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  1. Hi there, I have a Zona DF90ASS range cooker with a faulty cooling fan. I have tried without results to find a supplier of this part. So my last attempt is to try on here to see if anyone has any ideas. Thanks
  2. does anyone help run or manage their work place lottery syndicate? I have recently taken over our work place one and I am looking into making it easier to administer. I have found this website www.syndicatetool.com/ and was wondering if anyone had used or does use this or anything similar to manage members and how they pay and also purchasing the weekly tickets etc.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion but we just sell them over the counter. We are also finding it very difficult to source the tokens now and the last time we did we had to have them custom made, they cost nearly £4 each. So thats partly the reason we are looking to change them to money. Thanks
  4. Hello, I am looking for some help with some vending machines, well they are actually washing machines that currently take tokens to operate but I want to change them so it takes money instead. The mechanisms are currently mechanical but we need to change them to be electronic as we want to be able to adjust the price per wash in future. The company that orginally supplied the mechs have gone out of business and I have spoken to lots of companies that I have found on the web but they are unwilling to help due to not knowing if their mechs are compatabile. I have lots of information about the specs and wiring diagrams but I need someone who has knowledge about it to help. Are you able to help or do you know anything about this ? Any help would be great, thanks
  5. Does anyone keep a beehive on their allotment ? Would be interested to find out how well they work and if they cause any problems.
  6. So what seeds have people got growing on their window sills and greenhouses? So far I've started some purple cauliflower, sunflowers, aubergine, taragon, chilli and capsicum. My Cauliflower is doing really well and my sunflower has just started to appear, but everything else is still unseen. I hope I haven't started them to early but i just couldn't wait any longer.
  7. I've been looking at the website and not sure if I should go ahead and give it a go. does look very helpfull and its only £15 quid a year. But I cant help thinking 15 quid would buy me loads of seeds !!
  8. Hello everyone, I just wanted to get some feedback on our website. We have started an allotment blog and are putting up any recipes that we come up with using the food from the allotment. We are growing everything organically so it tastes extra yummy. There is only one recipe up there at the minute but its work in progress. We are planning a "come dine with me" week soon. All the farmers on our plot are going to get one night to impress the others and then we are going to score each other. So all those recipe ideas will get posted up as well.. To The Manor Corn
  9. I agree, dont let it put you off. The plot we got was covered in weeds but looked like it had been rotivated in the past couple of months so it wasnt too bad we managed to get it turned around after a few weekend sessions. I would say make a weekend of it and get you family and friends involved get a BBQ going and you can always pay them back with a box full of fresh veg the year after.
  10. We finally got our allotment on the manor about 8 weeks ago and got hard at it to get some things in the ground before it was too late. I wanted to post our blog so you could check out what work we had done and to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions. I think we have made a tremendous start but still have a long way to go yet. There is about 8 of us working on it, so its not been as back breaking as it looks. There still has been some blood, sweat and a little tears split over the soil. www.tothemanorcorn.co.uk
  11. sounds a little like final destination
  12. I watched an advanced preview last week. It was fantastic. Johnny Depp is amazing as always. Wish I could be a kid again and watch it through those eyes.
  13. There are always used boards on eBay if your looking for something second hand. I picked up my first board on ebay a few years back.
  14. I was welcoming the scheme, and was happy to read the leaflet when it dropped on my mat. But i was left feeling confused as the leaflet was quite hard to understand and didn't really explain the planned changes very well. Then I was slightly disappointed that the website is down all weekend as well. I thought the whole point of the scheme was to stop people who dont live in the area parking on my street. but with the operating times shown I dont think that will have any impact what so ever. I hate not being able to park within 50 yrds of my house, which I find I have to frequently do If I arrive back from work later than 6:30 any later than about 8:30 - 9:00 I have to park on another street. I think the money would be better spent painting parking bays all the way up the road. at least the space would be better utilized then.
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