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  1. Thurmanators play suburbs basegreen sheffield on Friday 5 June top punk tribute band
  2. whats on 5 june thurmanators punk tribute 9 disco playing 70/80/90 all genres of music 10 open mic night others booked matt fest 3 day fest 9/10/11 july stillwave and catalysts 23 july fiddlers green 8 aug sheer heart attack queen tribite 15 aug district motion 22 aug lady bugs 40s tribute 19 sept jack the lad 1 oct crimson moon 3 oct the clashed clash tribute 24 oct
  3. new music venue the suburbs based in basegreen looking for anyone interested in running an open mic night every wednesday starting on 10 june also looking for bands to play at this same venue any genre of music open every night
  4. looks like the world powers are now going to take on these islamic terroists...why not just carpet bomb their so called strong holds in syria and iraq....and get the job done....while rounding up their sympathizers around the world and housing them on that little island off cuba.....see how many then wave their flag on the streets of britain....
  5. wonder how many kids are being picked up by perverted pakistani taxi drivers...while this abuse is ongoing......and still getting paid by rotherham council.....just a thought
  6. rotherham council employed these taxi drivers to transport the kids to school not traffic them around the country......hope they have terminated the contracts of these taxi firms....and employed other respectable companies..... looks like the Councillors and police didn't want to upset the british pakistani community at the expense of the children.... looks like the police are at last taking action...and the courts will be busy....and stiff sentences need handing out....25 years for starters.....
  7. seems that south yorkshire police have failed again, lose evidence, arrest parents who confronted these men, even arrested a girl who was in a house with numerous men, because she was drunk......rotherham council covered it all up, well don't want to lose votes do they, and taxi firms employed by council running girls around the country.....it gets worse.... now they will take action and arrests will be made....bit late in the day though
  8. what makes it frightening is that labour councilors and south yorkshire police were turning a blind eye to it.....1,400 kids being groomed and exploited by asian gangs.....and nobody in power knew nothing about it...probably did....but don't want to upset anyone
  9. if hamas didn't fire rockets in israel, kidnap and murder kids....then israel wouldn't fire back.... they live in a place that is surrounded, no escape and at the mercy of their tyrant landlord....its like poking a mad dog with a stick...it will eventually bite back..... the bombing and killing will stop.....and everything will go quiet.....then in a few years...the mad dog will attack again....hamas cannot win.... ---------- Post added 20-07-2014 at 13:46 ---------- only 400 dead so for....so not in the same league as syria, iraq or afghanistan...israel will stop the killing when hamas stop firing their rockets...simple..
  10. as a mate of mine once said in his book grafters.....to pay is to fail.....everyone is after milking the system....if they can....that's life.... who once said no income tax no vat.....and everyone loved del boy
  11. my money's on at least another 100 years...the tanks are moving in again....never alter...they just don't like one another...
  12. drove down to darnall parked up no problem...went into don valley bowl...watched it on big screen...then walked with dogs to brightside lane...dogs off lead enjoying car free roads...kids playing football in street....got some nice freebies...then waited outside big post office...while they went past at 60mph....what a spectacle....my mate shifted a months worth of ice cream and never moved off his road...happy days
  13. how long have they been killing each other....cannot ever see it changing...too much hate in the world.....everyone seems to be at war...one way or another...never alter...
  14. they have already bombed the houses of the two suspects.....our police usually just knock on the door.....
  15. most home owners are wise to the cost of healthcare...that's why they sell up and rent in their later years....then rightly so the government pays the bill....all should be treated the same when it comes to nhs care....free for all.... plenty of one bed council properties to be had for the over 60s....
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