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  1. Hmmm again in no special order and my choice might change from week to week GTA Vice City Mass Effect 2 Starcraft Civilisation 4 Elite
  2. You will now also need a Playstation Plus subscription to play online, and the camera for the PS4 is not included in the cost. Add these up and the pricing of the consoles will not be that far apart. People will obviously think it's a lot of money for a new console, whether you get the PS4 or an Xbox, but given people seem to be snapping up Ipad's which are not that much cheaper as if they're going out of fashion I don't think the new consoles are that badly priced.
  3. The design looks amazing? It looks the same as the XB1, but in italics. The controller is still a major issue for me - got so used to the 360 controller now that having the thumbsticks in parallel feels very unnatural and uncomfortable.
  4. I'll be getting both consoles at some point. Liked the look of some of the exclusives for the XB1, especially Dead Rising 3. Just to point out an innacuracy in your post: - Only being able to download? Disc based games will also be available. Don't see why everyone is kicking up a fuss about the online/cloud thing. My 360 and PS3 have both been connected to the net since day one every day.
  5. Quite possibly the most over-rated game series of all time IMHO. 30 minute cut scene, 5 minutes of gameplay. Rinse and repeat. Plus the 'plot' is absolute bobbins.
  6. You can also be banned from online games if someone reports you for using a modified controller to give you an unfair advantage. Just a warning.
  7. Playing it on the 360 and loving it. Best game I've played for some time (and this is despite having a few quick time event sequences in which I loathe).
  8. The 20GB units are very old models now and were part of the first release wave. Notorious for breaking down. Would avoid. Suggest minimum going for a 120GB model, as these had improved internals and were less prone to failure. Games run faster if you install them to the hard drive, and with each game typically being 4-8GB the space will fill up quick. Also most Arcade game downloads are now typically around 1.5GB each. Be advised buying second hand machines is a minefield, you could easily get a chipped unit which has been banned from going online, or a unit which has been badly repaired. If you are going to get a second hand unit best to use a shop like Game, then at least if there is an issue you have a way of sorting it out. Free-ads or E-bay this could be a problem. Given that the new Xbox 720 is coming out before year end, I'd hold on for a while as new 360 machines are bound to get another price cut.
  9. Given the appalling rates of literacy and maths I've seen in a lot of school leavers, clearly not. It's good preparation for later life, no-one in full-time work does 6 hours a day with multiple breaks, and very often also has additional unpaid work to do in the evenings. Learning is never a bad thing.
  10. Never have any problems with Sainsbury's, only issue I ever had was getting some eggs which were cracked and sending them back for refund. Why didn't your friend just tick the box that says "no substitutions"? Problem solved. In answer to the original question, all my shopping is online. Everything delivered to work so no hassles in collecting it. Despise actual shopping, the crowds, the dreadful Xmas tunes and the whinging kids.
  11. The human race needs more churches like fish need more bikes. A colossal waste of time, money, resources and energy.
  12. Move over Assassin's Creed. Hitman Absolution is out next week, and has been getting stellar reviews. Really looking forward to this, it's one of my favourite game series of all time. Love games that allow you to complete objectives by thinking in a variety of different ways and play styles. Review here for anyone interested, and I suggest you watch the video review. Some darkly humorous ways to bump off your targets! http://uk.ign.com/articles/2012/11/18/hitman-absolution-review
  13. The simple question is what does your daughter want it for? Until we know this advising what would be best for you is a bit tricky.
  14. Or as I'd like to call it, free lunch and firelighter combined with an hour of droning on
  15. I use it to control my cursor for IE on the telly if I want big screen, and the Halo 4 tie in is good if you have it on while you're running the game.
  16. Can't believe you have to wait till Christmas, sad news people!
  17. Plays exactly like the Halo you know and love. Silky smooth framerate, super intelligent AI and powerful feeling weapons. The graphical uplift is a sight to behold, it's absoltely gorgeous, and some of the jaw-dropping campaign moments so far have given me goosebumps. Only £35 too in Tesco and Argos!
  18. The fact you got 30 games and a console for £30 should tell you all you need to know! Deffo sounds chipped to me. Don't know if it's removable, but as most chipping involves mods to the motherboard it's probably a one way process. Consider that you got a bargain and move on. The Wii will soon be obsolete anyway with the Wii U out in 2 weeks, and Nintendo have already said Wii support will not last much longer in terms of new software.
  19. Might help if we knew which tablet you're thinking of. They will of course run on the Microsoft Surface!
  20. Have you downloaded the update of the operating system? My battery now lasts for 48 hours quite happily. It was a bit rubbish at first, but the update really helped me.
  21. I really enjoyed it, especially the moose bit and Lister being on hold for his 'Stirmaster'. Much better than I thought it was going to be.
  22. As I often say, if you are the sort of individual who is willing to kill for your 'religion', then do the world a favour and start with yourself.
  23. No word on pricing yet but looks to be around £200 for entry model and £250 for higher model looking at Yen and USD pricing. So who is gettng one? Personally I probably won't as the 1st party Ninty games never really appealed to me.
  24. Absolutely always loved them, and Knopfler's solo stuff is amazing. Telegraph Road for me being their best track.
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