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  1. Well 61.1mm of rain here since 6:45 not a record yet but a long time to go yet. This brings the autumn up to 396.2mm so the 2000 record is within reach at 436.9mm.
  2. For all those who thinks she should come back she'll be laughing her head off at you. All she wants to do is spread the isis poison. She won't care one bit about the baby but she knows it's a possible ticket back. The baby is a tool to trick people. Shes shown no regret or remorse seeing heads in bins didn't disturb her which says it all about her mentality. Don't be suckered in she'd quite happily see you dead.
  3. Roads improving but not helped by numb nuts who abandon there cars partially blocking junctions and five feet out in the road. This is at the top of Scarsdale road outside the cross scythes pub. He could easily reversed it back into Derbyshire Lane out of the way. Hopefully get a ticket but somehow doubt it.
  4. You tell these protestors have very little in the way cells in their heads. The tree is clearly an obstruction and needs to come down. The trees are also being felled on Crawford road. One poster was placed on tree saying the claims that the damage they were doing was a lie. Well the pavement was raised up by about a foot. The curbing had gone and the person living next to it had a wall that was being damage by it. A least they should have had the intelligence to put it on a tree that wasn't doing any visible damage. As it is the tree has gone. The post made a claim that the trees would not be replaced and the council is lying. Well they are putting new trees in. Of course these protestors will be the first to complain if one of the trees blew down and damaged their house or would sue the council if they fell over the broken pavement and hurt themselves. It's like people who protest about mobile phone masts yet use mobiles and complain when they can't get a signal.
  5. Yes I've noticed the level of repairs is sub standard. Problem is some of the roads need properly relaying and not just the top few layers taking off. All that happens now is the previous utility company repairs aren't properly packed down so the new layer just sinks into the old repairs. They also haven't been tarmacking properly around manhole covers and grates creating another weakness and these breakup pretty quickly.
  6. If the police caught pretty sure they could be done under some child offenses and put on the register which should hit their future employment.
  7. Well the changes to system round Brookhill have added 10 to 15 minutes too my Journey time and that's if I'm lucky. The route home has been cut to two options from four. You may not think that much but I'm only driving down a short section of the change. God knows how much time it adds from the Hallamshire to West West. Just wait until there's a breakdown or a single snow flake. Gridlock for the area.
  8. I live there and can tell they certainly haven't improved. Your delusion is amazing. When did they do the test midnight Xmas day???
  9. Journey times decreased on Woodseats. Blimey you should on stage with that comment. Biggest joke ever. As for the changes round University choas already and add to the increased timing on the lights on Hannover way makes getting home a lottery.
  10. No the motorist will go by the quickest route. However you can see the policy here is to restrict the options and remove the options. The end result is congested roads increased pollution and when a vehicle breaks down gridlock. Add in alternative routes that are full of speed humps unofficial speed restricts i.e deep potholes no wonder you can't move anywhere.
  11. Well tonight's models show Sheffield to be on the very edge. A shift North of the weather system and we will miss out. A shift south and for people who love snow party time. The other factor is that we will need moderate rain at least to cool atmosphere if it's light it will stay as rain. At the present time the system doesn't look strong enough but there's time yet for this too change.
  12. Another feature of note is Wednesday evening night into the early hours Thursday which isn't on the local forecast. So another spell of rain late evening could well move into the area turning to Snow again leaving another covering for Thursday morning as another secondary low transfers into the north sea aft6er the first one. Friday looks interesting as well.
  13. Okay how about at 10 mph limit then a 5 mph. Then we'll have to stop people running as they run into someone walking and cause an injury.
  14. Why have speed humps in 20mph zone. Not needed take them out.
  15. Yes Tomorrow morning should be interesting gusts up to 60 mph light rain and winds dying away in the afternoon. Monday the next stormy day after that.
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