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  1. Thanks for that. And PP yes i assumed thats what people would do to but we checked all benches etc. We looked everywhere out of desperation. Never mind it was worth a try. I think a new pink bunny will end up being purchased now i know they r quite widely available thanks to the lovely people above... il just tell her hes had a wash or something and keep my fingers crossed! Just a shame since it was a birth present from someone special
  2. It was around 3pm ish. It was very busy unfortunately. I went to the cafe at the end of the day and no-one had handed it in. On another note, ive never eaten in that cafe, is it any good?
  3. Ha ha good idea having a spare. Yes she would definitely know the difference if i bought her a new one. Pink bunny has been chewed, kissed, hugged and has been EVERYWHERE with us and seen us through some very stressful moments
  4. Thanks people, yes Ghostrider it does resemble that one, ill add that to my ebay watch list! Just looked on John Lewis and the one we have is slightly bigger so is £16. A lot of money for me i'm afraid, so would really appreciate finding it so i dont have to fork out. 999tigger im taking some signs there this week. I wonder do i need to seek permission for putting them up outside the park?
  5. Sorry to put such a seemingly pointless thread up on here but i cant think of what else to do. Grasping at straws but nevermind... My 2 year olds pink bunny was lost today in Graves Park. She was running around on the grass near the miniature train and must have dropped it. We scoured the area but it had gone, which is strange cos she didnt go far.. The bunny is really special, it was a present from when she was born, and she LOVES it. She sleeps with it and it comes everywhere with us. Weve told her its gone on holiday but she thinks its coming back tomorrow, she wont sleep without it. If you took the rabbit .... thinking it was just something you could keep as a bonus finders keepers, to give to your child or a kid u know... shame on u! (i say this cos its weird how it just disappeared so quickly!) But if u found the rabbit, i will be so VERY grateful if u got in touch! My girl will be upset if she doesnt get it back. Its a little pink bunny with a label on the back saying "jellycat" and a picture of a cat. Thanks for reading even if u cant help at least i know ive tried when i get asked "wheres pink rabbit" about 500 times tomorrow Thanks all
  6. Mod note Content removed. For quotes, please place an advert in the classified section under "jobs" Thank you.
  7. I agree. I eat in a lot of supermarket cafes cos I often have to feed my baby after doing the shop and asda Handsworth is definitely the worst. The food is edible at best and the staff dont seem to know what theyre doing and dont seem to realise that they r actually working with customers. Morrisons is the best in my opinion. Sainsburys Millhouses is pretty poor. I was sat next to the kitchen once and I saw the boss walk in and heard him loudly shouting at everyone cos they were sat doing nothing... this was after Id waited about 15 minutes for a panini toasting. Of course there are more pressing matters in the world... and of course people dont expect michelin starred food, but I do believe people who work with the public (or indeed any job) should take more pride in their work. Be appreciative of having a job, and that customers are choosing to spend their hard earned money there. Especially in the current economic times
  8. cheers i will keep an eye out for them:)
  9. I love how an innocent question has turned into a debate. As the mother of an 8 month old, i used to find mother child parking infuriating and i had a few arguments about it when i parked in the spaces when i couldnt find one elsewhere. Why should people be rewarded with a nice, wide parking space close to the centre JUST for procreating?? NOW, i realise why they are needed. It is virtually impossible to take out a car seat with a heavy baby in without enough room at the side. I agree there is no need for them to be closer, like disabled ones are (although i few times when it was cold/raining and i had a newborn baby, i was glad that they were closer!), but they are VERY useful and make it a lot easier and make me more likely to visit places with my baby that do have these spaces. I would be more than happy for mother child spaces to be put further away.. its the wide-ness thats the main selling point for me. Anyone who has a problem with these spaces.. come with me next time i go shopping and YOU try and get the baby out of the car in a normal space WITHOUT bumping the next cars door It annoys me how people with older kids who can walk use them though.. there really is no need then..
  10. Interesting. I drive through Bradway most days on my way from work and a sainsburys would be very handy. I would use it in place of the Spar personally, for newagenty stuff rather than meat or fruit n veg... so i wouldnt worry if i was Makinsons or the butcher (supermarket fruit/veg/meat is rubbish anyway but especially the convenience supermarkets), but the spar... id be very worried if this is true. The staff in there are rude (including the post office staff), so i dont like going there anyway and only go if i really have to! By the way, have Makinsons got their hanging baskets in yet does anyone know?
  11. lol :hihi: only on the internet could this type of discussion occur. per·vert (pr-vûrt) tr.v. per·vert·ed, per·vert·ing, per·verts 1. To cause to turn away from what is right, proper, or good sounds about right to me...
  12. Yeah, he does do a good job and is a nice man. And i also feel better knowing the £3.50 ones probably arent legit. I never paid for window cleaning before though this one so i know nothing about how much it SHOULD cost.
  13. LOL OK, everyone who goes to lapdancing clubs are respectable gentlemen who just appreciate a ladys naked body like a piece of artwork, or like admiring a pedegree horse. Of course they arent dirty old pervs, thats just the odd one or two who bring the reputation down...Hahahaha.. PS.. i am also on about people who FREQUENT these places, im well aware of stag do's and one off trips with mates for a laugh. If i had to make regular visits to some seedy old club to stuff money into the thong of a muscly old men to get my kicks, i think i would openly admit I was a perv, so i dunno why you have a problem admitting the same... as i say, theres nothing WRONG with it per se. Each to their own. I cant believe im even debating this!
  14. Its not too bad. Crime is pretty low and its very quiet. I dont live there but i lived in totley for a while and went for walks round there and never saw or had any probs. The school is very good. In some years its had the best results in sheffield although a few years ago it had a big dip in performance but i believe its managed to pull itself back together in recent times.
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