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  1. Thank you for posting the useful info, Buster. I notice this applies only to first or second vaccinations. The NHS website seems to have very limited availability for boosters in Sheffield, so if anyone knows of anywhere doing walk in booster jabs, that would be helpful.
  2. Pre- booked with City App last night as we had the chance of a rare night out and wanted to be on time for a restaurant reservation. Ten minutes after the time I had booked for, the app was still apparently "looking for a driver". Gave up and eventually got an uber after 3 attempts with the app. Is pre-booking not actually a thing any more? Was I naive to think that by requesting a taxi 2 hours in advance, it might actually turn up roughly when I wanted it? If I had phoned 2 hours in advance instead, would that have been any different? What about if I had been trying to get to the train station or to the hospital? Strikes me as being a pretty poor way of running a service!
  3. Yes, the idea was to accumulate as many miles as possible, rather than visiting as many different boxes ( though you could of course, do both!). I thought this was a great initiative and lived the competitive element- my kids' school won a prize to spend on PE equipment that they otherwise probably couldn't afford. Really hope it comes back again at some point!
  4. Is he definitely still there? Couldn't find the stall when I last ventured down there a few weeks ago. Has it moved, maybe?
  5. The Millowners Arms in Kelham Island do.
  6. The signage for the diversion coming from the Langsett Road direction really isn't great. The sign appears to point down a no entry road. Almost turned down there myself and have seen several others do the same.
  7. Hi Hayley, I was wondering how you arranged this? We are looking for a poodle crossbreed and would certainly consider the rehomng option. However have not seen any up for rehoming through the standard routes (all seem to be Staffys and the like!). Any info would be gratefully received!
  8. Agreed. I sometimes take this route and this particular manouevre is a nightmare when it's busy.
  9. If it's a general metal bar you're after, rather than specifically a scaffolding bar, we used www.themetalstore.co.uk. Was surprisingly cheap.
  10. It's very worrying times for the aquatics clubs that are reliant on the specialist facilities there and have nowhere else to train. Current word is it will remain closed until at least April, by which time it will be too late. Such a shame for the world class and up and coming athletes who train there as well as the coaches that support them.
  11. Think it was an old thread that was revived. Perhaps mods could change the title before the pub loses anymore custom?
  12. No actual outdoor pools in Sheffield and most indoor pools still shut. Not a great surprise this is happening.
  13. Lot's of complex factors at the moment that probably will impact numbers of Chinese students (international squabbling over 5G, Covid.....) but will be impossible to unravel them!
  14. Sheffield not mentioned, but clearly this is a wider problem: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/15/english-councils-backpedal-on-cycling-schemes-after-tory-backlash I'm not sure politicising this is helpful. Just seems to be a general trend of councils rushing to spend the cash that government are throwing at then without considering the issues properly first.
  15. So just the entertainment venues- no sports centres?
  16. SIV have announced that it is to mothball some of its venues, with staff at risk of redundancy. https://www.thescarboroughnews.co.uk/business/company-runs-scarborough-spa-and-whitby-pavilion-consult-staff-redundancies-scarborough-council-talks-about-easing-their-pressures-2906085 This article is from the Scarborough News website (SIV run the Scarborough Spa and Whitby Pavilion) but the implications seem to be that venues in Sheffield will also be at risk. FlyDSA arena and Sheffield City Hall were certainly mentioned on social media yesterday. It's not clear if the risk extends to the more sports-based facilities, but if they remain closed for much longer then it's certainly possible.
  17. Out of interest, who foots the bill for all this additional work - is it the university or the contractors?
  18. The one on Langsett Road (Hillsborough Car Wash?) certainly appeared to be open when I ran past a couple of hours ago.
  19. To be fair, there is a lot of terraced housing in Sheffield that still has outside toilets (our last house, and probably the whole street did) and I bet very few are actually used for their original purpose. We used ours as a shed/outhouse, as did many others. I thought that there was a massive effort in the 60s-70s where local authorities basically upgraded all their properties to provide inside toilets in all housing? I guess that a few must have fallen through the net!
  20. Success in B&Q (after a 45 minute wait)! Thanks everyone who took the time to respond to my post.
  21. Thanks, all. He's off to stand in the queue. outside B&Q now. If that doesn't work out then he'll try Derbyshires or Richardsons tomorrow.
  22. Thanks all. Wickes is out of stock (currently saying a month until delivery) and we also saw the ridiculous queue at B&Q yesterday. Tried to get on to their website a few times yesterday to check if it was in stock (and therefore worth queuing) and it wasn't working. Landing page was saying no more click and collect orders either. OH doesn't seem to think that Screwfix sell the right stuff, but will try and check again. If anyone happens to know any merchants that would sell to the public, we would be very grateful!
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