.
  11. The screen on my laptop has gone blank. You can just about see images underneath it but not enough to read it. Does anyone know what the problem may be and how to fix it?
  12. Does this apply to Meadowhall Retail Park or Tesco at Upperthorpe? What about compiling a list of car parks so people don't fall for these scams?
  13. forgot to tape it. Is it repeated. can't access iplayer!
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