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  1. I wouldn't be too happy. This Forum dosen't represent the views of Sheffielders as a whole. Try standing on Fargate for an hour and ask a random set of people what they think of the Tories. Their replies will be unprintable.
  2. So you admit to passing judgement on a written piece of work even though you have never read it. This is what is known as a biased and bigoted opinion. Congratulates, you have passed the test with flying colours. You are now a true Tory.
  3. In other words when Churchill attacks Socialism he's spot on, but when he attacks the Conservatives he's not. Another nutty saying to add to the list on my other post. Cheers
  4. Good old Conrad, always depend on him to trot out this ancient chestnut. Well it is easier than looking at the actual facts isn’t it? By the way Churchill also said this: Churchill claimed that "the cause of the Liberal Party is the cause of the left-out millions," and attacked the Conservatives as "the Party of the rich against the poor. The Real Churchill, by Adam Young (2004). The party of the rich…now where have we heard that before? Oh yes from me on this Forum…No no need to applaud. Knowing that I was once again right is reward enough.
  5. The plain truth is that the Love of Money is the Root of all Evil. Its just that people don't like to hear the truth.
  6. Supporters of the Nasty Party have always put nutty statements on this forum, but in recent weeks the problem seems to be getting worse. Despite the fact that the Tories haven’t won a single seat in Sheffield in living memory and support for the Tories in Sheffield is as rare as an intelligent thought in Cameron’s head this forum is flooded with extreme right wing fanatics who see fit to give us the benefit of their words of wisdom every minute of the day. I have put together five of the nuttier statements by the right wing intelligentsia that I have seen in recent weeks: ‘The reason the mines closed down was because the miners went on strike.’ ‘When there is a dispute between the Unions and Management I never look at the issues behind the dispute because it is always the fault of the Unions. If anyone goes on strike it is equivalent to giving in their notice.’ ‘Labour took thousands off unemployment benefit and put them on Incapacity benefit.’ (Presumably with the support of Doctors who examine people to see if they qualify for IB) ‘Labour encourage a benefits culture.’ (Despite the fact that unemployment is always higher under the Nasty Party) ‘Gordon Brown is a Marxist.’ Feel free to add your own.
  7. You know nothing about me so how can you make such a claim? Oh yes your usual stance of 'Don't bother me with the facts I have made my mind up already.' Look at the facts you dozy muppet
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