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  1. I think prison is what you are trying to describe.
  2. They don't have experience and are likely to make an informed choice but I doubt they'd be any worse than a regular voter. Most people vote for the same party every time, lots vote on a single issue and you have people who are too influenced by so called 'news' papers and internet memes.
  3. Not that I see anyway. What I see mainly is people changing lanes without looking, people sitting in the middle lane, tailgating (below the speed limit and above), people who speed up when you go to overtake and just generally can't stick to a constant speed. I also see the odd speeding car that is driving way too fast for the conditions but that's a lot rarer than the other idiocy I see.
  4. If the speed differential is 20 miles per hour, it's going to be a lot more than a minute quicker isn't it unless you're making a very short journey. Instead of changing the speed limits or handing out fines, why don't we teach people how to drive properly. I see so much bad driving these days and I'm pretty sure it wasn't like this even like 8-10 years ago.
  5. Nope! Don't want to be groped by old biddies.
  6. Still the same in my family. But politicians were definitely less caring, let's try taking a quick look through history and see what our politicians got up to and what problems they caused throughout the world, never mind just here.
  7. Politicians were more caring in the old days! You can't make this stuff up.
  8. Probably people with Hotmail addresses have been found more likely to make a claim. That's how insurance quotes work (along with plucking figures out of the air)
  9. Racism is not a problem, it's just lefties complaining. Those darkies should be happy we let them out of their chains. Now look at them getting all uppity trying to marry our royals. Or something along those lines. I think I've given up with internet people, how come we don't meet so many nobs in real life?
  10. You do know that the government is not their only customer right?
  11. Awesome, 20000 jobs about to get lost. Yay!
  12. I think the reason for exposing it is pretty obvious. It's to show people Trump is an idiot.
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