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  1. thats why i said it might be turbo, turbo failure will not cause oil in coolant. blown head gasket will not empty sump. something doesnt add up
  2. yeah that obelix guy is so stubbin and knows nothing apart from google
  3. What happens if it is from the hospital/police? or your parents with new mobile number?
  4. No way is she losing her job:loopy:
  5. How many people have sky/internet/42" TV/mobile phone/pub few times a week/ its how people spend the money thats the big problem,
  6. i dont think its the head gasket, sounds more like the turbos gone to me, i dont have enough detail to be sure
  7. How stupid is the law, cleaning records etc etc just to have a fridge at work place . The work law should be change to favour the employer more as there is more people looking for job
  8. This is sheffield forum, most people wouldnt have a clue what you are on about
  9. A head gasket failure over 2 days , the oil cant disappear from sump. some yes but the lot no. if you dont know please google and stop pretending you know like obelix as you get found out sooner or later
  10. surely if you are on low income bike + tram will be still a lot cheaper then a car
  11. She doesnt have to provide a fridge or a locker room, her trying to be nice end up with a fridge full of rotten food and bad smell. i think she did right, if i was her i will sell the lockers and the fridge to show whos the boss
  12. its her fridge she do what she wants, you havnt got a leg to stand on, stop wasting time and get on with your job, if you dont like it leave i am sure plently of people would love to take your place
  13. Is a seat leon one of them? i didnt think so either, A simple i am sorry i am wrong and you was right all along would be nice
  14. Thank you as i couldnt think of a way of explaining it to those dumb people and for them to understand, you done job job there
  15. So you are telling me a blown head gasket can cause all the oil to be suck dry in 2 days?
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